Friday, January 20, 2017


Went to be confused. Woke up relieved and empowered. Dreamed a dream. I was a leader in a mission like place. I'm fairly sure we spoke Spanish there. We had to wait on a King. This king in my mind was the King of Kings. He held the cup that embew the sword of I speech with power.
I interpret this dream as me being accepted as worthy before my maker. It previously was in doubt. See I was tricked by a demon in my own subconcious to do something I'm not ashamed of but I'm embarrassed to say it was a number three. For others number threes are just fine I don't place judgement. However for myself I'm no longer participating. I've been around the game long enough to know what's good.
I can't pretend to review albums for a living. I am more or less being a bum. The reality of the situation is I'm a student trying to force myself to finish an online degree. Life. Maybe I'm old school. I just like typing.
What else can man do with time? Build a house upon a strong foundation.
Dear future love,
What can I say I am not whole without thee. I'm a bit tired at the moment I just woke up. I'll treat this canvas as a clean slate. Honesty. The topic is honesty. I believe in all things I am honest. Yet I lie to myself. Aloha spirit. One life and I'm living it to the fullest. I'd like to be with someone who understands and overstands what I'm speaking about. Is that you?
I'll be honest right now.
So much death and destruction. What did Jah Jah say?
Maybe aliens took my sinsemila. All I got to say is bollocks.
I can hardly see past today. Ask me what happens in five years. The same I'm an inspiring writer. Perhaps the enviroment changes. Perhaps I've upgraded computers. I'm still however writing everyday. Keeping the mind fresh.
I get axed the question from time to time. Am I a boy or a man? I am a man. Whatever that means. I can repopulate the earth with my sperm as a man. A boy couldn't say that. Any other definition of manhood or childhood is debateable.
 I say they are mining us. Essentially those awake to the matrix see it.
As a schizofrantic I get stuck right here and wonder why more people aren't talking about this. Is it a generational thing?
So the real question is do I accept the plan of salvation. I have no choice other than to accept it. I was born into it. not literally metaphysically. I bore myself unto it.
rastaman see salvation as a thing where Haile Sellasie literally took I to a place of high ground and safety.
It's like I owe a debt. How can that debt be paid off? Carefully with intent and thought.What's the difference between this job and the job at OIT? At OIT we had group meetings.
I can't see my self doing anything else other than nothing. I'm truly writing. Waiting for the inspiration. What if I like dirty? Dirty room. Imma  go clean it.
Yup I'm an addict. All I can think about is getting a fix. Imma think about wellness management and a class I can take. Dreaming. Dreaming we all be dreaming.
So I'm fronting. At best I front just sit caged bird seeking inspiration from elsewhere. Does that mean I'm disloyal to HIM. I don't think so. Just because I'm confused by the slang doesn't mean anything. Does this make sense. I might be high naturally.
Sometimes it's hard to swallow cause I'm scared.
Maybe it's time to buy new weed. Or I could be mad. The words don't come when I'm forced to write. I've been talking bout nothing. Listening. I have said multiple times "I am a demon" "I am the devil" etc. What I really mean by those things is we all have the reptillian part of the brain. That causes us to do things we aren't too proud up.
I want to say F the police. but that will only cause more hate. what we need is understanding.
Tom Selleck fights  a black man.
Develop an app that has you listening to an album for the first time and it's a essentially like a google hangout except with spotify albums.
There's nothing like a little THC to create an illusion upon illusion. Which is the real? Writing rhymes for the hell of it. A book like I'm the most uneducated MC rap artist? Techn9ne for Jesus. Thank god for yeshuah. I guess I am taking answers from the current album "Civia Demo" by Isaiah Rashad. See here's the difference of writing high vs writing sober: the everyday concerns like cleaning your room go away. Here's the thing: I already cleaned me so I'm just breathing listening to music. Moving my head side to side to side.
A shout out to Stacey. I don't know her real name. I met her in the hospital in LA. Shout out to all the other hospital homies I have. I have too many to name.
