Tuesday, January 31, 2017

i am guilty. i also wait.

I know what my crime is. I feel this extreme guilt. I know I'm listening to the radio which is the disney dream which is really a rasta dream. Whoever is listening can be influencing? The ex influenced me to say "that's my jam!" what the fuck? Does it even matter? This piece was about feeling bad for thinking of my ex even like a friend. I mean our relationship was positive yet at the point of going negative I cut it off. The alien, sir? Yes Fred. The alien. This would take much less time if you pulled it off.

A Mother Jones Special Investigation: The inside story of how the Bush administration pushed disinformation and bogus intelligence and led the nation to war.

stand up comedy.
linear algebra
thought patterns. telling a joke like I was falling asleep at the wheel.
like my favorite comedians. how much do I love them?
Jesus christ i'll tell you how much i love them.
i love them this much.
you see lavell crawdad cartoon version.
did I see the lavell crawdad cartoon version
hell yeah
huh huh huh
so you really is a sister then.
yeah in my mother fucking dreams!
and the crowd goes roar dana carvey.
maria bamford
walkie talkie wars
mixing old with new
spell of maya.
listening to voices.
Joe rogan says give up. :(
i would rather not call if my subconcious is wanting stupidity.
lous ck.
dumb people are out breeding smart people.
so funny joe rogan
this is the echo.
not knowing i am not aware.
home pt
family share
doing things tegether.
liar cocksucker!
haha they are making fun of me.
i barely understand the technical operation of the standup.
nobody knows how any of this shit works?
why is that loud?
bright shit?
i don't know.
i need a computer programmer. i am. we are.

we almost got the bad guy
we almost had that dude.
flow state every 39:19 there is a joke.
amy schumer joke connesur
haha listening to stand up comedy.
100 % no drop offs


I will do it.



3% o drop offs
tears off the bandaid?
came out of left field with the hit!
aaaaa the crowd roars
gangstas i meet in secondlife
fuck guilt and shame and controlling our feelings to get your way!
That's deciet!
I could tell what kind of monkey i am
a no good double crossing

i can deduce good from evil. angel from devil and all sorts of wicked spirit dem
pirate talk generation nation
separate from this UNITED STATES
we are anonymous we are the people
the rastafari of Oregon
we seek repatriation
we seek inity
we seek connection.
when we don't get it
we go mad
lose it
i'm not gonna lose it this time
we have the gem
the mighty prize is ours.
human being
human bean.
literary pronoun.
reveal the name?
worse than worrying.
lord is angry.
I lost connection with jah. I'm still playing the game.
wanting chantaje in this part of the dream.
having lost the one kid i loved.
I lost him to a girl.
I wasn't sure if I was sad for this reason.
My more current writings were of a higher more universal frequency,
I was saved by myself.
I'm nervous about who really saves me so I just say myself.
figure out what the three spirit wants.
some of us are robot.
my name is a I and I.
Gun not kill.
I not gun.
I kill. I kill. I evil.
I knife.
sharp razor.
treat me good.
No bully.
No f with me.
you traynin a holla at me?
Fuck you and your children!
They can burn in hell.
I am distrancing myself from dos people dem.
please share if you are enjoying this blogspot. Be sure to check out other peoples'.
chop standup comedians up and scaring the people.
we just black out.
they are eating us.
the spirit is eaten.
i am the native american.
i don't understand the great lie.
what is that?
fighting off the bears.
trigonometry and calculus.
i have deduced that comedy is rediscovery of one's own self which is an illusion.
i am.
we are.
the annunaki.
i'm a young.
wanted having wanted.
3 million three hundred thousand.
500 miles.
i would die for you.
I see the empathy.
i feel the empathy.
the doctor was right.
i am a copy cat.
i am telling these jokes.
we are a cancer we are a bacteria that share the disease.
some of us have celebrity syndrom.
people used to be really fucking smart
we are bastard children of idiot stone builders of egypt.
stone workers are lower class which are fucking demonically and poo poo.
missionary style.
up up up the butt.
no warning.
this is a story. how does joe rogan tell such a good story.
He is the enemy yet he is my brother.
joey diaz is my sista.
one ball.
two ball.
one ball two ball.
one balla balla man two balla balla man.
science rules.
8:28 PM 5/10/2017
he is dark and cunning.
dumb people don't know they are dumb.
what is the fuss all about?
I took it to the bank.
republican leaders are out there.
why do we have a dumb, effeminate guy.
we're a tribe.
290,000 people tribe.
cash me outside how bout dat?
i'm not moving.
i'm high.
what is going to happen next?
More faggot joke.
i laugh at these.
i laugh at fart jokes.
I laugh on the inside.
i have the write to sit down and think about this poo poo show.
dark bacteria has life and manifestation
 i am asshole.
bad ass hole.
demons are winning.
yeehaw! america
we are at war.
at war with them.
they suck?
the moment.
they bought that.
i am a winner.
god damn.
you're outnumbered.
take that fucking oil.
people will believe.
jesus got my bullets. joe is playing for fun.
i want.
i am.
we are.
draft is terrible idea yes however...
this moment was written in the stars.
star struck syndrome
i am the other side.
i am in the past tense.
i am in the present tense.
I am in the future tense.
gentle man the enemy is evil they wanna kill babies? naw hell naw.
you ain't taking away nascar you fucking faggots.
haha driving fast in a circle.
i knew that this wasn't happening.
it's the same crowd i want to hear when I hear this.
dumb bacteria feeds off negativity.
I suddenly come back from a far out lsd trip.
the music is so intoxicating.
i know it's generic and dull.
that's like everything in here.
we are.
i am.
two guns.
we say the words.
neading to sleep.
this is the afterparty.
there are gay wolves.
just want some ass man.
blasting off through the universe.
turning this in in one minute.
the time is now.
say now
i am
time refraction.
haha brilliant.
beavis and hehe

