Tuesday, January 31, 2017

i am guilty. i also wait.

I know what my crime is. I feel this extreme guilt. I know I'm listening to the radio which is the disney dream which is really a rasta dream. Whoever is listening can be influencing? The ex influenced me to say "that's my jam!" what the fuck? Does it even matter? This piece was about feeling bad for thinking of my ex even like a friend. I mean our relationship was positive yet at the point of going negative I cut it off. The alien, sir? Yes Fred. The alien. This would take much less time if you pulled it off.

A Mother Jones Special Investigation: The inside story of how the Bush administration pushed disinformation and bogus intelligence and led the nation to war.

stand up comedy.
linear algebra
thought patterns. telling a joke like I was falling asleep at the wheel.
like my favorite comedians. how much do I love them?
Jesus christ i'll tell you how much i love them.
i love them this much.
you see lavell crawdad cartoon version.
did I see the lavell crawdad cartoon version
hell yeah
huh huh huh
so you really is a sister then.
yeah in my mother fucking dreams!
and the crowd goes roar dana carvey.
maria bamford
walkie talkie wars
mixing old with new
spell of maya.
listening to voices.
Joe rogan says give up. :(
i would rather not call if my subconcious is wanting stupidity.
lous ck.
dumb people are out breeding smart people.
so funny joe rogan
this is the echo.
not knowing i am not aware.
home pt
family share
doing things tegether.
liar cocksucker!
haha they are making fun of me.
i barely understand the technical operation of the standup.
nobody knows how any of this shit works?
why is that loud?
bright shit?
i don't know.
i need a computer programmer. i am. we are.

we almost got the bad guy
we almost had that dude.
flow state every 39:19 there is a joke.
amy schumer joke connesur
haha listening to stand up comedy.
100 % no drop offs


I will do it.



3% o drop offs
tears off the bandaid?
came out of left field with the hit!
aaaaa the crowd roars
gangstas i meet in secondlife
fuck guilt and shame and controlling our feelings to get your way!
That's deciet!
I could tell what kind of monkey i am
a no good double crossing

i can deduce good from evil. angel from devil and all sorts of wicked spirit dem
pirate talk generation nation
separate from this UNITED STATES
we are anonymous we are the people
the rastafari of Oregon
we seek repatriation
we seek inity
we seek connection.
when we don't get it
we go mad
lose it
i'm not gonna lose it this time
we have the gem
the mighty prize is ours.
human being
human bean.
literary pronoun.
reveal the name?
worse than worrying.
lord is angry.
I lost connection with jah. I'm still playing the game.
wanting chantaje in this part of the dream.
having lost the one kid i loved.
I lost him to a girl.
I wasn't sure if I was sad for this reason.
My more current writings were of a higher more universal frequency,
I was saved by myself.
I'm nervous about who really saves me so I just say myself.
figure out what the three spirit wants.
some of us are robot.
my name is a I and I.
Gun not kill.
I not gun.
I kill. I kill. I evil.
I knife.
sharp razor.
treat me good.
No bully.
No f with me.
you traynin a holla at me?
Fuck you and your children!
They can burn in hell.
I am distrancing myself from dos people dem.
please share if you are enjoying this blogspot. Be sure to check out other peoples'.
chop standup comedians up and scaring the people.
we just black out.
they are eating us.
the spirit is eaten.
i am the native american.
i don't understand the great lie.
what is that?
fighting off the bears.
trigonometry and calculus.
i have deduced that comedy is rediscovery of one's own self which is an illusion.
i am.
we are.
the annunaki.
i'm a young.
wanted having wanted.
3 million three hundred thousand.
500 miles.
i would die for you.
I see the empathy.
i feel the empathy.
the doctor was right.
i am a copy cat.
i am telling these jokes.
we are a cancer we are a bacteria that share the disease.
some of us have celebrity syndrom.
people used to be really fucking smart
we are bastard children of idiot stone builders of egypt.
stone workers are lower class which are fucking demonically and poo poo.
missionary style.
up up up the butt.
no warning.
this is a story. how does joe rogan tell such a good story.
He is the enemy yet he is my brother.
joey diaz is my sista.
one ball.
two ball.
one ball two ball.
one balla balla man two balla balla man.
science rules.
8:28 PM 5/10/2017
he is dark and cunning.
dumb people don't know they are dumb.
what is the fuss all about?
I took it to the bank.
republican leaders are out there.
why do we have a dumb, effeminate guy.
we're a tribe.
290,000 people tribe.
cash me outside how bout dat?
i'm not moving.
i'm high.
what is going to happen next?
More faggot joke.
i laugh at these.
i laugh at fart jokes.
I laugh on the inside.
i have the write to sit down and think about this poo poo show.
dark bacteria has life and manifestation
 i am asshole.
bad ass hole.
demons are winning.
yeehaw! america
we are at war.
at war with them.
they suck?
the moment.
they bought that.
i am a winner.
god damn.
you're outnumbered.
take that fucking oil.
people will believe.
jesus got my bullets. joe is playing for fun.
i want.
i am.
we are.
draft is terrible idea yes however...
this moment was written in the stars.
star struck syndrome
i am the other side.
i am in the past tense.
i am in the present tense.
I am in the future tense.
gentle man the enemy is evil they wanna kill babies? naw hell naw.
you ain't taking away nascar you fucking faggots.
haha driving fast in a circle.
i knew that this wasn't happening.
it's the same crowd i want to hear when I hear this.
dumb bacteria feeds off negativity.
I suddenly come back from a far out lsd trip.
the music is so intoxicating.
i know it's generic and dull.
that's like everything in here.
we are.
i am.
two guns.
we say the words.
neading to sleep.
this is the afterparty.
there are gay wolves.
just want some ass man.
blasting off through the universe.
turning this in in one minute.
the time is now.
say now
i am
time refraction.
haha brilliant.
beavis and hehe

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