Sunday, January 22, 2017

A hermit Tale

Once upon a time in fantasy land there lived a hermit. InI am this hermit.
fantasyland was like our normal universe except it believed in the holy sacrament of sucking hernando's dick.
I saw the veil open and I beheld with my eyes the glory of God and she was naked. I don't think I should be watching this. God said, "Look!" and I looked and I was not ashamed.
Shame. Who shames you? Do I shame myself?
I am a writer. I use cigarettes as fuel. Cigarettes get me high. Hard to work. Wondering about this fantasy land that might be reality.
I kno kno if I must grow me dreads. Children of sellasie I can be dreaded or not according to morgan heritage.
Preoccupied with matters having nothing to do with money.
I have sufficient for my needs.
fly away to babylon home. break the meditation.
burning and and looting tonight
burning on illusion tonight
burning all illusion today.
Give me food and let me grow.
weeping and awailing tonight.
Not really caring how this sounds because I am permantenly intoxicated.
Getting high on cigarrettes. kind of nasty. Nasty taste. Nasty flavor. Get's InI close to the world of the spirits.
picking up from where I left off.
getting so stoned in the system.
eyes getting sleepy and tired.
what about my last project?
there is no last the greatproduct.
I am a dragon.
puff the magic dragon.
lived by the sea.
INI vibration.
tuning in to the radio.
and the god channel.
come in zoe deschanel.
i've never spoken with you yet i feel you are here you're prescence.
This is the god channel it sounds like a dead horse being ripped apart at the seems. the hell.
The great dilemma do I choose purgatory or do i choose paradise?
the walk had already been done.
46 how many shall rise bald: we are told that on the day of last judgement the prodigal will appear with little or no hair.
InI can read. even if it is rudimentary.
weed is a poison. it's like drinking dish soap. I won't die but I'll get pretty fucked up.
I'm writing and reading dante's inferno I'm leveling up as I speaking.
it's the video game.
I've cognitively equalized my cerebellum. this is neuroscience.
i have a knife. perhaps i will cut my neck.
this is the game.
INI and dueling.
I don't want to go to smi solutions.
I'm contemplating suicide.
I'm not infected.
where are you
i'm a skarD kat.
these are my lines.
read this boy.
anybody can act.
I too don't believe in drugs.
I pay mypeople extra not to do those sort of things.
i was like the toad ok?
i went back to my vomit in a serious way.
I'm sad.
I don't know why I'm sad.
I have no reason to be sad.
I'm slightly afraid.
This is the life of a schizo.
it's live.
Reptillian. I'm going reptillian. I am listening to the buses. and the systems that are always subtely listening.
I can hear you.
what are you doing in there mister.
I'm stumbling.
The people were required to stumble.
I am barely getting by.
I am an angel-demon sort of thing.
I just listened to william blake the marriage of heaven and hell.
this work is influential in my upbringing.
i am the snake.
like millions of others in this demographic.
I morph into a stat.
What's the use of studying stats?
new become infant slow'fast dancing b=mind bender program
i don't go back to it.
to the poison.
I don't get fucked up by nature and society.
this is the prison writing.
Rubber ducky you're the one
i take the advice of william.
this is a legal binding document.
I am innocent.
I'm angelic got dammit?
that was the line i was supposed to say?
send him on through.
he was punching in this film
it's more really like a flick.
this is new age gay.
I'm reggae when I have the mask.
I put the mask on.
I'm really shy except when I put the mask on.
How'd you get it?
I found it in a sewer one day.
I was running away.
and you found yourself up in a sewer?
I wound myself up in a garbage didn't I one time?
hello helloworld!
it's not the same thing! it's not the same thing
start crying.
nobody is listening.
jah rasta fari?
does he pick up?
they both know they are there
this is the lesson
i'm putting the pieces of thought power together.
This is the one book I sell.
It's in the public domain.
It's for sale.
InI for sale.
Think of the faada.
This is the one part you might want to change.
are you still there?
hola jah
estamos muitos piquenos.
i have nothing to say to you.
I am speaking to the mother father.
who is that?
this is less than holy.
It's a brand.
going like this dude?
dusche temperature is going up.
I wander through life.
anxiety and sadness
this is compassion?
what is compassion?
going deep into this script
this is live
as live as it looks
life of planets and stars
they have supermassive black hole?
