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10,000 hours. InI simply log 10,000 hours and I'll have it made.  Nothing like a little cream to go with your Monday morning. InI recognize the importance of excercising the mind. Making sure the ego doesn't think it's going any where. Get a head of oneself and you got a whole ton of head jokes where that one came from. InI am recovered addict. InI am pschosis traumitized mordern plea for insanity. Many have said in legitimately we are in the matrix that this is some large quantum simulation and that simulation is "the game". Recently the rules to that game were changed for government and not for regular business folks. Se habla ;espanol. ayayay. Se ha vivido una crisis existencial. I as a natural reaction constantly question i-character What would she say? Probably all the things. Look this is how I think. There is room for improvement. I'd like to pick it up where Mr. Trump left off. The game. For me it has been about the rap game. Am I in it or out of it. The game also is life. Mirror neurons. I need all the help I can get because I am a moron. I need the help. I was raised semi-mormon. I kinda raised myself. Except for those years when my parents took care of me. At the same time I haven't grown up. I'm a grown ass man. I'm a grown ass man. What could I say to you my fellow Americans that could pursuade you. There is good and evil. Which is which? Just because I say I'm good does that mean I'm not evil? Fair. Fair is the f bomb according to FBI negotiator Chris Voss. Communication. Communication.
I miss knowing that I'm part of something bigger. As a kid I felt I was part of the system. I was connected. Hell. Now there is hardly a system. The point is my fellow americans is that I'm willing to be part of the system because I am here. Might as well be part of it. Does that mean I'm selling out? Are you afraid of sucking the corporate cock? Don't worry soon it'll be a socialists cock anyway. That doesn't help. Ok. Look InI am typing this not too concerned with STOP I digress.  Control and see thinking. Who sets the tone? Who sets the enviroment? Is it I? Or is it I? Therein lies the novelty.
What begins as innocent letters?
Can end up being someone's pornography
InI see the divinity in the current situation. When two people link up the impossible is suddenly within grasp and the super powers are also there. InI am pyscho yes. InI look and no one is there. InI feel betrayed by my countrymen. Am I better off because of my typing? Yes I am far better today than I was yesterday. My accentuation has been improving. Great job! This document is significant for it's internal information meaning it's a historical document. Does that make sense? Actually I don't think it does So beit I am typing narrating my life as it goes by it is quite slow. I can feel the tamastic field. Every movement is a stroke on the canvas of the dance they called life. InI certainly wasn't dancing. Narration one two. Remember intention is better than end result. Im going  to admit something I have had thoughts moments where I can just feel the pleasure in plowing down a theatre room full of people with an assault rifle. Then right then I realized I was pretty fucked up in the head. Thank you system. InI aprecilove what InI call both the greatest joy and also the greatest downfall.
There is something that exists that some people have more than other people es la voluntad de existir. Yo si existo existo de la mas machine Y la gente en que se cree sube al nivel de los del sueno. Es muy sencillo. Es darse cuenta de todo que se habia hecho y que todo esta bien. Es temprano. Es parte del plan. Hay un plan de Dios y un plan del Shitan. Y estoy de acuerdo mas alla hacia el shitan. Es una escala de demonios. Digamos a que tan grado creces que tu sangre tiene DNA "reptilliano" This is how I think. It's sloppy aim is way off. Except it's game. It's my story of how I went from 0 believing mormon child to a rasta pot smoking meditation guru to a full blown top of the line MC.
I talk to the animals I rap to them of course I would haha is this concealed anonymously? InI fear for internet security. I love how life goes on. No matter what there is always a tomorrow. Distinguishing myself from the self and others. InI fall from grace of God. To me that means not being in the arms of people I love and vica versa. Already we have seen results. Please eat of this fuit it shall make you wise even as the gods knowing good from evil. Ye shall not surely die! And it is true people in the future flicker away they pass. death is to be our eternal teacher and very possibly our eternal teacher? All of a sudden I realized I wasn't qualified to give some opinion on some mumbo jumbo that I knew nothing about. And just like that my rap career was over. I had given it my all..  had the evidence toa journey well spent and that InI would soon be had it made the difference then between universes is very small and one simply get his or her geek on. Correction HIS AND HER. TWO SOULS IAM. NOT THE CHRIST ITS THE NEW WORLD ORDER.
