Friday, January 20, 2017


Good morning. This is what happens when the ways of the LORD are frustrated. Good morning and welcome all to the justin movick spirit hour where we discuss the way of the spirit no body no sexuality. Could there be more than one God? Could Religion's "Holy Books" be fakes? Could they be real? Enough rhetorical struggle for now I can't look back now I can forget.. I know me. I can forget. I'm  stuck here after the people went home. The little people. I swear the little people were listening. Maybe black sorcerers do exist in China? I'll come back down to earth now. I blast off to unknown worlds. Always claiming Kolob as my home and master. What can happen on this show anything because it's not a show it's real life. We define in our own minds the parameters of reality. My is 20 X 30 X 50. If that 3D image can be imagined we are in the new age where everybody gets together in the land without words. It is better here. No one but the Holy Spirit. That is God. That prescence that wraps around you. It could be shere darkness. That is why they call it a Ghost.
This just in:
I am who I think I am. This could be no greater than a reader boy.
Talking scripts from movie dialogues:
I'm too high to buy this?
Oh no the demons I see the demons. Canabis enables sight of demons which from past experience is not pleasant.
My testimony? That Jesus is Haile Sellasie is God Almighty. I would seem to go against my muslim faith except I was saved by the LORD and I know not who else to thank. So I recognize there is a God. We can debate who that is. Me and my family we worship the LORD. JAH. Jah has his manifestations. Comes down in Glory only to ascend back into heaven. Does the being stay together as an anthropomorphic God? Honestly I don't know. I lean towards a prescence like Allah or the Holy Spirit. God works mysteries and once we try to say God is like this God is like that then we loseourselves.
I don't know who is speaking. It is definitely not me.
This is me freshly sliced my brain and green jelly dreads into the whole of the system. Wow I'm really high. I'd prefer to be thinking in Chinese but I'll have to do with Chinese in the background. I love to idealize women like make them objects of perfection. This is my bad. It is sexist.
It is sexist.
Who is the Authority figure?
Jah this is your son I have fallen and become like the Mourning.
No name.
I'm driving this set up comfortably.
I play pornography in my mind you get that father?
I don't think it's cool that the father is listening.
There is no other way; he always listens.
Why do I have a complicated relationship with the father?
I am a giant imposter. I claim to be Muslim and then I fall back to Mormonism. What a crock.
Yes but this is only the imagination.
Where will imagination get you my son?
That's right no where so you stay down stay humble make it work.
I take abuse from the father but I know it's for the best of me
the FATHER abused me that is for sure.
I wanted to talk about that
about abuse? OK.
nothing. I don't want to talk about it.
Are you sure?
Yes don't ask me like that! I hate it!
Woah calmaos! En serio que te pasa?
Stuff happened to me when I was a kind. Stuff I didn't consent to. I was drugged and touched and then took part in a satanic ritual. It was like I had no will power.  I didn't like it. The honest truth is I never want that feeling again! (having my dick sucked) I'm living life really slow. I feel like a 12 year old who never went through puberty.
So the sex I've had is Hebephilia? I don't know I don't like sex jokes I mean I do but I don't cause they just confuse me. InI know the sound of my voice in the morning time. I don't know what I'm set for all day means but I think I am that. I'm just always smoking crack. I have computer simulated cigarrettes and it's killing me. I've become a demon however and I am fighting the disease from inside out using science and the power of Ra.
So I don't talk to these fags. Woah? Whose the fag? It is I but I don't take it up the ass. That's like prison rape. That's fucking disgusting. That's where the shit comes out that's not a valid entry point not for the "true" jah. Knowing they are talking about us on the radio. IT MAKES US FEEL YOUNG LIKE WERE AT A PARTY.
We have sensations and experiences that can only been had once in a life time. So I could hear the little people. I'd had heard the situation before.
kids who get made fun of should stand up and say who cares i have a stuttering problem what's your problem. You can't make fun of people cause your different?
Stealing candy from a baby. i have a stuttering problem. I feel that way that's how I'm thinking in life.
Laughing hurts so much. Omagoodness I need to respect and not laugh at the stutterers.
