Sunday, January 22, 2017


Not knowing what to think because people blow up my thought pattern. They  use tactics of violence and fear-mongering. Loud voices. I want them to stop they've been telling me to kill myself and my family. If I were to do it I'd be on the dark side for sure. Thing is I'm completley on the light side now. I'm not a jedi; I'm just a recovering heathen. Loving the process of writing. The 10,000 hours project didn't track hours. It tracked days and weeks and months.

I would never be fucked up ever again. I'd just be one with the system. Setting the tempo of the situation.
They are playing the bomb shit on the radio these days. I wasn't even gonna look.
My limit when playing music is two minutes. That's when I'm always like nope I'm done with this shit. OMYGOD! I AM GOING CRAZY. This is more than schizofrania. I am just erasing all the information. Before it happens.
Two minutes is a lie. The seconds are mattering like none other in this business.
I dig this song aparently.  CAN U DIG IT?
THIS IS THE DREAM VOICE! haha! Do you know my dream voice. It could be all the voices. I know I just keep saying the same things over and over and over again.
Letting this music just taking me. Going to the other side. HAHAHAHAHA.
THIS IS THE NEW BOOK. The one in a futuristic simulation where ini am drunk sunk on the voices I hear. Alla estamos hablando espanol. Hemos ascendido al proximo nivel. Suena a Ratatat! La musica! Por Lecrae. Non-fiction. Eso es lo que estamos escribiendo la historia. El fondo no me affecta me completa es decir que soy el fondo. Soy el mundo sonorico. Tengo miedo de hablar de nuestras oraciones porque todos estamos demandando que nos dan el respeto.
El pensar que tengo algo. Este es la version lenta. En espanol. Mi mente pensaba que esta cancione 10 Bands fue mi mente? Como? Came right back on my worst behaved.
I wasn't a G. I was a newspaper writer blogger. Yeah I'll ride straight for tupac. That's like loving like Marvin Gaye. "Goosfraba" said Justin. So I admit I have an anger problem. I'm always in recovery. I was tripping in my mind!To have tupac on my side having my back was a big deal.
Lupe was sounding pretty feminine lately. No! Nobody take it up the ____. This is real life. I hear shots in my reality. I used to play with that shit. Then I was like wow that is a message I haven't ever heard from anybody at any other time. I was kind of sad for having to change the station. I was tripping with my Brother Nick today. Listening to KNRK 94.7.
Things. Not taking things personally. Whose majesty? I would rather talk about THIS. Do you see it?
I swear Big K.R.I.T. is Big BOI. They sounding similar. Ok maybe not so much. Not really meaning I am an alien.
Feeling completely satisfied. Being completely content. If you could be mine? I am as wise as the old owl. HAHA this MUZAC makes me go bananas awesome! I get pulled into a trance.
This is the funniest sEit.
Getting tired and just stopping typing like Forest Gump stopped running.
51-50 club.

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