Friday, January 20, 2017


Tiempo libre mata-tiempo escuchala ciudad InI hear the sounds of the street. What does the street say? Something like hey I'm the mean Mr. Street man. Why are you so mean Mr. Street man? I don't know I just am. What I hate is dogs who bust my smoke sessions. This is how I wake. I maintain state that is not quite sleepy it's just how I wake and I am waking. Sitting back. Wow these are the days. Not a care in the world. Wow. I would like to fast forward.  I can't. I lost the power. All I have is time. tick tock. this is writing. InI recognize marley and me as the enviroment. I'm not the world's most attractive blow except I could stand for some plasitc surgery. I hate the fact that I hear voices. Good. I'd rather have them here with me. I always told the doctors I could learn to live with the voices. This is the voice that InI use strictly when my fans are present. Otherwse I keep quiet. Look InI saw there was a code. People were talking in this sexual code I broke it down and it goes a little something like this
Couldn't have said it better myself. We are witnessing first hand what the ravens are divulging nothing. InI digress. InI digress. InI feel like this is just the matrix. I've gone too far people won't believe me. I can do this. I can do whatever it is that I was programmed to do. I could do this. I'm moving forward. Here it's almost  like there isn't  a post yet there is. So fascinated by what we do. I'm sure what it is except I'm not worried about. I have to make an assumption about this. Turn that music off. Why do I say it after I already turned it off? I'm off and this shot helps that I stay on.
Expectation. Expectation is the topic. I expect of myself to wakeup. Suddenly it hits me like a ton of bricks I've been sleeping this entire time. It's time to wake up. I stay up and I don't sleep it's like I  don't except I do. I don't sleep at all. geek on get my geek on. This is the true voice InI read with and speak with. Hi nice to meet. Please thank  you much obliged.
InI done being made someone's bitch. We get high that's InI so in the sky mi flitter o fly. MC shook the ground on another level where I do come alive. Like I could see myself in the coked out world. This is just  the way it goes. Jmo justin movick (laugh track) what about the evil version? What about it? InI am stunned by the music perhaps now I'm finally seeing the truth. I've been seeing for a long time. Time control. I want that to be the topic. I don't feel bad for family however I do love them. My thought doesn't necesarily make sense. If you strung it together would you?
InI awake sleep awake sleep awake sleep awake sleep awake sleep awake InI proud more water more sugar InI sure InI simulated sleep insomnia awake sleep awake sleep awake sleep time controllers InI see feel believe didn't believe in self anymore self had been destroyed. Why am  I not laughing It's like I've been set to off. I'd rather write my thughts speakwhale and have them come to me. The pitter pater of the paws andthen I coud see in the rearview. Yall better watchyouselves.
When  I know I can sit back and write about the music coming out of my speakers I said "thank god." My thoughts mom I was not meant to be  with anybody. InI am asexual I reject all notions of affection. I'm cold. "Put a jacket on" said no one. Stuck in confusion. Just being completely lost in that. I knew it was a long road. I knew I and I would triumph in the end. Dammit Korgi why are you so cute. By allowing myself the room of allowing the screen to be a canvas and I-work was I emancipation in motion. That the I is slowly chisled FROM the I. So be yourself cause I love you. I love you too. The whole world giving itself love.uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Omaiga that hit was incredible. See I told you it'd be worth. Omg I just gave all my powers away. It's not fair. You can't do this to me. All of a sudden I was quantum jumped in thought. I went away. I ceased to exist. I get angry upset because they don't let I be iself. They steal the ID away when they are young.So that's why I smoke weed. The end. I'monna go clean my room now. Live narration of life. Clean unsuccesful succesful in other areas of life. I'd decided to go (gulp) cold turkey. Since I didn't have  mo weed what could an addict due? That was my gateway to reality. Like a wormhole? It's for the best. I could do it. No more smoking weed. This last smoking session I saw I went a little too far with it. I never want to be like Ashley. She lied about that shit harcore Good well I'm never going to be like her then. I'm still putting out all this Ashley energy. Idon't know why I don't like her nor did I ever like her. I liked Abagail from the whole experience.  To be liked or not liked that is the question. If you had one wish what would it be that people actually like me and I like them cause currently InI don't. Is InI still a thing?
This is another thought bubble. It is I with how to keep it beacan.Come look see. This one phrase sets off in my mind a haunting issue. Woah I get down. Of course I get down.
Trying to do work despite the radio. The radio isn't thevoices are like ayayay. Schizofrania. then it's like huh that typical response that says I'm not listening but I kinda am listening. I am not listening. InI really tired. Need to keep on going. The baby vision is the pure vision. It's what would do the society well. Any talk of the economy  is welcomed. What could I write after experiencing something like what I'm doing. Letting it stew.
I'm on my grind. Life is hard. All of a sudden it comes crashing down on you.Where am I going? I'm going to the top. What will you do to someone who gets in your way? I will rip their head straight from its socket. veteran letterman. so x hw d we get so stereotpical.
A new fresh start words coming to us all trance like induced coma InI reaction InI short change long range

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