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Searching for friends boating adventures. Pleasant. When I wake up in the morning heavy on my mind then I look at you and I know it's gonna be a lovely day. Welcome to the Justin Movick family where the name is as imporant as the game. Slow down time as we are experiencing it. That's what drugs may do to your brain according to new research. InI see the smoke as my new pensamiento en forma fysica. InI live a priveledged life. Am am being brought up in the game by none other than devin is the dude. Wow. InI can't believe it I'm so happy to be here. Me getting high on blue sky black death is a bad idea. I've done  it once before. This dude what omg i am high am am getting paranoid. Think. what is going wrong? I'm being persecuted and hunted down by a apensamiento en forma physica. a quien estoy hablando justin a nadie a mi amiga. Como es que soy la mujer esta es lo que pienso que es. Una opportunidad aprender y no ser tan inmaduro.
I wake up. InI overstanding  por fin. Woah Black Tyler Durden. Now what exactly was his situation. I can't quite remember. I need to get higher than you. Yeah how do you do it? I just do. It's not that difficult. Life itself is pornographic by nature. We suppress our innermost feelings swap-em out for other feelings. The game is mad crazy.
InI here listening rastafari has been part of the journey. It's not the journey.
It is that they call me fairy. InI have the right to be out here and I don't know why I wasn't angry but my natural defence mechanism. Oh I get it. Part of my schizofrania is I feel like people watch. I  go to a dream land. In a defence. But check this I got all the money in the world i'm the king man the game is mine.
I definitely have dry mouth and I agree with the track this not nacho bitch. Somehow I am now on Zues level. He didn't shoot me down. I shot him down. I shot the sherrif? I'm an asshole my chick is a brat." First track on this album I can really get into is Tom Hanks. It's the first track that really resonated with me. Like wow me two. Hey record labels i see the truth and its not even that bad. I'll see the degregation of my married friends. Kick out windows sounds like I'm doing cocaine. Honestly the first time I did coke it didn't do anything for me. Except it did kind of give me god like powers. Weed doesn't. well not anymore. there are one time deals with the devil I've made. The secret is explained At the end of the day the tat in the hat man will go picking out dates from the date tree.
InI remember now. This is the album review of an album I've been wanting to do for a long time. Literally and metaphysically he who thinks like one an Egyptian mind. It's live it's always been live. InI quantum jumped. Omg haha i can't believe G said that wow rispek bro is what I would have said. I see the time control. Come on! I am like a bitch. Damn. Well best just live with it. Yeah well I'm a MC. So? Doesn't that give me some imunity from the hate? No. I see the truth of the trance that it is just illusion. I am that I think I am. It's the ryhtm and cadence of whoever is spitting this. InI can distinguish the selves. The Gods don't hate me. I know this. Damage I'm getting rolled on. I am like a big kid and I want to think this guy has my back cept the one simple fact I know is no. I don't suppose I can agree with the Rap artist on this one. This album produces heartache. InI learn how to meditate and breathe so well I come out on top winning.
At about Surf Nazis must die I wanted to bounce. I decided to stay. For the first time I was seeing clearly. What happened to the rain? Who is asking? Woah this music pulls you into a trance but then pop your brain comes out. Like a newborn. That's InI existence everyday from the ashes RISE! This is a great album however I wouldn't say I'm a fan. It's a tough world I'm not sure I could do what your doing say what your saying. This is a great example of love the booth Emceening. Its also a great example of partying. Which is the difference? Hyde jekkyll. Wow. I just took off somewhere. Like in my mind i was like fuck this refering to the review. I know it must be done in completo. Subject predicate some lines on this album get you more than you think. InI live off instinct. ayayay. Close your eyes. Now breathe. Great introduction. I don't know if I'll remain in lando no one lives. I'm just saying woah I can't believe what they saying on the radio. Me nou kno. Mi no speak english. It's crazy to think how the brain works. This is the end of days. We are going to live it out. That doesn't mean it's all lovey-day. In a sense yes it does. Except in the other sense it doesn't mean that at all it means things will be cutthroat. The real haha I wish there was someone here hanging out with me. I couldn't quite understand the part about baptized. What that mean? Me no know. I am playing all the parts. This is me thinking out loud after exalted woah what a mind blower. Yes I've never quite seen or heard anything quite like it. Mucha porra al artista que lo produjo. Que sigue. Sigue la borrachera. Yo conosco suficiente espanol para hacer me menso en la radio. Porque nos espantamos y ya vengo voy a buscar un video sobre ese tema.  No encontre. Quiero recorder a la gente de que el rey vive. El rey leon. Extrano a disnelandia. Eso no es lo que realmente extrano. Extrano muchas cosas. Mis ojos queman sobre el reflejo de la persona. InI scyar of the result of the person I thought I had become. You can't see me. Literally I'm invisble. So much part of me wants to go back in time and fix what I messed up in my life. I wish I could see how much of an idiot I've been I just don't see it.