There is no god?
there could be.
universal rules
`17 laws of the universe
i would like to be friends with joe.
i need be rewarded.
What is it?
jamaica plains?
JAH! rastafarinamism
that's not funny dude.
stars yeah man. I love stars.
kids these days
keck observatory
weed or pussy
arrogance of diabolical mind.
yeah pyschedelic.
That's a good lie.
damn boosie's dad is selling crack.
It doesn't get you "high" though you know what i mean?
interesting I'm imatating them both.
excuses to be shitty to each other.
I wasn't going to discriminate against anal offenders anymore.
I'm just going to open up to you.
its not all bad it;s not all good it's interesting.
These hallowed halls of justice.
I could be really arrogant and say i'm going tune out
pass this message?
yes from my mother conquest board
Those moments are incredibly important
too much power with no consequences
jacko who?
this is the chat room ai.
it's real.
weird detachment from the realities of war.
We gotta stop this slandering?
I would take the numbers from other nigger-round ones.
Black Lives don't matter.
this is an insertion into the book. Do you know what it even means to insert?
I've built insert algorithms.
Half of key of for 8500 9000? Full keys.
9000 worth of nothing for sale
I never took 100k losses. I suffered 24k losses.
I'm doing the dirt and drilling in the game.
The rapping started at 14 when I joined a band.
Fuck this reputation. I'm just saying fuck this number.
I go schizophrentic.
he watches them. that's what she said.
this is confusing.
I play the rap game.
Yegge. it's the code worder.
Yegger. I say it.
I lost $200,000 recently.
I was too stupid to evolve correctly.
I'm a pikachu.
this is a love story.
It was just distopian lost boy before.
Now it's just a gay porn I'm watching.
every car could be a bomb
percalated that's a good word
shut up jay everybody knows this frequency.
What gives you confidence?
Knowing that I am a God.
am i serious?
so recent
magicians getting wiped out
graham hancock?
astoroidal impacts
i am ancient history.
This is the dawn of this current civilization before this gets hit again.
What he talking about?
Paralel achievement
Unions will get it done
i love you're paintings joe.
i'm so hungry :(
john anthony west
feeling like I have to steal this food from my own house.
It's not my food I make not the purchases
I'm thinking i'll be on this side of the flood.
bad watcher i'm pimp of my time
i shit i'm here.
greatest mind mock phschedelics.
ritualistic halucinigenics.
Disruptive shit.
that which is hidden will come to the surface
My identity is me and i will defend it
my position in academia.
ID is bullshit
that which can self esteem+
what is the truth?
i am a true messenger.
Not. I am a liar.
Greatest mystery novel
chapter two
seeing the hearing of science
time and space
getting drunk strunk acting one two microphone check
getting really high and trying to avoid the powers that be.
I am enjoying my time as generation Y and silent majority.
that's InI.
getting wicked high
turning up getting lively up myself.
we are two babies. growing in 2026 I'll be something that's before we go to mars.
that's basically right now.
was MLK a traitor? according to BLACK MAN he is.
I DON't LISTEN to the devil or the spirit.
I listen to my self.
this is a manifesto.
manifesto of free will
bob the head
medicine man.
writing can't see past the part where I'm told I'm a man on a mission.
I was on a mission.
I came back.
we continue to change the world in ways unimagined.
collective accomplishment.
Being legitimately concerned for the welfare and state of the nation.
my name is DR. David Wright.
I wish that was my name.
it's just a simulation.
we all know it's a simulation.
we can't agree to disagree?
listening to to videos at the same time focus on some broader aspects of life.
that is a major theme of my life (book)
this is the autobiography 2 it's all the same version of that. I go to my place of visualization as Iistening
passive agresively
faces looking with anxiety.
I am 50. This is compassion. I'm going to do sometime in the next 14 years.
I'm the observer watching the self the atman
grateful for that
I'm mad!
it's not a coincidence that this is happening right now.
It's like the blue thread that I swallowed one time.
Shouldn't have swallowed that thread.
It's making me dead.
i'm singing in my head.
this is a low low note.
i'm laughing cause she's broke.
Not like I got.
like I got.
the diabolical mind vs the angelical mind.
ring and note are just the same.
saying the line.
establishing reality.
