Sunday, January 22, 2017


It seems like InI am questioning ever so slightly who I am. Even upon burning the sacred herb. aya man rasta man after the order of 12 tribe after the order of melchezidek who was the priest unto the most high god Jah. InI do burn the herb as a man for and in behalf of the bean they call Justin Movick.

ed. Two letters. Two letters seperate alive and dead. DE is not dead nor is DEA. Dead is dead. That's how I ended up by the time this story has ended. I am sending as that is my sacred duty as a priest of the most high. Mormons are just like Rastas. InI am now bifall. This means that my new Haile Sellasie is the quran and I believe in Aliens.

InI simply do not know the language. The dream language is arabic or witch tongue. I have encountered both in my time. So now I do not submit salvation comes by any name. Salvation is a predetermined fact of life. The I simply interprets the material. then the other I in secret praise. I didn't choose I. I existed before and since creation.

So I am basing quran to be a character from the series voltron. This is life as a shizofrantic.

InI simply became the blue lion. InI had to dumb it down to my level. I dumb it down down down. Like dog dumb. Not child dumb. Sophisticated. Slow the rower of the boat in episode one. This is a specific genre it's called Voltron Fanboy. InI picked up the sword and started defending the galaxy!

What makes me special? What makes me special nothing! Nothing makes me special and am an ordinary run of the mill joe shmo except I discovered the new name which isn't a name it's a command. So I didn't do anything special so InI will go on celebrating by dancing. Lie? Maybe.

Communication breakdown.
Dropout. System Overload.
Continuity. Purpose: survive. Solution: meditation.

We know all these aliens. We as a select few. I speak for and in behalf of the reptillian race which is irace. The euro-latin race. Bismilah erwahim natiwaljin alhamdulilah alfirdulilah. Language. What? LANGUAGE! Speak yes yes no no. InI become something new like a prophecy. I prophisy that a child will come into this world a special child by the name of Jarvis Andrew [Enter new name](Movick)
Well I certainly have dumbed it down for the audience.

sevah savah
Prescence is a space of no thought
{see it's easy to learn a new language boom!}

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