The more I think of it I was supposed to work from home. I can't handle people. Maybe soon people will come into life. For the time I have music to get phased out to. What happens when there are murders. InI tired of the violence. InI live by the rules. Cool youth. who speaks the words. the author the creator the bigbanger it is I and I. Well it's true I hear voices. I see shapes. I see ghost shapes. Yesterday I revive yesterday Thursday. It shouldn't exist yet there it is. I was startled by a ghost. Every time I think there is something there there is nothing there.
With my next album falling into place by rebelution. I thought I had a preconcieved notion of what it might be. Word to my mother. Honestly nothing good to say don't say it all.As much as I like to think shut up! listen Inhale exhale. well how can I say I'm honored to be on their track. My wish is to keep being humble. Humilty is the best type of person. Just like anything life is a game of spurts.really cheesy when you think about cheesy has two senses was this talking about two people. InI am above the riff-raff. Suddenly my mind goes negative. Suddenly my mind goes positive. This music is really poppy. It's not mainstream pop that's for sure.
Because I am high by Justin
Because I am high Imma be quiet people start talking divulging information when they are high so I'm going to be quiet and be humble. I don't want to be loud. This album has the latest and most upgradest sound technology. InI peacefully  not told what to do. Confused. trust. Soul music. InI.
A healthy writers block by justin
This is the other side. Rebelution has succesfully teletransported listeners mind to the other side with love. Jiminy Christmas!
cool bass line
So this is a dream 100% InI determined self determination InI am either peeking in a conversation or I don't know what's up cause this is ^whispered very sexual sorry kiddies
what am InI so sorry about?
Huh cause INI don't feel so sorry to be sexually misleading as a culture was our greatest sense. I'm suddenly looking for love. Whatever. Am I?
So this is the level of focus I have right now this is a test one two mic check I'm speaking over the album. In my mind so I said nothing. See my problem is I say it out loud in my dream and I don't remember if I say it. Wow that sounds exactly like me to. This is the feeling of humpty dumpty sitting on a wall. I just want to love.  I made my own philosphy the system is corrupt.
InI know the system is corrupt. InI salam. conciouse anger. InI took myself to a place of opposition when I knew there was talking about wash them. InI talking about demons. InI have been talking about that for awhile. That is really cool. Who's voice is this or is it the universe's voice..The one vibration that upon which all others hinge. This has to do with the soul. If I were a scientist I would be measuring the power of imagination and weed. I too have seen that I have indeed lost my mind. This is the global awakening. It's like seeing life through a fisheye lense. Everything changes. Hasta la pechuga (laugh track) so you see we can do so many incredible things in post To believe there is a post is a must in my universe. This is why I listen to this music suspense. They keep it real. Straight up tradition. ayay. How do the imitators. You know what kid fuck what the haters have to think get down have a little fun loosen up cause I was. High on life. With the right crowd I'm like woah. I couldn't believe what I was hearing because I was it. How could I be it? Impossible. It has a good sad feeling to the album like a loudspeaker calling the name? no ok underneath a tree rethinking gravity. Equilibrium. Commerical talk. Language. And just like that rebelution  falling into place fades away it was a good one time ride. Wow these people keep it together surprisingly well.
Oh yeah I was commenting on how these celebrities handle the secretism so well. At least from what I see on netflix.
Good morning daddy
youre sick in the head
I fell apart just now. I have no right in my right mind to be saying anything and yet I am. I should be saying nothing. Except I am saying something and it sounded a little something like this
I guess I should finish the review. Give some  more words where good words are due. Or I could get ready for my next appointment. Instead I think I would arm the voice that is doing the talking to do the walking. So there is no confusion and InI am scared. Why? I don't know wake up! There is nothing to be scared of. Things in the night go bump. Ok that is true. Like is scary. Life is like a movie video where there are parties and stupidshit. What If I am communicating this from a place unknown. What? Yeah a place unknown no one says it like that. Why does bully run in my family. This is me trying to keep it together. I don't want to go get a shot. Like hell I enjoy it.I'm not going to ask about her son I don't know why I asked last time. Nonya business nonya. This is InI on the track one two checking in with the people mentally chronically diverted in thought (evil laugh track)
It was all in my head everything had been a bad dream. I ne that was a fact. I had written about it in my review. So I guess the review is done and over with. Now the time is 8:58 now the time is 916
I could here it. What I wanted my voice to sound like. Now I wasn't too sure. Now it was just going to fade away. The end

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