ok guys are you there?

I don't have anything to say to you.
say what?
InI live love in the dogpound. peace.

I'm blogging

I'm blogging with the dragonshield protecting InI. I need alien to help InI. What is the truth? Is it not the mwaw? I don't go goo goo over the people living over there. I'm like a little kid. I go big.
I don't clean up my act. It's very vulgar. Its sketch comedy. I go drunk for the people to see.

section one

I know the label I'm putting on this 
dumbsauce memoirs InI vibration InI mystic. I believe in Jah no longer. I won't edit this later on. Do i believe this is happening yes I believe this is happening.

@christopherMWAW your videos have been very helpful. 

Monday, January 30, 2017


Last night I dreamed I was being watched by a group of witches. The whole situation freaked me out so much. I got the shakes. And then all of a sudden I was back in this reality. I wish I could more properly describe the situation to my readers. I was looking in a window. I think I then banged on it cause there were some kids playing inside. Then I felt this person or force go behind me. Then it happened. I was given that feeling of being scared and I knew this was some witchcraft. I flipped them in the window off as I drifted back into this reality.
I think the witches targeted me because I had recently received a new mechanical smile from a friend. It's like they had something against me.

Idk the whole dream was freaky this all happened on January 30.
I remember calming myself down laying there in bed thinking “I don't believe in the supernatural. I don't believe in the supernatural.” Still I was superstitious and I didn't speak any words. I eventually said “I didn't help that woman” even earlier in the dream there was a schizophrenic woman who came to me asking for help. I didn't help her I just stuck my cell phone in her mouth to get her to shut up. I don't know why I didn't help her. I feel guilt.

The rest of that portion of the dream seems inconsequential. I was with my parents and the word Brian kept coming up. I only know one brian. Brian clemmons.

At a stand still

Describing the past couple of days to a random stranger would be a difficult task. No drugs were taken at all. I have been clean and sober from all drugs including my schizophrenia medication. I've gone on walks during the middle of the night. I'm coming to a couple realizations. I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life unless I make some changes in my life.

I literally shit myself yesterday. I was prairie dogging it walking and running home. I was close to making it to the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and exploded all over the floor. The consistency was like mush. It was nasty as all get out. I'm about to embark on the next chapter of my life. I'm about to be given access to hundreds of dollars each month. What will I do with the money? Will I spend it on drugs? Yes. Will I spend it on health products? Yes. Will I invest it? Yes.  I have every intention of going to the next level in my life. I'm watching my life unfold. I'm a divorced almost graduated exmormon who believes in advaita. I'm sort of at a crossroads. I haven't used in over two weeks. With this new money coming in I could easily use and start a new trip where I write and act under the influence of mary jane.

