Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ode to Nick

I start to feel this feeling. Like I shouldn't be doing this. So I go into a trance. Where I can't see the smoke anymore.
My writings really are guided by the most high. The sherriff nor his wife can touch me. Not in here. I've smoked proof the
rooms. No prayers will be heard by these people. My what?
It's like I'm watching time. And the computer was watching me. I knew of it. I was certain of it. So I kept on writing.
Having the demon inside. And not going that far. In life. I was the poor. I kept on blinking. I was calling it murder.
Porque hago las cosas que hago. No entiendo este pensamiento. He aprendido for mi mismo. It is a jamaican patois! I followthe music.
I burn the evidence that anyone was ever watching me. I didn't know why these things were happening. I wa just going paranoid.
I am feeling like a hologram. I can feel it. I am bad. If I smoke again there will be agression. Quinton can hear this. I
think. Maybe not. But really I am not doing anything. I won't smoke again until tomorrow.

This is having the wisdom to learn and overcome. The 15 day period sin fumar habia me dado el poder de smoke una vez y ver mas alla. Mas alla del velo. Yo veo atras, arriba, alla en la calle. Esta es mas que la santa muerte. Es la santa madrisima. Sin embargo, estamos viendo al padre. The schizofrania was looking right at me. There was this click and it''s crazy i'm watching them now too. So it is a crazy dream. Somebody will read this. In the future. I am not sorry for toking. I BET I"M PERSECUTD BECAUSE I SMOKE HERB. I am getting angry. I am trying to cool down. Breathing excercises are keeping me alive. I practice high breathing. Having to move. Really I thought my family was just jealous of me. I was living irrational. This drug invega was messing me up. I thought I was a writer who escaped poverty by completely losing his marbles. There  were no excuses and I knew it. I didn't think I could beat the internet.
InI gained the wisdom to know how to smoke but one time a day. That is one prayer. In a sense. They can't make prayer illegal and they don't.
Wanting to so badly then recognizing that I man had to go to sleep.
Salam. The words we say when we are alone are very important. Having the wisdom to go on in a different way. The weed demon was trying to get me. I could feel and sense it.
I was just going to chill and yeah." Those were the last words that I said.
I didn't know on what to base this decision on. I just had to think in a certain way.
Did I know how to interact with the opposite sex? Yes.
I didn't know how to interact with the opposite sex, no.
I do not know why I write so rottenly and coming down from angel space. InI chat sit ananda. no judging. medicating. meditating.
writing i am
we are
continuous revelation between illuminati and annunaki. there are more fighting this war of good over evil.  I believe. even in Christ's Resurrection from the dead. What does that mean the Christ rose from the dead?
I don't know what's it mean to you?
Sandy wexler?
This is my favorite movie. Like Little Nicky. It was the same director. I have a certain one direction i'm pointing things in this one direction.
I've seen tony's gay side and I don't mind it.
I love. I'm so loving my shit doesn't stink.
I am high not judging others.
I judge myself.
I'm very small.
i have a football head.
we are the gatekeepers.
Look up my jewish life.
Great blog. great music bob marley don't worry bout a thing hakuna matata. lago titicaca.
My philosphy mingled with scripture is love.
This word is trivialized.
What is true love?
what is forgiveness.
the ability to say to a person "I love you" to another person.
I can't say it to others.
Because I don't.
I don't love.
I'm not gonna put on a mask and say i do love you and tell you the truth.
I'm gonna lie to you and put you further under the spell of maya.
I am a liar and only here on the spring day of 2017 am I realizing I'm in the matrrix lucid dreaming as I type.

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