Sunday, January 22, 2017


Kia kaha. My version of rastafarianism is tied in with mormonism because that is who I've been for the past 10-15 years. I am a white black child caught up in the youtube reality. I think of my breddren and sistren of mexico, united states, and all over the world and I am present to them love in the new name of Haile Sellasie I. Born on this day July 23 Lij Tafari Mackonen was later crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords with the new name of Haile Sellasie which means power in the holy trinity.  Mormonism hasn't adopted the belief that Ras Tafari is  the second advent of Jesus Christ however I hope they will in time come to believe. Growing up I always looked forward to the coming of the Kingdom's King. I held this belief mostly because I had seen the corruption of the modern political machination. I had hoped for Jesus to come down from the skies and establish a just and holy government. I still testify that Jesus is the Christ however now I see that Selassie is Christ in his Kingly character. Still when I feel hopeless I draw strength from these beliefs. It is difficult to know where to stand in a world that is constantly preying on your attention. What I say is a humble word of caution to the mormons. Don't look past the mark and bet on the future coming of Christ. These are the last days; the truth shall be circumscribed into one great whole. You have to admit that this "Devil philosophy" has played its part and now it is time for doctrinal revision. I plea for the church to listen and meditate. The acceptance of Haile Selassie as Lord and Savior does not take away or diminish Christ in his first coming nor the blood shed by Jesus. And yes we need to change. We need to be better. We are fallen by nature. However because we are the spiritual sons and daughters of the most high Jah we are rich in spirit. I'm not saying this great powerful Satan doesn't exist; I'm saying the seven seals have been broken YA (already) and YA (Jah) has conquered over death and government. We shall usher in a new age of learning, love, and understanding (overstanding). We know from science that life is a simulation. That we are made of code written in the fabric of the cosmos. We can start new computer simulations and become Gods in our own sphere. We shall become co-creators in Christ. We will  see the repatriation of the Saints back to Africa and back to Zion. If I am an apostate so be it. If I am a heretic so be it. In this new age during the reign of Rastafari there shall be no sin. Education shall flood the land and morality shall be restored to the earth. Other than that I don't know how it will play out. I'm simply creating my reality. As a man thinketh so he is. I still remain part of the mormon community. I feel a certain comradery with those who have served missions. I remain true to my testimony of the book of mormon holding it to be a holy book. I submit each mormon must do as the rastaman does with the bible write the second half. Realize the divinity within and that scripture dealing Christ conciousness can be write by even a small child. By doing so each will come to fulfill the atonement of Christ and have confidence placed upon our head. I don't go to church meetings because I honestly can't bear the three hours. So I sit quietly from home entertaining I-self with holy ritual, the holy sacrament of the cannabis or the wisdom weed. Every herb shall be used for the benefit of mankind. I have used this herb wisely and unwisely in the past. I have seen visions on this herb. There is danger in misusing herb. Herb can produce pyschosis if not used and channeled properly. I am a wicked heathen who because of the grace of his imperial majesty am able to be accepted into the fold. In these last days we shall fight not flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high and low places. Herb sifts out the righteous from the heathen.
If ultimately I am rejected by my master at the last day I will humbly submit I did everything I could. I lived a good life. I gave all I could in High School. I preached with fervor in mexico the restoration through the prophet Joseph Smith and the forgiveness of sins. If it weren't for my existential crisis and questioning of the mormon faith of 2014-2015 I would have never known His Imperial Majesty. I will continue on my path until all revelation is fulfilled. Only Jah knows when where and how. Worry not my breddrin and sistren only believe in the self like I and I believe in His Majesty. When my heart is wieghed I can only hope it is light like unto a feather.
I bid you farwell.
Ras Levi
dear president fotheringham,
Greetings and happy birthday!


Once upon a time I believed in Mormonism as the Kingdom of God upon the earth. I blindly believed Jesus would come down from the skies and make everybody feel high. I worshipped the Mormon God. I was married in the Mormon temple and recieved the holy ordinances of the mormon temple. When I marriage didn't work I felt stepped on by God. "How could you lead me to failure God?" I married a person I didn't want to be with for all time and eternity. It was this time after I was divorced that I discovered the truth of Rastafari. I had started worshipping the antithesis of God and found myself in a dark place. At that time I found a manual in the BYU library called "The Truth about Rastafarians". This document saved me. It  was a book of sacred revelation. I realized then I didn't have to throw away my Mormon beliefs entirely. For me it was a relief. I felt saved. As I continued along my path I was carried about by doctrines of every kind. I  believed in the Gods of the Hindus. I believed in Allah as creator. In short I was confused as to what to believe. Fast forward to the present. I hold Jah Tafari to be creator. I-man a rasta since creation. Since before the foundation of the world. Now in this second state the true believers are being sifted out.
I have been ashamed of my beliefs. I am now learning through writing how to take pride in His Imperial Majesty.

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