Sunday, January 22, 2017

From Mormon to Rasta

This is my book from Mormon to Rasta to MC. I hope you injoy it.
Seeing the whole picture in reverse. InI was partly Rastafarian and partly demon. Does InI not persist? Well he is he but so is she. So look when ya check it out the real situation MC rasta = black

Say what Tyler the creator?
I know my friends know that I listen to you.

What brings us together?
Is it lust or love?
Historically for i-family has been lust
The second coming is in love
Who is the second coming of?
I-self Haile Selassie
I recognize half dedication to the alla
InI recognize HIM as alla Haile Sellasie.
love is super important I'd like to say it's everything
however in this city you gotta watch your back: tenacity.

fucking zef do I have to type on this thing?
InI am not claiming zef InI claim reborn as light side
InI didn't choose the glow in the dark side
It chose me. It's a matter of morality. The light side as far as I can see is stuck on some 19th century ideals of morality.
InI hypothetically got dazed and confused one day.
I am a product of the music InI listen to
Not exactly I am the musician the is influenced by music.
Wanting my dream to be reality
realizing somehow that this actually is the matrix.
Die Antwoord answers the question what am I giving the answer Pitbull terrier.
InI am trying hard not to waste my time
InI am intent on writing this book. As far as I can see I live to write this book.
Why do I want to write this book? Ever since I can remember I loved writing. I love typing. I love hearing the chk-chk of the typewriter. Haha seriously though creation is what I love. My intent is to describe how I went from believing mormon to believing rasta and how I came to this change.

InI am not exactly rasta. I'm island people. I'm sing the solution. InI be subjunctive. Esta es la ley: kia kaha. Es decir ohana. Family means togetherness even in  seperation life or death. That's love. One love. Please guide InI in this journey. The computer becomes the canvas for his not her words. InI recognize both. As jah exists so does HRH her royal highness. InI see that this thing must be. InI about as smart as adam in that eden with the forbidden fruit in hand. I'm ultimately innocent however I've become spotted. InI where dem spots with honor. InI don't see the need for a great redeemer. InI believe that to be a doctrine of the wicked spirit. InI catious of that spirit trying to take I to Babylon.

When InI realize it I am no different than I father John Movick. Both we started out crying. I can try to be something different however that wouldn't be me. Me is me, InI. As a child I was. As an adult I am. We all have heroes. Mine were the power rangers growing up. I never knew i-father. I kinda wish I did but really I don't ask who that is. I imagine scenes where dads and sons are having a blast whether they are camping, playing ball, or whatever.

The most difficult thing as a writer is having thoughts for other projects while I'm supposed to be working on this project. "Sift them as wheat" a voice whispered.

InI recognize the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth. InI think sex is a beautiful thing. People coming together in love.

I'm so happy I'm not angry anymore. I was blood curdling angry with the father for he had cast me out. InI would like the story of creation explained to InI cept well well.

Have you ever heard of soul redemption? it's roots reggae music. those who listen to it are suspected to believe in Almighty Jah.
What makes Jah different than believers in God or Yahweh? Nothing except this album is more hawaiian the rasta being interpreted as prendergast. InI praise up this album and keep the music as a treasure for iver and always. This how the mormon-rasta circumvents the powers that be. InI have to be attractive somehow to the mormon girls. What am InI? InI am not a pitbull terrier that is for sure. InI am a product of multiple people experiencing passion and disfiguring the name rastafari. Here's the thing in the album isn't saying the name rastafari. They've left it out. I almost accuse these kind of albums heretical. if you call yourselves roots reggae you need to back it up. Does that mean encorporating the name? and less pleading for a savior? Yes, less pleading for a savior after a while it is clear that we save ourselves. We however a figure to look to in Christ conciousness. InI see that HIM be a stepping stone to true salvation which is a clear conciousness. It's what InI call Levi Allen Movick. The truth revealed yes yes no no hurts the unwilling heart. I thought this was the album review. It is but it is within my life book. And both I and I are narrating. InI. I be the better. And I be the butter.

All write all ready it's fathers day we get it
or do we?

InI checking in on KWBOP Radio where your host is a gay transvesdite.
WE know for a fact that this is a simulation and what do we do?
How does this knowledge change our behavior?
The problems of the future can be created by mankind.
Love is the solution. Love will always be the solution.
It is a force and a fourth dimension.
The power must be.