Government is just talking on and on and on it's a dynamic tension.
waoh this is saying no to go
joe D davis
who am I right now?
i gotta bone to pick with you.
give my mom a different view of me.
i'm visualizing going to prison.
i needed to be healed.
soulpancake thank you.
no pragmatic arguements?
it's evangelicalism for atheism.
God no! < god yes!
does morality trump religion?
there was gold in their hills.
ones you associate atheism with socialism I'll be a believer.
I'm really drawing a blank on this question guys.
Does that make me queer.
I don't know there is no God.
why is the god question always in question?
we all have in common?
everyone in this room doesn't know what's best for them
the whole world would function better?
what is Penn's question?
Except she gets knocked up working at mcdonalds.
this is the reality of the world.
antiterrorism reality.
we're hitting this wall.
we remove i feel it in my heart away.
guilty not guilty by reason of insanity.
how can that judge read the bible and see abraham dropping this shit. BOOM!
deficate on this side of the tree.
what has been true.
one things get better
people say thay ever getting worse.
have we given up?
Hell yes!
the TSA never stopped a terrorist attack.
the security is static.
what aren't they scanning for?
it's a big show.
novelty? the impression
of the culture when everything is a google search away.
how to get to heaven?
I'm already there.
It comes from this study.
do I undermine my own beliefs?
how to examine the truth claims?
bits of cultural furniture? oh yeah look at that dejavu.
I'm saying we should suspend in the supernatural until further noticed.
why even celebrate yule? It's a EUROPEAN TRADITION.
I a rasta
yo soy gente normal. como nos veamos en el suenho.
I get bugged out about my karma.
i have eyes that see the mother.
everybody knows I'm high so I am talking like the russian in my head.
What about my little head?
Am I serious. fuck no!
Since when was I serious?
christmas would come and we'd definitely see a christmas classic.
my cell phone is broken.
staying alive?
being so scared i can barely move.
took xp damage today more to come tomorrow
jmo 1:55 AM on now the fifeteenth of slowmaiga!
It's been 13 years how can I dare go outside. I don't know how they'll look at me?
Will I be ugly?
I used to call myself fugly.
I also used to say I was having fucking bad days.
Some days were bad except when you are elite you just don't give a fuck.
That's where this homeless attitude comes into play.
I'm not sleeping anymore.

I'm wide awake.
I'm playing the game.
Writing the book _____a hermits tale___________in the series________generations________.
Fill in the blank type of letter.
Dear God,
Why did you leave me? You have no right to just leave? There needs to be permission.
I have a bad repuation. Last party I was at I died.
At least I think I died.
I can't even really tell anymore.
This book from the other.
I make small distinctions but more than anything they are the same.
I'm the worst salesman in the world cause I just complain about how cold it is.
I'm disaabled.
I go quadrapelegic.
My brother was actually helping me when he knew that I was high and stoned.
I just have a stoned perstonality.
I frequently forget things.
I forgot a candle was burning. I almost burned my house down.
The condition of being absolutely oblivious to surroundings 2. Acting like an asshole
not quite sure when i'm leveling up.
InI am this hermit. I'm going away for ages.
Who knows if I'm coming back.
I don't have any bills to pay.
I'm going really dark.
I am this hermit in the distopian future.
I just got fired whereas I thought I quit.
Normal knock it down to negative $1000
not like that
club kids on acid
5 guys in the corner. I don't know how I got here.
He thinks your cute.
Yeah I'll try the pizza drug.
She's on the E.
Hilarious just hilarious dog years.
I'm thinking hiltlery clinton is president in this paralel world.
Man in low castle.
God is too nice! hahahaahahahaahhahaahaha
I'm dying of laughter watching this
yeah busta
lull joke
luls me to sleep in this distopian atmostphere.
chapter two
The universe isn't as small as they say it is.
It is larger.
The 100 is distopian future. Jack! Kacey! ping-pong.
saudade se cambia por los propagandas. Yo vivo por ellos.
Los nombre que me llamaron "Faggot!"
Am I really dreaming? No. Yes and no.
Part of me is not believing you're really not here with us anymore.
And that was that.
the snake.
I am the snake.
I am the repetillian mind and brain.
InI am black hatted.
This is only SO live.
I don't know after that.
Joint account.
Air hockey vs groceries
Look man we don't even know where we are.
WE're not all quite there.
Look Tony we ain't getting any younger.