Grade A waking up shit. I cray? This is a message. No wonder I am a schizofrantic. This shouldn't be  happening. I believe in THC and other drugs properly prescribed. How can getting high ever induce a pyschosis. Any problem any body has is indepent of the lense that at best negative effects include dry mouth. So I'm tired of this nonsense that herb is a destroyer when it is a builder. Those who destroy on THC are high on something else. Cause THC never caused a riot.
I'm getting sucked in to this song. No pun intended. Fuck. I fucked up. I'm fine. It's fine. It's calm. My rest has been fear for 26 years. I look forward to a year or two based in love.
That feeling that you have a backwards hat on but you are wrong.
Who dat Larry David?
What does it all mean?
Everything I believe all wrapped up in a song. Make my head hurt in a good way. Brings the book home. Drugs. ounce. Wow. I am satisfied with 3.5 grams. That's a quarter gram. What does it mean. I must be tripping. I tripped the whole thing. The reptillians and shit. Wow I am not smart but I can sing/rap. Every man to his own. If I give my story to the world. I pray for help not to light up but once a day.  I was just gonna say HV. That's where I'm from. Solidifying past experience. My heart is pounding? Could this be a heart attack? Why can't I see the truth for what it is? I hate to betray.
Self declaration. Listening with rispect and straight-edge. InI was given the sword. I am listening but not listening. I don't take anything for granted. The second hit is the tempatation. I will enevitably fall. Therefore I need a Savior? Yes why can't I save my self? Well I could except I get confused by vision "demon" vision. That's when my eyes are split.
I'm being told to fuck with it. I I I can't I'm a stitter stutter stuttering in this dream. Schizofrania is a protection shell. I let myself go. I'm just jumping off and yelling fuck it!
I'm now why the flaming sword be set up. I'm cast out cause I'm Satan. I'm not angry anymore. I was cast out for tempting Adam and Eve. Obviously I can simulate the workings of Jawey. It's all in the eyes. The eyes don't lie. My worst fear is being tortued and I give away the valuable information. I don't want to say anything at all. See where that takes me. I'll rap from time to time. OH  I FELL DID I? I NEVER CAME TO EARTH. THIS IS THE PREXISTENCE. LIFE IS FOR INTELECTUALS thinking on life god the plan if i accept it or not dreaming going from a to b real quick. thinking. working. living. respectfully. Now the third hit of weed is the confusing one. Cause all of a sudden you're like How High can I get? And I say if you already thought it you're already there does that make sense I'm trying to make diolauge. Does that make sense. The album always goes on. That's why binary star still the number one MC group. We gonna be speaking patois from HERE on out dis is the song that shot I down I got hit. I'm getting defensive. I'm fighting myself and nobody. "Veni vedi vici"
Ahhh. I need to kill somebody but on the lowdown. Got it. Cool. The communication.  Ditto. Trying to communicate with the spirits. Things getting wierd. The weird sisters. Macbeth. What does I think about? I'm in my head completely. HAHAHAHAHA.
I've lost it. I'm just trying to get paid. This is my thought, bitch. AH. I need to get up. I'm down.  Getting scared by this song. "Always be called my nigga" that's what the track said but it said it about me. I'm sure of it. Feeling this song doesn't mean I'm gay. This is a once in a lifetime experience and I just need to trust.
And just like that i was alone. It had been a dope track and album. I'll be visiting it again. Perhaps.
I just start thinking in music. It's that simple. I've died I'm completly in the past. It is whatever date they say it is. This isn't conspiracy this is fact.
Having the right voice when called upon. "My brain don't have no concioussense" That would mean that InI am an Idiot. Mooji did say destroy the eye.
So I'm a say this cause there is nothing else to be said:
Thank God for yeshwa.