InI make toast to the ceasars.
What does it mean?
No answer.
The spirits.
One album describes my current journey no better than Bright Eye's The People's Key. The lead singer speaks the words I'm like a teenager angry for no reason. With her maybe it's like that I don't know.  What I'm glad to announce is I'm not angry anymore. InI have a new way of doing things. It's not gay it's reggae. That means that InI take on what is called rasta which mean to say rastafari which means both righteousness and love. InI would like to take a vow of silence for peace. InI know the spirit dem are listening to InI and when I speak there is consequence.

You think this is a joke.

So di album dea yeah mon issa gud album has wan track mi laik Haile Selassie. Me know no he come back again. Mi tink he come pan di ort ni ba wan taim. Nou sa! Come in like wan likl person two taim betta for wi namean what I speakin ya

So I write the album in patois or mi tink englies. InI recognize wa real go on. I write I book and album reviews.
Heavy love. InI have seen i-light and dis a just I tinking out loud. It's hard for I to listen I do it nonetheless. It's like work.
We all have people we'd like to thank in life. The person I'd like to thank most is my dad Rich. Because of HIM I have my phone. Because of HIM I have a hero. The John Wayne figure head that I just liked being around and whom I like. Somehow InI woke up and become a pro at something I didn't think I could ever do. I just need 10,000 I'm flying. Porque si! Wow I have a lot of karma to burn still. It looks like I could be with someone sooner if I'm gay. Umm no I'm good. I'll just wait for the next hetero deal. This this is how I'm doing. Working for a system that allows me the freedom to scratch my head and think huh I don't know. "If I did't love I" said silent bob. This is my reality. It's a rasta-mormon-binary perspective. I'm just here typing on this computer. Sometimes I feel like it will go on forever it being flowstate. When InI am working in flow it feels as if I'm lighter than air. That is why they call me fairy. Fairy worship. Well hey they know this is a simulation. Like they know scientifically this is a simulation. InI all of a sudden was left all alone in the great big universe.

Creation is rolling. Thinking. A whole lot of thinking that's what I've been doing lately. Probably .
Jah Rastafari told I to stop giving head. Literally and not literally. I'm starting over. InI.
This is a good place to talk about flow. Flow is when you get in the zone. Look even if you write a thousand more words they've already stated. Ham Shem and Japeth. Of ham was the prophet that's as far as I know. InI love di touri dem inna di baibl. Daniel and the lion dem livity overstandup right now. Whoever wrote this might be a little  broke? Yeah well get this we are all a little messed up and InI get caught up on this new grammatical technology. It really gets deep inside the matter. (laugh track) This is a blog entry. The original entry was partialled erased because I neglected to save. Always save. Not economically not always at least. The dream it is a dream simulation. Are we talking about this cause I think we should be. We could be. What an interesting phrase. Secrets I don't think secrets are a good thing. Yet I have them. The secret is what I lost and now I got back. I'm broke. I'm as broke as they come. InI know it's gonna be all ok because I got a celebrity gaurdian. I'm not killing myself anytime soon. (cricket sound) That wasn't meant to be a joke but what about those people who would've laughed. Those people. Gotta love those assholes. Seriously love isn't the only key you might need in life. Not in my view.

This is the new booted up version.
that means InI am gonna need some help
the help arrives different than expected
in a good way
Om and ezekial saw the wheel this is tapping into some celestial shit InI vibration when the Yo gets confused as to yo. They say every yo has its yo. I power myself to transform I to a Bolivian Italian restuarant. So much masculinity in this one spot one is really musclely the other is geeked out to the max. What? Wake up Justin it's all a dream? It's all a simulation wake up! and just like the voice was gone. Maybe InI was just chasing a high but I knew I was a schizofrantic and everything was ok. I did it. There now I'm a man. I've graduated into manhood. No I'm forever in this geeked out dream world in which I'm just waiting for some kind of sign.

Quiero hablar sobre la paty tal vez ella salga en mi libro. Alguien que me diga que no estoy haciendo nada. InI don't know what she really say. Except I do. So InI together am writing this book. it might be the shortest book ever because nothing happened nor was anyone introduced.

No woman no cry is the auto key. That is to say this writing is going to the real top. Just like him best rap him dere do.

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