I don't know why I hear voices in my life. I started hearing voices before I started using cannabis. Using cannabis does not exacerbate hearing them. InI use cannabis a sacrament and everyday according to i-self is a holy day. What is wrong with worshiping ishvara with the herb? This is the privilege I claim as a ex-mo hindu rasta to worship God according to the dictates of my own conscience. Thomas aquanas mentioned the necessity of god. I could easily be an atheist. However I feel like I am choosing to believe in something even if I know it is made up like the tooth fairy. I want to be a writer during my life. I will use the platform of blogging. That is all for now. end of transmission. 4:47 AM on jan 30 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Masters of the Universe Review

1. What are my goals today?

My goal is to write 500 words.

2. What are my challenges today?

Remain sober.

Sitting here wasting my time isn't how I imagined my life going. I imagined I'd be in the workforce serving the Lord.
Whenever I listen to this album I get caught up like it's an NA meeting. Having done heroin once makes me want to use again. That feeling is so beautiful right after you light up. Alahu akbar: a phrase that I heard several hip hop mcs use. Listening to the album Master's of the universe probably about my 5th time.
I blog about my favorite albums while listening to my favorite albums. That is my formula. This is the first time I've ever published anything. I gotta work at life just as much as I work on my job. My job is to be the best person I can be.
I've lost vision. Am I to comply with the commands that the computer is sending me? One hip hop fan? That could be me. All these young MCs walk around like they know something but the game was already set in lock when Binary Star released this album.
Noxeme? I had to pause the album I was getting dissed on. I didn't want to get mad so I turned it off. It all made sense for InI to be an MC except I wasn't going to go that route. I was going to go the mustaquim route. Mike Issa walk on water to make believers. There is something different about this album. They are many called and many are chosen if they listen to this album.
Rap Hezbollah. This album is promoting a certain kind of politics. I got beef! Russell Saddle then. Ha. I wish I could rap.
I've been called out. I've was acting like a happy jolly robot. My brains was exploded. I see that now.
Binary Shuffle is the kind of track that tests the young ones. How tired is the individual? Too tired to do a little dance? We gotta know like that one verse there is a time for everything. "Binary Star has the flow" This statement is true. I mean no one else is claiming this space quite like they are so I'm a just give this one to the star.
Cat got your tongue? Yes. Parents can't see us? Ok wow I never thought of that aspect of communicating. This is revelatory hip hop. The MCs manage to have voices of over 2 people.
That's why I say say I.
and I say I.
Super InI.
I am dedicating my life to writing. IF I get social security benefits I'll be able to write forever.
NO! I don't need a substance in order to write great writing.
Who is speaking?
Jah is a woman.
Speak jah thy servant heareth.
I justin movick decided that I wasn't recieving scripture any more.
I left the religious road. Now I find myself in the matrix.
It's easy to get lost. You gotta know you're plan. Get in get out.