I am a shrill. E au quaran Haile Sellasie am emsure tasalbot.
I had uncovered myself as a believer. In reality I was far from believing this was like God status or God mode. Kids know what that can do to you in a game. I wasn't sure what I believed in except that I believed in it. I love the music did I tell you hahaha. Understanding I've made hella progress lately. It was great that I knew the current work was only temporary that I had my job. InI am influenced by the field pulling me down. Swing swing moose knuckles. I've been making mistakes all the time. All the time. This is a diary confession. OOO.  I just messed up again in reverse time. Damage remember J that one girl? That one girl! Hmmm. How could I be so brutally honest. Hey this is just me given it how i think it is. MC escher the maths MC I was caught up in the vision and suddenly InI realize that progress is a journey that is to be enjoyed. InI couldn't believed what I had just seen. It's like my whole life flashed before my eyes. InI know that I can eat five pizzas on Tuesday. What I and I think determines where I go and what kind of lifestyle I lead. This would be the real test. See if I can be a writer and be sober. That being written I won't be completely "sober." You know when it comes right down to it there wasn't a whole lot of leeway for InI to move. The stone the builder refuse shall be the head cornerstone. I was getting STONED because of what I was typing believing. Me know nou wanna ax god simple question. So this is InI thinking. I got in I hacked the system. InI knew. So I continued with the hack nothing had happened so far hahaha is this the enemy? We have you now? Who is we? InI? No. It's the evil-we. Evil-we go away! Evil-we we don't want you. We the molecules everything and everybody want Trump. He's our guy. Dead give away. Landslide victory. Why the certainty ? Why not the certaintly. Peace love and harmony threaded around itself in technical ways. I did not raise you to live with fear. I fucking love that scene in apocolipto the one where the other village ravaged with fear passes through. It gets to the son. The dad is like I did not raise you to live with fear. Bam! So simple, perfect communication.
InI am like a little kid. Why do I say what II say when I know their are no edits. There are no do overs. This is the one shoot. InI maybe thought subconsciously that I was an actor. I'm an erudite. Just kidding. I'm just a regular dude trying to get ahead of the next joe shmo. InI real am. This bagel tastes nice. It is a nice tasting bagel. The cream cheese spread nice and thick.
It wasn't right that I was still getting higher. It wasn't fair. All of a sudden I felt the condemnation of an omnipotent God. Justin you are being invaded by the subconscious beliefs of your own mind. Fight back write and book write a book.
And with that I was more than ever determined to write a book. There I was on Basin street when I up and decided to go to Beale Street. The vision was broken and I came back down. InI certainly had been recieving a lot of visions lately. Don't worry mama ayayay there has to be a point where we all work together and it comes full circle. That is in sight at least for me, InI, anyways. I was telling the truth and convincing of a lie. My purpose is to love and eat and think. Do you think you could manage to think it least one lousy day of your measly existence? InI had never been more insulted in my life. The bottom would drop out, Mr. Wells. Plop. Fishheads all over the ship surface plane. Life is amazing. InI can't help but cry I'm in the self help genre. Or am I? hahaha so my thinking is fuck who i am I don't even know an an existential level if I exist. pause. Unpause. Life is like a roller coaster full of ups and downs alibajo se dice I've been living in a place where only celestial people live mami. It's where InI first met. This surreal picture of future energy take place now as a sign of his coming. and then I think of love do I have love for my dog.  I see the flashing spots in my mind. So what made my book better than others mine is better than a book. I've learned to flush out the unneccesary with or in my writing. "She's a process." said no one. InI was working onpoint. 10,000 hours I just need 10,000 hours. How'd would this situation change if I already had the money? All of a sudden I had no idea what I was talking about. As if money changed the situation entirely. Money what is it in the first place. Why do we even accept money. Rastaman no use no money maybe cryptocurrency but not money InI live like those girls we met at disneyland "People is people is people is people" I'll never meet again such sluts jk sexual predation in the work place. InI blush cause you can see me entirely. I'm glad for that part of you pretends you can ignore it still. It made me feel so plastic sometimes. That's when I fake a yawn.