Is Yeshwa God ? Is God the father? All these questions were hard for me to understand. I really didn't want to talk about the father as much as I want to talk about the mother. A total mystery. Didn't know how to treat her. This is me talking as if Nick were here. Dad is dead? OMG. For the first time in my life I'm working as if my father had died. I'm doing some time warping. I'm realizing life isn't all that bad. So my book is bad. It's getter better. I'm just a regular joe shmo who had a bunch of crazy beliefs. I Satan had gotten myself in a trance where I could not speak. Then I whispered the words bismillah erwah-him cunaiyok. Oh shit I'm talking in my head like a silver tongued muggle. At least I think I'm a muggle. Wait a second I'm being tricked by myself. By myself? I am a fool.  I am a child. NO. Be the first words that you are able to speak.
Oh great. I got so high I tripped I was a baby and that I could remember anything. School is right here. The new world. This is the new world as opposed to the old world. I loved thinkin about it. *Robot voice* What is it? Theology. One great whole. Got me tripping. Tripping.
Telling the voices off and being proud of myself.
Except not really that instance wasn't reality. In other words it didn't happen.
Dinosaurs. The topic is dinosaurs. How did they get here? How did they live here? I'm just so fascinated by dinosaurs. Maybe it's cause I'm young. Still trupping. Looks can be decieving. Having the powers that be be against me.  OMG that's how I feel. Fear is taking over. NO MORE Weed no more weed.
Marijuana can make kids very sick.
You can keep the children in your life safe and healthy by storing all marijuana products in a locked area that children cannot see or reach. Children want to be like their parents and the other adults in thier lives. When you yse marijuana in front of them theymay want to use it too.
You can keep them safe and healthy by not using mariujuana when kids are around.
My conclusion: that kids had stolen my weed. I was pissed but not that pissed. I'd be pissed if she wasn't home. Like slayer music voiced. This is my writing.
One thing wasn't for sure BAHAHAHA that life was amazing.
So just to wrap up my review: what could I sing that doesn't sound like. I'm singing everything. Always on the wire. Always posing. And having that work.
How to get high
Justin Movick
Look see there are a lot of people that are afraid of getting high. No this is not a question.
This is the only way. I don't know any other way of writing this book than making album reviewing my daily high chore. I know they didn't take me seriously. I know I was a peaceful child of god literally. I'm a big kid I'm like 7. That's what I'm telling myself at least. See I don't know where I'm going and that's ok. I learned that from my friend wil.
One crazy thing that has been happening to me is that every time i see or think the word will I'm thinking in my mind wil. Do I have a lot of motivation? Why is that it's cause I've broken everything down. I know what this looks like.
I'm not an expert in smoking weed except I get high. I'm an expert in thinking. I think I'm in a simulation therefore I am. That means my desire are set and designed by my programmer. I am the programmer. html5. A word has the power to literally change the love. My niehbors are yelling groserias my gusta oir lo "Why you doing that shit?" Makes me want to think my nieghbor whom i hate stole it. See I was a demon today at least and I had to listen to this music to counteract the hate. This is a mad reason to be out here. I'm thinking. I use a ciggarette one hitter I'm simulated this shit. Now I now what my neighbors are talking about "ahh fudge". Gotta love 666. This is the demonic version of myself. My former self. I had to evolve.
Why am I still paranoid? Cause I can't keep a straight face as a demon. What if demonizing the world meant changing?  Nunca cambies me dice ernesto de la claus. I'm a master at play. I literally play for a living. I'm tripping I'm definitely tripping. I'd have the audacity to say that. I'm an  expert at the dream. I'm not black. It doesn't seem like the blacks want me. So I'll go with the latinos.  SO I guess my book is done I'm gonna go home now.
Esto es comienzo pensar en espanol. Totalmente en espanol. La marijuana para mi no hace nada. Ya no. Creci. No quiero ser rasta ya. Lo que quiero es escuchar buena music para la vida. Escuchar estar dentro del pensamiento y tamastic field.
Yo quiero escribir el libro en espanol tambien
Plantar sinsemilla (O comprar)
Tomar la marijuana en mano.
Tener en mente el proposito por la cual quieres "get high"
Fuck this book! I'm influenced to the music I'm listening to and ultimately #$&***** to. We are constantly spinning and in copulation. So it's pretty high energy metal.