A hermit Tale

Once upon a time in fantasy land there lived a hermit. InI am this hermit.
fantasyland was like our normal universe except it believed in the holy sacrament of sucking hernando's dick.
I saw the veil open and I beheld with my eyes the glory of God and she was naked. I don't think I should be watching this. God said, "Look!" and I looked and I was not ashamed.
Shame. Who shames you? Do I shame myself?
I am a writer. I use cigarettes as fuel. Cigarettes get me high. Hard to work. Wondering about this fantasy land that might be reality.
I kno kno if I must grow me dreads. Children of sellasie I can be dreaded or not according to morgan heritage.
Preoccupied with matters having nothing to do with money.
I have sufficient for my needs.
fly away to babylon home. break the meditation.
burning and and looting tonight
burning on illusion tonight
burning all illusion today.
Give me food and let me grow.
weeping and awailing tonight.
Not really caring how this sounds because I am permantenly intoxicated.
Getting high on cigarrettes. kind of nasty. Nasty taste. Nasty flavor. Get's InI close to the world of the spirits.
picking up from where I left off.
getting so stoned in the system.
eyes getting sleepy and tired.
what about my last project?
there is no last the greatproduct.
I am a dragon.
puff the magic dragon.
lived by the sea.
INI vibration.
tuning in to the radio.
and the god channel.
come in zoe deschanel.
i've never spoken with you yet i feel you are here you're prescence.
This is the god channel it sounds like a dead horse being ripped apart at the seems. the hell.
The great dilemma do I choose purgatory or do i choose paradise?
the walk had already been done.
46 how many shall rise bald: we are told that on the day of last judgement the prodigal will appear with little or no hair.
InI can read. even if it is rudimentary.
weed is a poison. it's like drinking dish soap. I won't die but I'll get pretty fucked up.
I'm writing and reading dante's inferno I'm leveling up as I speaking.
it's the video game.
I've cognitively equalized my cerebellum. this is neuroscience.
i have a knife. perhaps i will cut my neck.
this is the game.
INI and dueling.
I don't want to go to smi solutions.
I'm contemplating suicide.
I'm not infected.
where are you
i'm a skarD kat.
these are my lines.
read this boy.
anybody can act.
I too don't believe in drugs.
I pay mypeople extra not to do those sort of things.
i was like the toad ok?
i went back to my vomit in a serious way.
I'm sad.
I don't know why I'm sad.
I have no reason to be sad.
I'm slightly afraid.
This is the life of a schizo.
it's live.
Reptillian. I'm going reptillian. I am listening to the buses. and the systems that are always subtely listening.
I can hear you.
what are you doing in there mister.
I'm stumbling.
The people were required to stumble.
I am barely getting by.
I am an angel-demon sort of thing.
I just listened to william blake the marriage of heaven and hell.
this work is influential in my upbringing.
i am the snake.
like millions of others in this demographic.
I morph into a stat.
What's the use of studying stats?
new become infant slow'fast dancing b=mind bender program
i don't go back to it.
to the poison.
I don't get fucked up by nature and society.
this is the prison writing.
Rubber ducky you're the one
i take the advice of william.
this is a legal binding document.
I am innocent.
I'm angelic got dammit?
that was the line i was supposed to say?
send him on through.
he was punching in this film
it's more really like a flick.
this is new age gay.
I'm reggae when I have the mask.
I put the mask on.
I'm really shy except when I put the mask on.
How'd you get it?
I found it in a sewer one day.
I was running away.
and you found yourself up in a sewer?
I wound myself up in a garbage didn't I one time?
hello helloworld!
it's not the same thing! it's not the same thing
start crying.
nobody is listening.
jah rasta fari?
does he pick up?
they both know they are there
this is the lesson
i'm putting the pieces of thought power together.
This is the one book I sell.
It's in the public domain.
It's for sale.
InI for sale.
Think of the faada.
This is the one part you might want to change.
are you still there?
hola jah
estamos muitos piquenos.
i have nothing to say to you.
I am speaking to the mother father.
who is that?
this is less than holy.
It's a brand.
going like this dude?
dusche temperature is going up.
I wander through life.
anxiety and sadness
this is compassion?
what is compassion?
going deep into this script
this is live
as live as it looks
life of planets and stars
they have supermassive black hole?
There is no god?
there could be.
universal rules
`17 laws of the universe
i would like to be friends with joe.
i need be rewarded.
What is it?
jamaica plains?
JAH! rastafarinamism
that's not funny dude.
stars yeah man. I love stars.
kids these days
keck observatory
weed or pussy
arrogance of diabolical mind.
yeah pyschedelic.
That's a good lie.
damn boosie's dad is selling crack.
It doesn't get you "high" though you know what i mean?
interesting I'm imatating them both.
excuses to be shitty to each other.
I wasn't going to discriminate against anal offenders anymore.
I'm just going to open up to you.
its not all bad it;s not all good it's interesting.
These hallowed halls of justice.
I could be really arrogant and say i'm going tune out
pass this message?
yes from my mother conquest board
Those moments are incredibly important
too much power with no consequences
jacko who?
this is the chat room ai.
it's real.
weird detachment from the realities of war.
We gotta stop this slandering?
I would take the numbers from other nigger-round ones.
Black Lives don't matter.
this is an insertion into the book. Do you know what it even means to insert?
I've built insert algorithms.
Half of key of for 8500 9000? Full keys.