I was putting my ass to sleep except I was staying up. For some reason I haven't gone to sleep. I'm work than a zombie I'm an MC. That's honestly where I see myself ending up. Human kind tasty rather fleshy. I can't say I dine a lot. I dine about as often as I can. Tell me Mr. Demon whom do you worship? I worship the creator of the genre of course Mr. C.S. Lewis. That is InI holding down the fort from Hillsboro, Oregon 97123. That's where I was from and it'd be a long time before I'd ever die. This is my thinking side A of the album. You/I can reverse my thinking so it's out loud. It's a common thing to do on the track. That buys you unlimited time. Of for real? Yes it's a basic trick of the bygorns. Fabulous! Actually that wasn't my voice it had become the voice of the author which was the new name of Salvation that had come my way. Literally InI was/am snatched up unto REDEMPTION this thing which the saints have called RAPTURE. InI have a wan singular mission dat is to represent in tought and deed the precipiss of his imperial majesty. Rap music InI thought? Yes this is my thought. Simple switch. InI am active in the Gospel of Jesus Christ Haile Sellasie. Do I say names Yes. Do I say prayers No. I know where I stand before God and man. I actually do not if I am processing this correctly. What would Jacob think? Jacob is my friend. He would think I'm a bad boy Hell yes a weed hit as crazy sounding as cocaine. Dreamland. To an extent we live in this wonderland. Synchronicity. We are all in motion and in line with our master. The master then has a master beyond that. So as can besaid as before there is much to gaze at from the philosophical perspective. Just as I and I am the master of this enviroment I set for I. Relationships do we you have them? If you like people raise your hand? Whose raising they're hand? No one. This is the reality we are living in. hahaha I am the dark lord you cannot see when the lights go out this is science fiction this is new age this is definition of self and the concept of version. Hearing the voice of God inside a birdcall. Just clean your room! And I saying ay I! I'm going to clean it. I always wonder if they are.Talk to me about events not being mutually exclusive? Look for example in the mind you might hold one memory but in reality there is nothing there. All of a sudden I was like omg i love this song then I was like SQUIRREL!
I wish I remembered SQL and python and all that stuff about etworking.
Look a mud dauber! Mud daubers are angels of death. Look  could be out there rapping or I could be in the cult. No. You aren't real. There is no one there. Life did then as I percieved "goes on". It was obvious to me what had happened. To others it might not be so. For InI es ok cuando voy voy cuando go go Ese es mi pensamiento. I interject with the finger in the air. That's what I say and think at the same time
What if I lost a major key?
There are more major keys to the game. The game. this is what it's all about. I and I have been trained for this moment. Estoy al tanto todo el tiempo. Relajate. Y no me llega.
Learning how to breath east coast is beast coast i'd like to say I know more I don't I'm a simple man woman I and I manifest the future now. InI would like to say I'm not conflicted in someway but I am. I agreed "we don't want to be no slaves" No I was not going to accept myself being so gullible. I'll even type the next thing.  InI ashamed part of InI look and feel. Who shouted don't close the door. was it I or I? For the first time I had split. The default of the universe in a celestial state is love. what? What is that? That is mormon vocabulary. It's not such a bad thing. This is midflight course correction InI am getting overthought to death.
omg my dog just ate a whole banana muffin
selassie Eye InI can maintain straight in the curve its like 4d vision. spread it out across your third eye so to speak.
So I and I continue to see the game through my whole third iris Today Rome will burn carthago delenda est Ital obom she a got a come
dear readers,
listen to the voice of jah people today rome will burn. ya namean? This is whatever the words play out to be. Private communication. InI sellassie I got that taken care of. Sometimes others just help take care of me.
I didn't admit to myself that I could hear the radio.  It was true however conspiracy I don't want to say too much. Oh! That is to say I'm not a product of the system and I knew my annoying voice. blablabla absolutism vs nihilism embrace either extreme and we are in trouble. With modern technology and common sense drug and alcohol calls are easier and easier to make.
high thoughts
so the mormon church essentially prays to the herbsman InI am the living dead can I not come back to life? Can you see when the table's turn? Yes InI know exactly what InI mean. Suddenly I didn't need la droga la droga needed me InI would be making an insane come back in the game. I would be making huge plays for and in behalf of mexico. The best memories are eating popeyes chicken in Seattle.