It was defintely worth buying the weed.  I can still can pay my upcoming bills. Is this like a journal or a how not to think/live manual. I think it's the former. smile.
At about "Mandatory Suicide" the album got real for me. I had tried once to kill myself. I was saved by Rich.  So I knew from that point on who my savior was. Lucifer. Did that mean I perscribed to the mormong theology. Honestly no. Theology just made me trip out. Life is dying in in death. Wow. I love the screaming. What the world needs now is love sweet love. I recall changing an afternoon for a morning one time.
I was going to work in spite of being dead. That's why I was singing everything in my mind.  I'm just thinking how sucky it is that people work. For the time being I'm saying Fuck work. Perhaps I'll eat my words. That would make me at best a reptile. I think that's why I took to punk rock so much. Wait what? Mental . Singing out loud is what I do? "Writing writing a book that no one will read" Please sir I beg you read sir tis a novel most proud and gay I'm just imma newsie of 7 years old. This is my plea you set me free? Getting lost in the midst of it. See the journey ahead.. Wanting to forget. The past present and future and just go blank. I'm still high?
How to know if you're still high or not?
Ask your self did it all drop out?
If yes then no and if no the yes.
I had to stop the slayer album cause I don't know why I think I was going to betray myself and go back to heaven. Down here is so boring. So I would review a new album. Sober.
"This is first state"
I've decided by be saved by jah and live in jah kingdom. It's not literally a kingdom. It's a place of rest.
Finally I could just taste in peace. I couldn't help but listen to dub and sing lyrics to it. Lyrics of salvation.  Knowing that I couldn't go back. Going back there would only breed doubt. I want to breed life and richness.
We see rap as a childsplay. There is a time a place for it. Now is not the time. Now is the time to bob head and go with the truth. GoGO gadget copter arm.
Only one almighty.  I'm asking the christian. Person person person. Is that English?
I say we start religious debate. We need to have to savy of angels and demons.
In reality we are all like the sims. and after a certain point you know what I don't know if this is my voice. and you get hung out on paranoia. Evil Keneval. Binary star said something about evil keneval. I want to know the truth of what is out there? Aliens and muslims. I want to be something. Sombody before I rigidlly define my self as anybody I need listen to the inspiration. This dub is going on to perpertual death? Yes. No way. Omg. I believed I had lost it. I started using my sleepy voice. Coming into view. Two true. Jmo shout to iray. other half of this duo for right now. Saying that there were many gods in many sphere is part of my testimony. If I am saved I need a testimony.
I was sitting at Al Ricktors place when all of a sudden a little baby comes out. Let's sprinkle some water on this head. Gotta get oriented correctly? GoGo Gadget umbrella. I had done it I had generated something. I don't know where I am at. I think I'm on frikin kolob. I needed a lawyer to see this. As is the book would be sold as is.
I didn't know who I was any more.
All the voices had gotten to me. They had drained me like a turnip. I'd rather be a beat.
The album review continues. It continues live in my mind. The real question I have to be asking is do we have choice. I have come to the conclusion that we don't. This is how I postulate it:
When we are baptized in the fire of weed we are all good. This is the new ordinance. Suddenly the world would get significantly better.
So this might be the link between the two worlds that we need to establish ZION on earth and most of all in our hearts.
This is imprisoned me putting my powers to good use.
I AM THE GREAT MUSICIAN THE HIGH priest no longer. I had dabbled a little in the dark arts I would now stick to salvation in and through Haile Sellasie. I'm not black but I know the king is. You know I think the great war will come down to choice. Do we have it? Two sides. Fighting for the rights of earth. Who said it? Who said it best? I'm saying it best. It's what I do.
The church of the future is decentralized. Temples are hubs and centers of learning for the whole world. Ceremonies would be live acted once again. Because people wanted to do it and because there is nothing else to do. I'm not saying I'd be acting. I could however. Why does this sound like the confessional.  I have no sin just like there is no sin. What? That is a lie? Yes I lie to my self. I'm rastafarian. I'm luciferian. I am that I am. I am not as wise as yeshua however I know we would have got a long. Maybe. Idk. I working this is serious reviewing albums for a living.