9000 worth of nothing for sale
I never took 100k losses. I suffered 24k losses.
I'm doing the dirt and drilling in the game.
The rapping started at 14 when I joined a band.
Fuck this reputation. I'm just saying fuck this number.
I go schizophrentic.
he watches them. that's what she said.
this is confusing.
I play the rap game.
Yegge. it's the code worder.
Yegger. I say it.
I lost $200,000 recently.
I was too stupid to evolve correctly.
I'm a pikachu.
this is a love story.
It was just distopian lost boy before.
Now it's just a gay porn I'm watching.
every car could be a bomb
percalated that's a good word
shut up jay everybody knows this frequency.
What gives you confidence?
Knowing that I am a God.
am i serious?
so recent
magicians getting wiped out
graham hancock?
astoroidal impacts
i am ancient history.
This is the dawn of this current civilization before this gets hit again.
What he talking about?
Paralel achievement
Unions will get it done
i love you're paintings joe.
i'm so hungry :(
john anthony west
feeling like I have to steal this food from my own house.
It's not my food I make not the purchases
I'm thinking i'll be on this side of the flood.
bad watcher i'm pimp of my time
i shit i'm here.
greatest mind mock phschedelics.
ritualistic halucinigenics.
Disruptive shit.
that which is hidden will come to the surface
My identity is me and i will defend it
my position in academia.
ID is bullshit
that which can self esteem+
what is the truth?
i am a true messenger.
Not. I am a liar.
Greatest mystery novel
chapter two
seeing the hearing of science
time and space
getting drunk strunk acting one two microphone check
getting really high and trying to avoid the powers that be.
I am enjoying my time as generation Y and silent majority.
that's InI.
getting wicked high
turning up getting lively up myself.
we are two babies. growing in 2026 I'll be something that's before we go to mars.
that's basically right now.
was MLK a traitor? according to BLACK MAN he is.
I DON't LISTEN to the devil or the spirit.
I listen to my self.
this is a manifesto.
manifesto of free will
bob the head
medicine man.
writing can't see past the part where I'm told I'm a man on a mission.
I was on a mission.
I came back.
we continue to change the world in ways unimagined.
collective accomplishment.
Being legitimately concerned for the welfare and state of the nation.
my name is DR. David Wright.
I wish that was my name.
it's just a simulation.
we all know it's a simulation.
we can't agree to disagree?
listening to to videos at the same time focus on some broader aspects of life.
that is a major theme of my life (book)
this is the autobiography 2 it's all the same version of that. I go to my place of visualization as Iistening
passive agresively
faces looking with anxiety.
I am 50. This is compassion. I'm going to do sometime in the next 14 years.
I'm the observer watching the self the atman
grateful for that
I'm mad!
it's not a coincidence that this is happening right now.
It's like the blue thread that I swallowed one time.
Shouldn't have swallowed that thread.
It's making me dead.
i'm singing in my head.
this is a low low note.
i'm laughing cause she's broke.
Not like I got.
like I got.
the diabolical mind vs the angelical mind.
ring and note are just the same.
saying the line.
establishing reality.
Government is just talking on and on and on it's a dynamic tension.
waoh this is saying no to go
joe D davis
who am I right now?
i gotta bone to pick with you.
give my mom a different view of me.
i'm visualizing going to prison.
i needed to be healed.
soulpancake thank you.
no pragmatic arguements?
it's evangelicalism for atheism.
God no! < god yes!
does morality trump religion?
there was gold in their hills.
ones you associate atheism with socialism I'll be a believer.
I'm really drawing a blank on this question guys.
Does that make me queer.
I don't know there is no God.
why is the god question always in question?
we all have in common?
everyone in this room doesn't know what's best for them
the whole world would function better?
what is Penn's question?
Except she gets knocked up working at mcdonalds.
this is the reality of the world.
antiterrorism reality.
we're hitting this wall.
we remove i feel it in my heart away.
guilty not guilty by reason of insanity.
how can that judge read the bible and see abraham dropping this shit. BOOM!
deficate on this side of the tree.
what has been true.
one things get better
people say thay ever getting worse.
have we given up?
Hell yes!
the TSA never stopped a terrorist attack.
the security is static.
what aren't they scanning for?
it's a big show.
novelty? the impression
of the culture when everything is a google search away.
how to get to heaven?
I'm already there.
It comes from this study.
do I undermine my own beliefs?
how to examine the truth claims?
bits of cultural furniture? oh yeah look at that dejavu.
I'm saying we should suspend in the supernatural until further noticed.
why even celebrate yule? It's a EUROPEAN TRADITION.
I a rasta
yo soy gente normal. como nos veamos en el suenho.
I get bugged out about my karma.
i have eyes that see the mother.
everybody knows I'm high so I am talking like the russian in my head.
What about my little head?
Am I serious. fuck no!
Since when was I serious?
christmas would come and we'd definitely see a christmas classic.
my cell phone is broken.
staying alive?
being so scared i can barely move.
took xp damage today more to come tomorrow
jmo 1:55 AM on now the fifeteenth of slowmaiga!
It's been 13 years how can I dare go outside. I don't know how they'll look at me?
Will I be ugly?
I used to call myself fugly.
I also used to say I was having fucking bad days.
Some days were bad except when you are elite you just don't give a fuck.
That's where this homeless attitude comes into play.
I'm not sleeping anymore.