I'm online.
the truth.
I was distorting the truth.
I am not tripping again.
I'm looking to get IV treatment when I'm on the outs.
Oregon mortgages I know it's for not. But I gotta do this.
Stacey my sista.
I know who she is even if she reminds me of sades.
The dog I once loved.
Loyal AF.
I see race trucks in the matrix. I knew the signs.
I am the adjustment buereugh.
I am messing with the sides the radio. this is live stand up. I'm meditating.
I don't get it.
I'm a little gay says mike birbig.
gay vibe saying the moon it's so bright.
I'm going dumb. Dumb dumb dumb.
It's true alaska is half the size of Texas.
Our whole state is the size of Rhode Island.
I'm stealing jokes and blazing the trail.
Yeah we're all good Mr. Operator.
They're watching you know said Jack.
You're injecting thought into this other universe?
Sounds schizophrentic.
Sounds like I need to be protected by the law.
and we're back.
And nothing.
My dad just past away. My dad just past away.
I have saudade for you family.
Why am I attracted to this but a youth?
I see the child inside. I learn to love the ads I see on TV.
I smell terrible cause I live in this city of stench. You'd think the city would be clean AF.
Hello what date is it Mother Fucker?
My friends also call me a pussy.
They call me a chicken.
I'm known for my videos.
Swink Sylvania: Bitch, that's cheating! I'm not even dead yet!
Swink Sylvania: [after Phin slaps his arm] Don't touch me, "A-hole".
Phineus Bantum: "A-hole", dude?
Swink Sylvania: Profanity is for the feeble-minded.
Phineus Bantum: Well, I'm "effing" sorry I offended you... fuck-ass.
I am at a disadvantage cause I'm maybe bisexual.
Need to tell people that.
I'm like macbeth. From another time. Yet written in this same year 3004.
I think in terms of NBA years.
I had to think of another way in order to get home. I'm stoned and not going any where in life.
I have to write about the part about me being a junkie in this story.
I hate to admit it but I was a junkie for 7 years of my life.
Imagine that day in and day out.
It's the best data for the subject we have yet on date.
I'm scared of work.
I'm just playing.
Getting high doesn't fufill e like it used to.
Between those who seek and those who protect.
Are not all the days sacred my brother?
This use of cannabis by the rastas is quite disconcerting.
If we get enough of them to forget what they were doing and go watch TV are people wouldn't be awake.
I light this herb i front of the bastard pigs.
Cop's I can't stand dem.
If two black kids can get behind Wayne so can I.
What is it?
said J
Oh I was just wondering if you wanted to play soccer?
No thanks I'm just a fat fuck.
how often in the US do people have strokes?
I see where I'd like to be except I wouldn't go there.
I have the way to make my life infimetesimally better. Yet i choose to reject the message.
i'm sick ans broken. one handed yping.
Gonna get some h20 injected into our system.
How does water fit into the life of people?
Same way herb.
How do I know if it's good or not
I deal
this is mexico land where la pinche comadre esta loquilla.
No la loquilla soy yo.
deixe jmo
e u primero que faco
sou muito muito piqueno sou esperando a proxima navidad.
faz bem.
Eu faco bem.
I would play along with the game.
The game speaks like this
imposter by snow rapper jamaican imposter I'm not even mulatto.
I'm falling up. This is crazy. One jump from planes and I knew I wanted to be in the commercial of life.
stranger things theme song so sick
still gives me chills in my spines. InI.
Turns us all into kids. well not us all.
This is stranger things season 8.
By the time the script got to me it was exactly 4:16PM on a Christmas day. And the crowd was roaring that fateful day.
I can't see it. The picture.
In my head you're completely different.
visualizations. Getting to where I want to be.
No one to bother me. I'm completely alone. Hurrah for israel.
My life is really getting fucked with by the mormons.
It's like leave me alone!
I'll go bitchy with you cause I am a witch hermit.
I go small like 11inches tall.
I remember getting high with my spouse not knowing. it was the coolest shit ever.
iLike pepper mint.
french inhale
I'm spread so goddamn thin you wouldn't know what hit them...
get me taco bell. Can I get a tacto?
We are all playing the same part aaaaaas the mr. fluffy.
I don't know.
Leoneord Cohen died eiarlier this year.
reality check people still die.