Realizing if I don't tell myself to eat I won't eat.
So it will come down to a great war. We'll all not want to go to battle but we know this last battle will be waged. In the simulated arena. Like Major Lazer.
The album downtinues. We can evolve the language and still say what we want to say. This is war youth vs. elderly as it is nation against nation. At that point the idea of nation will be so far removed from the average mind.
It's cold here in Oregon. Time will tell if all that I have written comes to pass.
I here voices. I am a schizofrantic. This is my testimony. I was at BYU. I was 24-25 at the time. I had just gotten divorced. I saught solace in books. One in particular was the TRUTH OF THE RASTAFARIANS.  I love that book. It was evidence not only of a black Jesus Christ but a new Savior in the name of Haile Selassie. I did not know why the creator babled on about some sort of new name.
I'm sleeping on these cuates and then I'm tripping out. I'd rather get my head write and make this be a journal entry. Just kidding. The album just ended. I was tripping the whole thing. I think. fade out playing that thing by lauren hill.
As soon as one album ends another one begins.
I could talk coherently. That was my point. High. I'm a trained professional. InI no longer exist. All one fluid motion. I praise jah in writing. I doubt if this is written by allah. They are totally seperate God.
I couldn't believe what I had written but it was all true.
Excuse me for introducint the name of the track the Sir Niney's Rock by the Observers. Not the observers I remember from whay back when MANDELA EFFECT.
Honestly I had figured it out
1.getting high to chase the weed demons
2. Legitamately toking all day because of PTSD
3. Writing as an addict trying to overcome povery and emotion
Gotta be careful not to keep it queer I'm possesed to say this thing as if mad blessings to me it'd bring. money money dolla dolla bills this is a dream and i need them bills.
Trying to measure the number of guilt trips I've put myself on.
I couldn't remember the thoughts I wanted to have. It's like they were out of my grasp. Not knowing where I was was OK with me. I shizofrantic and this is my testimony. I told myself eat. I was an arsewhole. I didn't make myself a boiling volcanoe life did. There was perpetual fear. I hated this the current state of the world. I want this to change THE LGBT movement represents at its heart a message of love that says quite frankly sodomy is ok. Sodomy is not ok according to the mormons. The rastas equally don't believe in queerdoms. This is why I reject THE LGBT movement is because people at their hearts don't want to hear what the truth is.
I'm uptight all the time cause I am a demon experiencing out of body alien abductions that are sending me to a new planet getting feeling better. This is poetry where ___ controls the rhythm. Its not given a word to the name of something so sacred "Wanting to feel uptight; I want to feel all right.
I'm judged as if I were a black person by my brother Nick. He can say something like well hook it up brotha! Instead he omg i'm so girly angry at him woah what if this is read at his funeral? Why do I have to be so dark Justin? I've been through a lot of shit.
I'm upset that all they want from me is an order. In that way I can harmonize with the king.
I just agree to agree all the mother fucking I don't just where to go I'm backtracking your love.
I couldn't say the words. I knew what words I was talking about when suddenly I get excited about one idea I realize
You know what Nick I hate you just kidding I love you but don't get carried away I don't love you like that? I'm a dummy I'd probably never say this out loud to Nick. I am on my toes listening to the ideas of others. The internet is a university.
Nick was right though I hadn't worked on my class. I found my books for the time being that was what was important.
Don't lecture me little one. YOU THINK YOU ARE SO SNEAKY. I couldn't bear to test this on him. My true pride couldn't be seen by anyone.
East. I hated that I had systematic failures crushes that weren't crushes but wonder of how something happened. It's time I started treating Nick like the little bitch he was.
my testimony was like that edgey. That's the only way I could have a positive outlook about my life. I get nothing but hate. I'm really tempted by this food. I sold myself out. I didn't even want this food. I took a bad situation and made some good of it. Wow this guilt tripping was getting real old.