I'm wide awake.
I'm playing the game.
Writing the book _____a hermits tale___________in the series________generations________.
Fill in the blank type of letter.
Dear God,
Why did you leave me? You have no right to just leave? There needs to be permission.
I have a bad repuation. Last party I was at I died.
At least I think I died.
I can't even really tell anymore.
This book from the other.
I make small distinctions but more than anything they are the same.
I'm the worst salesman in the world cause I just complain about how cold it is.
I'm disaabled.
I go quadrapelegic.
My brother was actually helping me when he knew that I was high and stoned.
I just have a stoned perstonality.
I frequently forget things.
I forgot a candle was burning. I almost burned my house down.
The condition of being absolutely oblivious to surroundings 2. Acting like an asshole
not quite sure when i'm leveling up.
InI am this hermit. I'm going away for ages.
Who knows if I'm coming back.
I don't have any bills to pay.
I'm going really dark.
I am this hermit in the distopian future.
I just got fired whereas I thought I quit.
Normal knock it down to negative $1000
not like that
club kids on acid
5 guys in the corner. I don't know how I got here.
He thinks your cute.
Yeah I'll try the pizza drug.
She's on the E.
Hilarious just hilarious dog years.
I'm thinking hiltlery clinton is president in this paralel world.
Man in low castle.
God is too nice! hahahaahahahaahhahaahaha
I'm dying of laughter watching this
yeah busta
lull joke
luls me to sleep in this distopian atmostphere.
chapter two
The universe isn't as small as they say it is.
It is larger.
The 100 is distopian future. Jack! Kacey! ping-pong.
saudade se cambia por los propagandas. Yo vivo por ellos.
Los nombre que me llamaron "Faggot!"
Am I really dreaming? No. Yes and no.
Part of me is not believing you're really not here with us anymore.
And that was that.
the snake.
I am the snake.
I am the repetillian mind and brain.
InI am black hatted.
This is only SO live.
I don't know after that.
Joint account.
Air hockey vs groceries
Look man we don't even know where we are.
WE're not all quite there.
Look Tony we ain't getting any younger.
I'm online.
the truth.
I was distorting the truth.
I am not tripping again.
I'm looking to get IV treatment when I'm on the outs.
Oregon mortgages I know it's for not. But I gotta do this.
Stacey my sista.
I know who she is even if she reminds me of sades.
The dog I once loved.
Loyal AF.
I see race trucks in the matrix. I knew the signs.
I am the adjustment buereugh.
I am messing with the sides the radio. this is live stand up. I'm meditating.
I don't get it.
I'm a little gay says mike birbig.
gay vibe saying the moon it's so bright.
I'm going dumb. Dumb dumb dumb.
It's true alaska is half the size of Texas.
Our whole state is the size of Rhode Island.
I'm stealing jokes and blazing the trail.
Yeah we're all good Mr. Operator.
They're watching you know said Jack.
You're injecting thought into this other universe?
Sounds schizophrentic.
Sounds like I need to be protected by the law.
and we're back.
And nothing.
My dad just past away. My dad just past away.
I have saudade for you family.
Why am I attracted to this but a youth?
I see the child inside. I learn to love the ads I see on TV.
I smell terrible cause I live in this city of stench. You'd think the city would be clean AF.
Hello what date is it Mother Fucker?
My friends also call me a pussy.
They call me a chicken.
I'm known for my videos.
Swink Sylvania: Bitch, that's cheating! I'm not even dead yet!
Swink Sylvania: [after Phin slaps his arm] Don't touch me, "A-hole".
Phineus Bantum: "A-hole", dude?
Swink Sylvania: Profanity is for the feeble-minded.
Phineus Bantum: Well, I'm "effing" sorry I offended you... fuck-ass.
I am at a disadvantage cause I'm maybe bisexual.
Need to tell people that.
I'm like macbeth. From another time. Yet written in this same year 3004.
I think in terms of NBA years.
I had to think of another way in order to get home. I'm stoned and not going any where in life.
I have to write about the part about me being a junkie in this story.
I hate to admit it but I was a junkie for 7 years of my life.
Imagine that day in and day out.
It's the best data for the subject we have yet on date.
I'm scared of work.
I'm just playing.
Getting high doesn't fufill e like it used to.
Between those who seek and those who protect.
Are not all the days sacred my brother?
This use of cannabis by the rastas is quite disconcerting.
If we get enough of them to forget what they were doing and go watch TV are people wouldn't be awake.
I light this herb i front of the bastard pigs.
Cop's I can't stand dem.
If two black kids can get behind Wayne so can I.
What is it?
said J
Oh I was just wondering if you wanted to play soccer?
No thanks I'm just a fat fuck.
how often in the US do people have strokes?
I see where I'd like to be except I wouldn't go there.
I have the way to make my life infimetesimally better. Yet i choose to reject the message.
i'm sick ans broken. one handed yping.
Gonna get some h20 injected into our system.
How does water fit into the life of people?
Same way herb.
How do I know if it's good or not
I deal
this is mexico land where la pinche comadre esta loquilla.
No la loquilla soy yo.
deixe jmo
e u primero que faco
sou muito muito piqueno sou esperando a proxima navidad.
faz bem.
Eu faco bem.
I would play along with the game.
The game speaks like this
imposter by snow rapper jamaican imposter I'm not even mulatto.
I'm falling up. This is crazy. One jump from planes and I knew I wanted to be in the commercial of life.