I want a sti-tter-stuttering problem.
i have a problem
i stutter for real in my thinking that is why i'm a schizofrantic. The marijuana is medicine. Please understand and believe me. what I'm always one step behind the shooters so I don't say anything. I go silent. And that can only breed violence. So I need to get up and say come down from off that cliff, you! What realm is this actually? At that moment I didn't know all I knew is that I didn't want it. Sex. Yeah. I'm just getting this off my chest. First doesn't count. First first good experience wanted more second no good bad experience. Miren perdon que mi amigo se ha puesto bien borracho. Lo que esta diciendo que el sexo es natural y bueno.
When I thought about it I might actually have a stutter.
I just gotta get game. All my realizations have come true.
How will I be sitting here in 20 years? I love you too love.
this is my world
here we go I love it obviously
Can't think like that
I have to think these lips.
So demons are people too. I got caught up on the demon hate for so long.
So I was a rapper. I just spit the most fantastic rap. I must have done it in the dream. Think Think Think. Why so much we got to think. We got to think in the right way. I don't like talking I LOVE talking bahahaha except I liked doing it on my own terms. So this is MC Escher was a rasta is not a mormon is not exactly muslim. Could I be a carver? Yeah I'm a carver. Except I'm chinese. Yin and yang. woman sure
To think I was ahead of that nigga was ridiculous and foolish! Sir you exude years and many moons of wisdom.
My thoughts were garbage. I stitter stutter stutter in my thoughts because I'm nervous I'm nervous of what they will hear. This is me playing with the powers that be. MAGIC. I had tapped into MAGICK via the matrix and this program spotify. I'm getting bigger. Blasphemy! There shall be no heresy in the mind! Ok no magic. Got it. Who's voice is this and where does it come from?
Is it me?
I think the me died a long time ago.
I'm this new reconstructed robotic self.
Nothing matters at all. That one song changed my whole outlook on life. Didn't necesarily give me the desire to live but to possibly recreate but having the man on your back. Siding in the end with the latinos. La guerra viene. Sabemos que viene. Destruccion para los que no siguen los mandamientos. No soy tonto. Se muy bien  puta mierda de lo que estoy hablando. Doble significados? No es justo! Asi no se puede ganar.
No se porque tengo verguenza es que siento las mariposas de la vida y recuerdo que nadie realmente me vee. Ese yo soy yo. Y esta muy bien. Amplio grande como el volcan dormiente ahora robot que no sabe ni que ondas.
Soy yo. Juan. Un robot.
Se que me estoy programmander.
Es que como el Pokemon que todos hablan.
Este album esta jugando con mi mente. Hasta estamos hablado el mismo idioma.
No se que significa think twice. Estoy pensando dos veces que?
Estos son toteras mijo
no son tonteras son mis pensamientos
Tenia que terminar el dia. Este dia no eso. Que? nada nada limonada. Somos ninhos para sempre.
buenos raps hoje
My voice sounds nothing like my "voice". I.
Just letting her speak even though I didn't really care. I really think we can communicate.
Sorry I even paid her any mind. Not knowing why I'm saying things. Socolomine. Oh shiyza. I'm asking the question what's going on?
Breaking through to the other side feels great.
Silence nothing eternity. Listening to self. I'm aware that I'm dead. Just here. This is it. This is it. I'm dead. I don't have ability to have thought unless I break out.
Jail Break.
Getting tired.
Human being.
Sacrificing self in the future.
Getting fucked up cause I know I'm in a simulation. Nick Bolstrum Blues.
Do I have the will to conceal my universe?
Intent modifies reality. Intent changes reality. Look at the facts.
Open minded much i don't know
beliefs to make I feel better
do i know it?
aha I've got you now!
I realized how big an idiot i'd have been
probable future reality?
Stick to you roots and you'll be all right. How to manifest what we desire in life?
Tastes great! The end.
And just before that the dragon was slew.
Million miles from reality.
Where am I?
I am the so much trouble in the world. So would have me believe.
InI jah son.
Why are US jobs so hard to come by? I am unemployed a number of unemployed due to schizofrania and stuttering. I get nervous and I just shut off so I burn this weed so my problems go away. In a very real sense I was living on a prayer. I was little. My age on this particular trip was 13. I'm sure grateful to be alive today, earth. Good to be with you too johnny ayahuasca. I am like the indian calm sure and ever aware of the cosmic piece that is humanity. How well would we place this piece? Life is like a game of chess. The board is always visualized. All in do time. Womansure. I had lost track of time. I had thought it was morning time. I certainly am in the matrix I've seen and felt things. How can you describe that to someone! WHY COULDN'T I REMEMBER THE LIE THAT WAS FED TO ME!?