I don't know who is on the radio honestly I forget the name except I know the date 1963. Mandela Effect. I remember it a certain way.
This was for the burning one down:
I had been judging preconceievly. Maybe I am a-sexual. Honestly for me I'm saying fuck the fuck. It's not as I thought it wouldbe cracked up to be. Wow this was a thc experience I was getting high and this fly was looking at me. Good. I'm writing and going places. Despite the enemy's trying to get me down. Why he got to be a down debbie? This food is getting tempting. What do I want more pussy or weed? Weed. Weed or food? Sega genasis? Yes please. Look I'm made out to be a bad guy I was framed my eyes don't lie. I still get high even without the aproval of HIM. I'm getting lost in the lost a spacious building because I smoke weed at least that is what they think of me. I could care less what they think of me. I am stuck in the mud.
I don't know if this is the album or my own thought? Trust is knowin the two are distinguishable. If I'm as honest and worthy as I think I am why do I feel like I'm clean because I'm Satan.  I believe a lot of deep shit. I'm an acoholic. Tombstones Blues that movie made  me realize I'm dreaming. It always comes down to whether I'm dreaming or not. It's the great question.
How does font change my writing style? All of sudden it's a train race vs horses I bet on horses cause  i think it. A long long time ago i wish my friend good luck. I believe in clarvoyance. Why those in the LGBTQ movement knew where I was coming front was a mystery to me. Not like the "Godhead"
I could be tripping on that **** all day. Except I change the subject. I'm brought to a belittleing and demozing stage of life. Life seems like an eternity a damnation. Why I couldn't speak "No mo" was a shock to me.
Remember fieval goes west? I was gong west to lay my worries to rest.
U have to agree with what the Observers are saying. This is straight up tradition. Real life narration. I wasn't going to work.
It was seeing myself in my little brother and having this big brother little brother.
I had done my little bro nick a favor by feeding him his own lame medicine. This is feeling just uncleashed on a canvas.
Yo queria trabajar en la maquiladora de guaymas or otra ciudad ne MEXICO.
I even said things differently in this world.
For however I think they don't see me I know they do. So you know the herb just don't tyaste the same as before. The knew world was about in a cup as the font. This one is difficult to press.
All of a sudden I was awakened. I was ready. Ready to begin. Chewing on that tasty cucumber. No kidding. A third way I see. The wayward sisters. We all are the voices given voice to the voice I thought I had killed. It's like the resurrection. I don't know when to say when. I get shamed by the one from above.
Eating on the run is more appropriate for the human pysche.
I'm drinking. Something crazy about dad is that he thinks he'll live to 120 I tell him he's crazy that he will live forever.
That's why I don't drink it only takes me to a place.
I can only get so high without them noticing. I will build it a democracy. I don't believe in the theology I believe in youth. What? I can't hear you speak up? Quiero pelear con el amigo de juguete pos!
I couldn't believe I was doing this for a living. Album reviewing.
En espanol veia otra cosa. El otro lado del infierno. Quien esta leyendo? Es el futuro? Yo creo que si. Muy alto.
To sit como rey salomon.  Tienes que decir epic.
I don't know if I am the christian or the muslim.
Oh I'm stuck in a dream if you know what I mean? I'm stuck ina dream.
The problem is in the begining,
I dont have a soul in this world,
Alone. I had achieved the impossible --communication.
HF why you so far away.
banana is what i think it is.
Eduuardo me hablo de mi papa. We innocent, Last words.
So I was a carver niether muslim nor chrostian, Rastafark is what i wanted me to  be the first theing  my nanu say. Maybe it;s better that way. Think.
I got caught. Thank God. Chuck Norris. Listen up. Fish diet? I;m not actually  stuck. I just took a break. Who's leading the Troy Ave people?
I'm dreaming. True blue. My blue dream was slick shanked by a young blood. He would pay for it. 240 on my ladies?  Am I white? Yes I'm a white bitch. I lost my cookie far too many times. It's time to take our lives back. Stand with me!