stranger things theme song so sick
still gives me chills in my spines. InI.
Turns us all into kids. well not us all.
This is stranger things season 8.
By the time the script got to me it was exactly 4:16PM on a Christmas day. And the crowd was roaring that fateful day.
I can't see it. The picture.
In my head you're completely different.
visualizations. Getting to where I want to be.
No one to bother me. I'm completely alone. Hurrah for israel.
My life is really getting fucked with by the mormons.
It's like leave me alone!
I'll go bitchy with you cause I am a witch hermit.
I go small like 11inches tall.
I remember getting high with my spouse not knowing. it was the coolest shit ever.
iLike pepper mint.
french inhale
I'm spread so goddamn thin you wouldn't know what hit them...
get me taco bell. Can I get a tacto?
We are all playing the same part aaaaaas the mr. fluffy.
I don't know.
Leoneord Cohen died eiarlier this year.
reality check people still die.
You could be next?
violent lines to get people attention
his love can be killed
It's going to be perfect. The people will act out this play and one of us will die
russian rullette.
I'm a real boy.
I'm not moving while I say these lines.
Pinochio is in the public domain.
Cursed Disney
God damn.
I am this hermit wishing not to see no one because I'm really stoned.
it's cold in here. I couldn't make it out alive?
If I die I die.
i''m black in the game and black lives matter right?
cause you ok now i'm thinking about that one thing?
Where do thoughts come from? NO! rachet ass hoes? NO!
angelic messengers
NOT on my life!
just because i've seen farther doesn't mean we're bridging gaps
keep this message in your souls and mines
we're going to relish the albums of our past and upbringings.
My story is really shallow. Just like I am.
I bring no good message to you.
I am an alien little guy
listen to the radio
are you high. Justin?
No, I am not high.
Good. Cause if you were I'd have to call the police?
Just like that?
what quick escalation.
that could have happened but it didn't
I feel so much better that I cried.
THis is private.
I need a boost from the holy one
It's been ages since I smoked ganja.
I smoke this poison called tobacco.
It's making me throw up.
It is acting like emetics.
That's why I cried.
I just woke up from a dream.
other parts
private parts
secluded parts
He lived in a very secluded enviroment where hardly anybody went.
what happens next?
chinese gymnist who crosses the line and gets scored down. That's what people are thinking of me.
Well fuck em like Mike Birbiglia says.
I think I'm getting that mixed up.
I have to come up with my own sexual chats
I'm so bored.
Just listen dude.
How's it going?
pretty damn amazing.
Why looks shitty to me?
Look I can do without your guilt trip!
Wow it's so amazing.
It's german.
It is engineering that is all.
Who's got the next line?
It's not me.
It's hell not me.
so it appears the hermit had lost his mind thinking he was all the voices.
I would climb my way out of this shit hole.
It's hell and we have to fight.
I'm pretty calm about my fights.
who knows what he does in there?
Mad experiments.
and the world made InI become calm. I still cried.
These are like entries all coming at once.
One day to go.
Two days to go.
three days to go.
I don't feel loved.
I play the game but I stop. I base my descisions off past decisions.
noika say
confidence is hot.
what king of party is this?
what king?
I've lied and said they're are many. Well there are. They're are many ways to cut on onion.
This is opening up when I don't quite want to open up.
This is hell.
learning how to breathe.
making it out of here alive.
getting high naturally
I'm a criminal with my hood up.
I take you ?
the new world?
I'm an alien.
we lose freedom here? ever vigilant ever fearful.
alahu akbar.
A little elite vs the people (ATCQ)
I'm with the elite.
I'm broken.
I'm schizo.
I'm addicted.
I'm going to go cold turkey and quit smoking.
the democratic party is the poision we are.
It smells in here.
This is hell.
Could be worse.
I'm going to say this really gay I'm justin movick. Nice to meet you.
I know what I mean when I say the words.
The words get blended together.
Doing work.
I lose track of what someone is saying.
I just will miss the obamas.
words have power.
birdies I screamed out.
does that make me to be loco?
yes it does.
Only few have had this converstation since it's inception.
same thing to transform life down the road.
I'm in this dream.
it's a hermit's tale.
I'm seeing her body
so polite
so petitte
i throw her around.
she is mine.
the german people have right to policy
because our children are on this state.
The moral right shall arise.
The plough is the food.
work speed up.
we can speed up the reading of mien kampf.
I want noodles.
a bookseller
enemy of the french put to death.
loved germany well.
did not disclose the principles?
Huh leo shalaggata?
lactice acid
bavarian blood.
austrian state.
parents domicile.
father civil servant.
lending a hand in the garden. Be the old man.
we are in each other's dreams.
Olivia is in my dream.
John is in my dream.
I guess I am in this dream.
Nick talked to John at my wedding.
Things I will never forget.
I will never know what the Gods talked about at the wedding.
What the fuck is following the spirit?
InI submit its beliving in yourself and doing what you want to do.
be that gay bi straight transgender redhead blonde
legally blonde
I totally forget the lines of that show.
people know it's a mask.
It's a mask of my mask.
looking into eye holes
handsome mother fucker looking back at me.
I'd wear this.
429 on 2017 12:52:AM
I'm the little people infiltrating the system

