Friday, January 20, 2017


Wants and desires put to rest. Maturity. Rest. Saturday. Getting things going the other way. Missing friends and aquantinces. Not being ashamed of not knowing how to spell. It's googles fault.
Started out right and then taking a bad turn someone. Not remembering how it is that I got here. Certainty. More certain than any other thing. Having the music's energy come round me. Effectively going super sayain. Esto de super sayain es muy intersante. Me puedes contar mas? Bueno hay unos caracteres que se llama goku, gohan, vegeta, etc. Tienen que ser de la raza sayain. Con ese gene ellos pueden transformar en un "super heroe". Para bien o para mal. La mayoria de sayain que he visto son buenos.
Jamaican is an easy language you just need to listen. "Fi di girl dem"  Honestly there are times that patois makes more sense to say than English. All we have is time on our fingers. How do we spend it? I get high to music. Plain and simple I go to a different world. I could care less for the old world.
So this is the new world and I know who I am in relation to the father. I was cast out for rebellion. This is past present and future. Do I actually believe? Well yes inasmuch as I believe this is a test.
This is the album review. All of a sudden I'm going paranoid. I'm putting on at the mask stores. What? This music is impossible. Wow. Here we go. Drink love. Yes. I'm fucked up. I'm good it's all thought. I'll just think through this. Isn't that good enough? Why is it that I have to go to extremes! WHY!
All of a sudden seeing like faust the devil was in me I become part of the modern luciferian cult but then I quit cause I didn't get along with them. They have a certain way of treating actors that goes against my beliefs.
It hurt being a closet bigot. Except I knew I could be that person anymore. I had to positively channel this hate. I need convert it into love. I could trade water bottle for intelect.
All of a sudden not knowing anything. It was like I was nueralized. This is my life constitution. I might not understand anything of what I was saying but at least I know who I am  where I come from and where I'm going.
I am a deamon shaman. We all have our demons. I help people for a small fee Sacar el chamuco. Es decir que yo se purificar al hombre sin usar el Cristo.
Ustedes ladrones y vipers!
Ustedes creen que cuando me muera voy a ir al cielo o infierno? O una version de esta?
Que chiste. No me voy a morir. Esta es un simulacion. La tierra es vida. Mis sentimientos sobre Yeshua son muy personales. Es mi amigo. No se porque. Es un espiritu. Es un duppy. Holy Ghost holy trinity.
Yo creo que soy una estrella segun clases de cuerpos que existen. Es decir que ya no tengo luz. No tengo vergueza porque perdi mi innocencia.
se como funciona mi mente esta fue mentira. el "movie" de la vida se trata de la creacion.
no siento culpa porque no soy culpable. innocente + innocent.
Cualquier mente puede distinuguir facilmente el ingles y el espanol.
Lucifer on his earthly kingdom masquerades as a figure of light. What a sad projection.
Help others maybe it is difficult. one helps those who want to be helped.
I'm a deamon time traveller.
writing a science fiction novel trying to get out of poverty. Writing a book that I told myself to write. WRITE THIS and be saved. SO I OBEYED.
Was it God? No it wasn't the God of the Spirit World. Estoy pensando tener en el parque del indio una charla sobre la muerte. Que es la muerte? Es real o ficcion? El latin es mejor. Podemos flotar mientras los raperos hablan.
I gangbang. Of course. That's why my life previously was in danger. SOMEBODY STOLE THAT HUANILLA. So I talk to the spirits. They are pretty. They are harmless. I can't say I love them. Not loving esquizofrania mas acceptandome como soy. Feo. bahahahah.
Other spirits can mind read if I leave the front door open. Shut the front door junior.
All of a sudden I felt like I had traveled to the Ashram in my own head. Like I am all the voices so I am schizofrantic. Clairaudience is to hear something clearly. The smells of life are very tempting. Woah. We are getting to and from this one location. I can't look her in the eyes. I made her cry. I'm not crying anymore. I don't know what this mujer esta hablando. Estamos nivelando los mundos.

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