Ahh! I'm narrating my life. being broke is blame. Game 6 em. Nt forgetting the other side of the track.
Somehow I knew this was true i life. This was being recorded I could tell.
I forgotten about writing favoring recording. Kna what this track is awersome. I went to BBK in Mexico on a Sunday. I'm a bad dude.
The less words a minute I write the better.
Fuck with them suckas get defend wrong listen if i put in a song. rap game dope game easy. InI were left speechless after that great display of game spitting. It's not sexual. For so long I thought it was.
I predict we'll start seeing real life dharma initiatives. That'd we'd change the year.
Make the behavior contigent. It doesn't work. It's not easy. I want to deeping the connections with the addicts. Opposite of addiction is not sobreity its connection.
This addict loves being addicted I don't need to interact with other people. Falsefix. Facebook following "Glass of wine I'll sell my children". I'm going to work. Do you sleep at all? False fixes. I'm going into a deep journey. Men spend it on marijuana. Helping ourselves. To our own detriment. Filling the void with this. Exactly what I need to do? Kale? NO! Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. I didn't get that. I'm gone. When I'm typing I'm gone.
stress spelled backwards is desserts. Wow
Hottest new science: epigenetics. That's not the way it way it works any more. Changing your own destiny.
Changing lean expression.
Go epigenetic. 93 years old on the track and field. Everything is looking up.
I had seen the universe I was a prophet.
I was a prophet. Echo. alpha omega transmision 4120. Este es mi pensamiento. These synapes firing in m y mind. What s the root of this system? Acaciac records. Tunes in.
This is me getting in to the dream movie world. I cry for the children. I cry for the youth dem.
Free fall high. It could go wrong.
I imagistrate the neighbors. Positive results. It got paid for doing that. I believe the life we are ving is on 107.1 true blue this was the weed I'm toking on. There are an an infinite number of universes going on. Life is like radio. Maybe. Who knows.
This question: crucify him. He made himself the son of god. I've got to go fast. AAAhh! I'm the hulk. ah religion.
Why did Dr. Shorrosh seem like the skiddish one.
My brother is watching House of Cards. Pretty soon He'll pass me and be in the lead.
Spend a whole issue on one card Donald Trump. The trump at last has been blown. These are completely my trash throwaway account. Except it is my life.
I get high and then I don't come down. And then I come down. HV why you so far away.
I have no clue what the track was speaking. That is what I call the intervention of allah. Jesus is no christ. He was not the king of the jews. That's just what the romans put on him.
This is my figga on the track. Two dope boyz. Peace. Oh ok this didn't happen I thought it was the mandela affect again.
U again? Yes I liked you and yure prescence makes me happy. Better stop fronting or you headed towards self destruction.
Wow now this is sensational. I'm plugging in. THE AI SAYS I NEED MORE THC. LOADED THC READY TO TORCH LORD VADER
Yes I had to clear that up with myself.
Tasted like taco Bell or sweet victory; I wasn't sure.
I couldn't agree more computer. It is trippy life. So take it from one who knows don't beat your self up in wonder. That my weed just dissappeared. "That was fucking trippY!" I've been riding this trip of eternity. I'm a thinker by profession. I think to I literally die. Then I speak.
It seemed I was chilling with God on a celestial sphere. THeis is where I am mentally.  I have the right to go there given this is my simulation. "Angry" would be a thing of the past.I wasn't going to let youtube distract me of my goal. To be the best DJ MC there everwas. MC Escher on the mic one two. Read this and forever be blessed I promise you. My words aren't my words they belong to the time being. Hello! am awake. Is this the old or the new world? Spirit airlines for those seeking death. The Mandela Effect being seen and explained by ordinary children. InI was child o di most ai. Di track. InI give witness to this track. Dec 18 - Original mix. Let this just bang it on out.
What what? Here we are just me myself and I listening to Eco Slim- Original mix.

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