Friday, January 20, 2017


The dream continues. InI know I'm dreaming in a simulation. There is no escape what else is there in life? So truths interweave each other in one great tapestry. What would be funny? Oh the point of this typing isn't apparently to make people laugh. InI at peace. What is the hoe?
I could say something about the time of Ooh Baby but I'm just cool listening and letting this bro tell me. Digital to Analog. All the clack fuzz on this album has me thinking this fool is immortal.
I have 75 years to go. I've lived 25 of them. At this rate I'll get my 10,000 and make it at some point. We are all limited by our enviroment.
Having the ability to still play in life. Waiting for my answer from jallah. I wasn't aware of the prophet mohammed until just know. Kadija loves the prophet? These were words given to me in the oral tradition.
I'm taking my sweet time intent floating city III can't stand for anything morals values integrity. Oh say can you see by the dawns early light. That moment after staying up for a long time. The night doesn't win over the day.
I've seen my true SELF and it AINT PRETTY. You know who is tristan prettyman. We are the reflection of our ideal self. So look in the mirror what do you see?
Coming back down and it is completely cool. It s like everything is covered in ASH. It's like I don't remember anything post mission. I had to physically erase post-mission. So college I went to like 2 classes. One of them I was so awake. I was fascinated. They were talking about the volcanic activity below yosemite and how it would cover the world. They say the sun was blocked by the ash. was that only in the book of mormon or will that actually happen? I'm answering my own questions. If you answer in the right way it can sound like you come from an alien city. The other class I can't remember.
OH Mai GA! What have I been doing?
This is shit. hahaha please come at me bro come at me
I'm really good at simulated fights. rap battles is what I live for. I got's this thing for mother hiphop its not that I actually believe in the mother i digress. My thought pattern is run on. So that's my speaking style. Speaking is a game of spurts.
I'm like a symbiotic robot. I give back to humanity however I can.
Life in Bolivia was so polarizing. For example, there were busstops where people wait to get picked up for work like at 5:00AM. Early. InI am high and low at the same time. I'm gonna be sick. I'm faking. Everything from here on out I'm acting. Like that's the answer to the question what is the purpose of life Shout out to Life's DJ. I like being a schizofrantic. Why do we post what we post?
I go to a strange sexual place of this is not a confession. Perhaps I'm trying to do the impossible? I can change the thought pattern.
Soy un fanatico como latino boliviano yo me considero bien latino hasta livel Xandunga.
Mi "problema" es que muchos de mis pensamientos tienen que ver con el sexo. Como es que el hombre moderno puede mantenerse en este mundo tan cruel?
I sang I was "gonna live my dream with you" It seems rather tacky and when I think tacky I mean it like the gay boy in the school of rock would mean it.
Good raps today.
So it starts anew. Why do I keep going? I gotta show love. Who's trying to coordinate? InI trying to get a load of this. Whatever that means. The 10,000 hours
I'm trying to say I can stop binary star flow. I can't I'm out I can't rap compared to binary star. I can still dream. Still with all the weed in the world I'll still be lonely. So I write like it were a canvas. What does it mean? What if I had some acid? I really wish the system were more modern and accepting. What I'm saying is I'm folding. Wait what never! I don't want it. your own kind.
My paranoia seems to have gone away. I don't feel like I'm in danger.
I had a break through while listening to evolution of man. It was that I had never realized that smoking weed intoxicates. How? The THC. I wouldn't say it actually intoxicates. It just takes the person to the other side. It's like the world is flipped upside and its cool just watching life. Allah please help I to eventually marry the yellowbird because we related physically and mentally. Yes this fufu song goes on. Fufu is to say mooshey. Yes I'm not good at speaking my feelings. 17 ways michael frank I'll have to remember that one.
I found a song by Michael Franks. He tells himself he's happy. They're singing however She tells himself shes happy. and so do I tell myself I'm happy. That's what matters doesn't it?
Yes I am happy. Was this a lie? I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THIS ONE. Please no more games. This isn't funny. The chase goes on. I have gone mad! I am schizofrantic. hahahahahaahahahaha.
I see I've been caring lately what people think about me. While it is important to know what they say I've got what I say outloud and on the page. This is some pagemaster magic. Na na na booboo hate you too. Wow considering this music I was shallow. Look I've been seen by myself. I can say my experience happened to more people. I'm happy cause I know I'm  making progress. This song makes me recognize in jail I'd be so small. I'd be sucking dick. Honestly they'd eventually where  me down. What? Can I avoid this fate? No well all I have is the memory. I am super maleable. I can't get over this shit. I need help. This shit is frustrating. I'm on this level. What is hip hop about? I am bitter. Why? I'm bitter because I'm misquoting myself right now. Haven't you ever wanted something so bad you'd give anything to get it?
I hate more than I love. Honestly I don't accuse my older brother of theft. I accuse my little brother.How could I choose ove? Just go cold turkey. I needed the proper motivation. It's like Lost.
Gl e t t i n g H i g h doing things we would never dream of doing. I am a cyborg. I have evolved after marking myself. I have extremed an embrace. I embraced the extreme of love. Listening to the chopper that is listening to me weed! anything and everything is recorded. In this paranoia version. Oh shit I'm tripping. I think I'm doing DMT. I'm talking to aliens. I need an egg. I blow spots. Spontaneous combustion. Learning the signs of prison.
Its kinda cool I got people looking after me. Espero que nunca reaccione de manera ofensivo. Tenemos que ser como los de snapjudgement. Ellos nos respaldan. Porque hablar jamas. No iba a rapear ya.
Hot damn this just in tech n9ne with special effects. So far it's like a gospel album. Trip trip just kidding. I"m ooo reviewing this ah. Woah. Carajo. lux ares comandante. Why do they call is Lacrimosa? No se sabe. Mas intinue. Dejamos de existir. La musica me lleva a un lugar muy triste logrando que al holy spirit estamos bien. I feel like the words are sacred.
U can't come at me with that
Back down this is thought MC who's going to give up in life.
No I haven't seen all that shit. I'm so angry at being told what I can and can't say.
Yup all things I already know. I don't take anything personally I've learned it's best to roll with it.
I can't see anything. My anti-programming is very angry how does that make me? idk. I'm stuck here in the darkness. Divide and conquer. InI have to say "STOP" that is enough. I have to look suspicious in my writing. InI see the evil. No decir la cosa. Copy cat and a product of enviroment. This is the trip. Things getting hardcore. Comparitively. Yeah my hate is more active than my love. What of love? I just don't know. I'm outraged. Do I think independently? Hardly.
I'm saying the same thing, basically. balto said "what are you doing" I said reviewing tech n9ne album. InI no take rum it make you dumb. I'm hella hating. Hands up. Inthe mo.
I got to take a break no k.
I don't want hate to be the default I was too scared by this album. I've pulled out not that I was ever in this album. I digress. We are what we listen to.
To think this system was ever bearable sober. I can't tell there's a difference sober. I'd rather listen to disney than all that harsh stuff. I might be living a dream except It's pleasant.
Uplifting music can awe inspire the mind. Feeling the hate and wanting it so badly to be love. Fearing what will come by this new age.

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