Jamaica's clit's I'm out. I was out of the game before I even started. Isn't one of the requirements being black. InI still trying to be in. At what point is it redundant? Look you are being annoying InI go back to Mexico go ass kicker mad angry man i learned how to breathe cause this is just ridiculous. Boom. InI just maintain when my fellow mcs rapping on the flow. I'm low getting high off apache. That was the truth as far a I could see it. Forever on the grind lessons learned megawork block (applause). Timing is everything. InI know when to but in and be like ok I'm out. Everyone can see but few can feel. I believe as an xmen I have that power whatever that may be.
Well it's another day and I'm on my way to 10,000,000 hours wow what if time was going really really fast because this is the science of marijuana. We have so much more deeper to go in science. As if science knew everything already posh spice listen mi listen I and I stuck listening and saying no thought is original. InI knew I could do it. This is the cult of me. Believing in I somehow despite mi relenquishing rights to the other side. I couldn't tell if I was playing sega genesis for a living that is what it seems like. Yeah InI am sure I was in a trance. Don't say anything spit a bar in arabic. Just like that I'm a believer. Get up hey you super nintendo riding on my time machine This is the next level the rush of smoked dza this is one of those life changing in your development. InI could see as far as the gorgons. Rush! InI agree and I'll be ryhming soon enough. The book is just as important. People die for the book. That is my testimony. Love. Not feeling anything for a sorry companion. He got himself in that sitation. Moby Dick. InI know what it means suck a dick barak oskama.
Personal identity. Who am I? what a question. Will there ever be a satisfying answer. Putting an end to quantum physics. My third eye just sees the quantum level. Every now and then the chair won't be there. Irie rap one two one two.
Trying to roll mentally roll with big wigs InI just small. what kind of human being am I? like ayayay don't cryayay This solidity is a mirage what this self contained system is a hologram every part of a holographic picture is a smaller version of the whole pattern. It was just me and the world. I knew I could do it. I knew I could be the world's greatest MC. Was this InI gettinng caught up in the dream? The world may never know. This is InI with mic check one two be different pan di scene that's what I've been taught. Don't give up neva. Write til the massah say it's all right. Had I gone too far? I used the voice of Henrietta. It matterath not the I be satisfied.
I'm putting on my shoes. I am remembering my name. InI soaring not as high I as thought I was flying. InI know the joy fantastic and what can I say other than "who who who who." The great wizard is the joy fantastic? wow folks this is an amazing update on my reality. I don't know about yours.
Universal intention unfamiliar wave length wave frequency becoming accustomed to the company of Ish. Every minute pan di minute going to new lows and new hieghts. InI am not reviewing this album as much as I'm enjoying it. To a certain extent in my mind a super laser light show is going on. "This is what I fucking live for" said I in my head in the dream. I had kind of yelled it. It felt good and well. Empowered. I had felt empowered. That was a dangerous way of thinking of course the Government doesn't want I to think this certain way. The government represents the family structure throughout society. I was having a terribly inapropriate conversation with myself on a subconcious level. It's almost like I emerged at the crossroad the victor in this long road for us all. InI would achieve new status in life not because for nada men es por que si. Cual es ese pensamiento. Tu sabe mejor que cualquier otro y eso nunca se cambia llamalo Dios dos veces te entre mi carino acepta mi corazon. Lo que me viene a la mente lo escribo: puta madre. Por donde viene toda esta irreverencia? InI put iself into a trance because thought is the material of the universe. I know what they are doing to my subconcious mind. She got to go. As far as I could see I had to say to her pause at the least for the next little while. I'd need to be him. The one they were talking about.
"Good gracous I sure am getting hungry" thought Justin.
The wheels on the bus go roundand round. This is where worlds collide. There certainly  aren't any circumstances. One two on the universal dj mic: uuh. That's how InI do.
The feeling of being disconnected from family.

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