You could be next?
violent lines to get people attention
his love can be killed
It's going to be perfect. The people will act out this play and one of us will die
russian rullette.
I'm a real boy.
I'm not moving while I say these lines.
Pinochio is in the public domain.
Cursed Disney
God damn.
I am this hermit wishing not to see no one because I'm really stoned.
it's cold in here. I couldn't make it out alive?
If I die I die.
i''m black in the game and black lives matter right?
cause you ok now i'm thinking about that one thing?
Where do thoughts come from? NO! rachet ass hoes? NO!
angelic messengers
NOT on my life!
just because i've seen farther doesn't mean we're bridging gaps
keep this message in your souls and mines
we're going to relish the albums of our past and upbringings.
My story is really shallow. Just like I am.
I bring no good message to you.
I am an alien little guy
listen to the radio
are you high. Justin?
No, I am not high.
Good. Cause if you were I'd have to call the police?
Just like that?
what quick escalation.
that could have happened but it didn't
I feel so much better that I cried.
THis is private.
I need a boost from the holy one
It's been ages since I smoked ganja.
I smoke this poison called tobacco.
It's making me throw up.
It is acting like emetics.
That's why I cried.
I just woke up from a dream.
other parts
private parts
secluded parts
He lived in a very secluded enviroment where hardly anybody went.
what happens next?
chinese gymnist who crosses the line and gets scored down. That's what people are thinking of me.
Well fuck em like Mike Birbiglia says.
I think I'm getting that mixed up.
I have to come up with my own sexual chats
I'm so bored.
Just listen dude.
How's it going?
pretty damn amazing.
Why looks shitty to me?
Look I can do without your guilt trip!
Wow it's so amazing.
It's german.
It is engineering that is all.
Who's got the next line?
It's not me.
It's hell not me.
so it appears the hermit had lost his mind thinking he was all the voices.
I would climb my way out of this shit hole.
It's hell and we have to fight.
I'm pretty calm about my fights.
who knows what he does in there?
Mad experiments.
and the world made InI become calm. I still cried.
These are like entries all coming at once.
One day to go.
Two days to go.
three days to go.
I don't feel loved.
I play the game but I stop. I base my descisions off past decisions.
noika say
confidence is hot.
what king of party is this?
what king?
I've lied and said they're are many. Well there are. They're are many ways to cut on onion.
This is opening up when I don't quite want to open up.
This is hell.
learning how to breathe.
making it out of here alive.
getting high naturally
I'm a criminal with my hood up.
I take you ?
the new world?
I'm an alien.
we lose freedom here? ever vigilant ever fearful.
alahu akbar.
A little elite vs the people (ATCQ)
I'm with the elite.
I'm broken.
I'm schizo.
I'm addicted.
I'm going to go cold turkey and quit smoking.
the democratic party is the poision we are.
It smells in here.
This is hell.
Could be worse.
I'm going to say this really gay I'm justin movick. Nice to meet you.
I know what I mean when I say the words.
The words get blended together.
Doing work.
I lose track of what someone is saying.
I just will miss the obamas.
words have power.
birdies I screamed out.
does that make me to be loco?
yes it does.
Only few have had this converstation since it's inception.
same thing to transform life down the road.
I'm in this dream.
it's a hermit's tale.
I'm seeing her body
so polite
so petitte
i throw her around.
she is mine.
the german people have right to policy
because our children are on this state.
The moral right shall arise.
The plough is the food.
work speed up.
we can speed up the reading of mien kampf.
I want noodles.
a bookseller
enemy of the french put to death.
loved germany well.
did not disclose the principles?
Huh leo shalaggata?
lactice acid
bavarian blood.
austrian state.
parents domicile.
father civil servant.
lending a hand in the garden. Be the old man.
we are in each other's dreams.
Olivia is in my dream.
John is in my dream.
I guess I am in this dream.
Nick talked to John at my wedding.
Things I will never forget.
I will never know what the Gods talked about at the wedding.
What the fuck is following the spirit?
InI submit its beliving in yourself and doing what you want to do.
be that gay bi straight transgender redhead blonde
legally blonde
I totally forget the lines of that show.
people know it's a mask.
It's a mask of my mask.
looking into eye holes
handsome mother fucker looking back at me.
I'd wear this.
429 on 2017 12:52:AM
I'm the little people infiltrating the system

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