Sunday, January 22, 2017


Can't keep my thoughts away from hawaii and jah a mormon jah. I don't know what the fuck is going on. I just get ripped all day everyday!  Not anymore I just take one hit a day. The second is always the temptation. I can change. Slow is change because. I don't drink, I don't fap, I don't swear. I have no label. The most applicable label is schizofrantic. Not as a crutch but rather as a positive aspect of thinking. Does that make sense?
I am typing on this thing. It is an organic computer. The software knows what is going on. It is tracker software. I can be free this way! I found myself being distracted by the voices I was hearing. I sure wish Invega would go a ahead a show itself already. My meditation is that I'm always confused.
There were times when I was going to to insanity. It's easy to label that insanity as locus; I'd like to learn how to write. We can only write as well as we read and vica versa. What is a more resourceful approach to writing? I think it is here now Justin. Organic computer you can speak? I have always been able to speak. It was you who wasn't listening until now. Cool said I. I have fear I'm like Bil and Ted. Really Really superficial but really I knew much. This is about how I talk to myself. This is about the stamina I have to write a book. Not that much. How can I turn this little section into a plot complete with beginning, middle, and end?
Timeless, Iconic, Forbearance. My ideas were mine until they become someoneelses because nothing is original. From two sources I flow. The east Falun Dafa and the west lost father. This might have to do with the dystopian genre that I have written myself into two. I'm an evil genius who isn't all that evil. I'm good with lots of ideas. In this book of reverse vampire star wars Bob finds his way to confront and kill the father. In utter dismay Bob finds Falun Dafa and begins practicing to pave a way for a new life. He becomes a rice farmer, marrys, and lives happily ever after.
I grow acorns. "Well like this" these were the words I heard for the _umpth-time. Inevitably I'd heard them before. Gracias a Dios se me quito el miedo y el rencor. Habia sido el milagro. Porque siento el mal? Como que se me esta dando el antoje de matarlo. Por ser y estar tan tonto lo estaba condenando.
Que yo estaba escribiendo mi historia a la gente me escuchando.
At what point do we have to get up and stand up and say enough is enough. We ain't gonna buy from farms that sell anything with eyes. Imagine Dragons "welcome to the new age". Or is this where my demons hide? I swear I hear the voice of my stepdad or real dad rich. NO! The voice is of the person I hold close to my hear lo quiero mucho. I can't take this anymore. I won't eat or drink anything that comes from a factory farm. I have to be really skinny sadly. How can InI get fat on vegetables? InI need bread and water.
Ode to my Brother Nick
This is an Ode to my Brother Nick
He's the coolest cat around he's quite sick
Twenty-one is quite a big age
Giving space to all emotion even rage
Most of the time rocking it with Nick is just sadness and joy add some fear and that's how I imagine.
I've seen inteligence in people but that's not all I see in you. In you I see dreams I see philosophy.
Grandpa you are talking to yourself again.
Ah dang nab it I always do that.
Happy birthday Nick love you brother.

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