Sunday, January 22, 2017

Masters of the Universe Review

1. What are my goals today?

My goal is to write 500 words.

2. What are my challenges today?

Remain sober.

Sitting here wasting my time isn't how I imagined my life going. I imagined I'd be in the workforce serving the Lord.
Whenever I listen to this album I get caught up like it's an NA meeting. Having done heroin once makes me want to use again. That feeling is so beautiful right after you light up. Alahu akbar: a phrase that I heard several hip hop mcs use. Listening to the album Master's of the universe probably about my 5th time.
I blog about my favorite albums while listening to my favorite albums. That is my formula. This is the first time I've ever published anything. I gotta work at life just as much as I work on my job. My job is to be the best person I can be.
I've lost vision. Am I to comply with the commands that the computer is sending me? One hip hop fan? That could be me. All these young MCs walk around like they know something but the game was already set in lock when Binary Star released this album.
Noxeme? I had to pause the album I was getting dissed on. I didn't want to get mad so I turned it off. It all made sense for InI to be an MC except I wasn't going to go that route. I was going to go the mustaquim route. Mike Issa walk on water to make believers. There is something different about this album. They are many called and many are chosen if they listen to this album.
Rap Hezbollah. This album is promoting a certain kind of politics. I got beef! Russell Saddle then. Ha. I wish I could rap.
I've been called out. I've was acting like a happy jolly robot. My brains was exploded. I see that now.
Binary Shuffle is the kind of track that tests the young ones. How tired is the individual? Too tired to do a little dance? We gotta know like that one verse there is a time for everything. "Binary Star has the flow" This statement is true. I mean no one else is claiming this space quite like they are so I'm a just give this one to the star.
Cat got your tongue? Yes. Parents can't see us? Ok wow I never thought of that aspect of communicating. This is revelatory hip hop. The MCs manage to have voices of over 2 people.
That's why I say say I.
and I say I.
Super InI.
I am dedicating my life to writing. IF I get social security benefits I'll be able to write forever.
NO! I don't need a substance in order to write great writing.
Who is speaking?
Jah is a woman.
Speak jah thy servant heareth.
I justin movick decided that I wasn't recieving scripture any more.
I left the religious road. Now I find myself in the matrix.
It's easy to get lost. You gotta know you're plan. Get in get out.

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