Qing is now ruler and master of this house. How can this be?
It appears that all the Gods have been banished my Lord and now it's just us.
A royal decree: If you are a demon you shall be eradicated and destroyed.Society must be cleansed. Society will pay for her crimes. Yearning for that which doesn't exist. A dream.What is right now? It is not simply the time which someone must ultimately know; it is the most desired thing there is. Call it for what it is? Here the debate enter
So again I say ye shall burn if you are gay adulterer and or mistress you shall pay.
This certainly is within the bounds of reality.
It most certainly is and isn't.
Time has a particular rythym that I listen to. It's like a vibration on a string. Living in this world just to jot down what it looks like.
Being fake or something like that is banned from the kingdom.
"I'm a righteous evil King" I thought. I had made myself royalty. I had made my self elite. All those who take it ** *** *** come forward. You why do you be like woman and take it up the ass? Woman do that no man.

I would successfully not be raped by one of the demons. I was trying for so long to just fit in. That isn't acceptable here. Here is dark and I need all the protection I can get. GoGo Gadget Turtleshell.
Leave all childish things behind. Is sun szu serious shit.
Why does shit sound like the world shit.
Shit is nasty. It's poo. DOO DOO.
All I know is he was a gay baby. Gay Gay Gay.
I had gone insane. Sick with rage.
I didn't think people should take it up the ass. I call it a sin.
Sex up the ass sounds disgusting. Those who do that shit are not the shit. So I'm fag hating. Yes you got me I'm fag hating. Why is there so much fear and hatred borne into the world. Why can't we just bear love and harmony? When did being nice become so unpopular.
I didn't believe in myself.I let myself down. I didn't believe in the royalty of my bloodline. I chose shame and guilt over righteousness and prosperity. Those feelings I knew were not of God. I must have met Satan. If I really have gone mad I must have had to a met Satan.
Lucifer is merely a character played by a man in a movie called Constantine.
If you sucked a dick hey that's ok doesn't really mean you're gay
If you take up the ass that's dope just know you better use soap
I'm going to side with the Bible on this one.
Sex up the ass is some strange shit. You have to unfold yourself. I don't even know what that means. Look I'm not bashing,really. I'm not even clearing the air. I'm fighting demons. That's what I've been doing. I put chinese music on and I was fighting demons of thought and perception in my mind. I am whatever I want to be not limited at all by previous acts or duties.
I'm just grateful there is a Savior so you can be like Nope Nope Nope. Hot damn It's getting hot in here. There certainly is room  for improvement.
Preacherman say ganja dull the spirit InI say it increases the meditation.
Rasta is a bridge to MC which is a bigger bridge to china.
OMG. Writing's been great today. I can edit this out later. Or not. 1st draft is done.
They are the mothers of creation. Omega rise. Rise and take your place. If feel happy on my self. This is my life it's so amazing! hahaha. Getting giddy but not too giddy.
They were following me. They don't bother me anymore. I can see how it is as a rapper. Seems pretty much except I'm touring.
I like what I share bitches. Gonna just have to get over that shit. I'm in control on this ship. Riding it out all night.
Despite this being a very dark albm I like it. I am seeing like an alien. I'm high. I'm watching the movie. I'm spelling I'm a tell em. Nope Nope Nope I'm out. I'm not going to act the fool. Not sure which side I landed on. Left 28.
Dub relax. Read pray and ok. Kept and saved in his name.
I'm going silent. I'm ignoring my karma. MC ? Omaiga. Here we go. Is this the album review? No. It's just stitutering I have death mark. Blond faith.  I can feel my heart starting to fail. It hurts. My heart hurts.
It was all right. It was all going to be all right. I would follow Rich till the destination upon which I'll drive back. Easy. Got this. I hate driving. It's not that I feel like I'm first waking up when I'm driving. I'll do the best I can.
It dulls the spirit eh? I say you might be right.
I'm back. It goes on.

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