Black Survivors

Chapter One
My story is one of imagination, diagnosis, and will. It's a tale of adventure. I travel the 100 lands of the internet during the 100 first days of Trump, regulares. I am like old thug copying what was written on the wall from before.
Knowing I am slightly drunk already in this story.
I go to AA and my wife goes to Al-anon.
It's a good life in a perfect world.
I feel at times if time is envoltado.
that's brazilian for folded on top of itself.
yeah did a fail to mention I'm a physicist? I work for the government. Top secret stuff really.
I don't know why I would be dilvulging such information to lowlifes like your selves.
Then I realize aren't we all just lowlives?
We are warring the annunaki with the illuminati.
My DNA is in this story. I believe this is the first time I mentioned DNA. It can be manipulated.
We do such genetic manipulations. I am a liar.
I am hearing voices again.
they say You're only gonna get second place!
I say: ICK! You witch! I'm going all the way to the top.
They say: Yeah right you are too young.
I say: no age is too young!
and with that I morph and fly away. in my dream. I know i'm lucid dreaming. The evidence is overwhelming. This is a work of quanticum. The truth as far as we know can't be summed up as the word "reality" and there are many well we know there to be 3
physical body most valuable item i own.
I won my freedom.
Removing unconcious death urges.
I steal.
material cloak. magical what?
health and youthfullness. the goal?
I'm alive now of this I'm certain. I will disconnect any unconcious death urges. I'm trippping lucid dreaming.
Not much is happening. Time works different here.
Parent's have no concept of time.

Scenario of that movie with Justin timberlake and amy adams. Here time is currency. I have plenty of it.
I'm alive now of this i'm certain.
At some point this morphs into the past.
Chapter Two:
its me. waking up on a perfect monday morning. i am determined to feel better. I know i can't do this alone. omg im feeling myself connected with the holy spirit i live with the spirit daily. i have my vices but my righteousness outweighs my evil. i am a liar yet i am innocent before my maker. are we all not guilty before the coming iur lord and savior reggae music? This is where I and I take up the reigns and makes this exactly what we are thinking. We is I and I. Its us the people the youth. I live in a place where you never have to get up. its just sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep all the time.tratando recordar quien realmente soy. Es una meditacion. Some people don't wake up. I'm one of those people. I'm asleep in this matrix.
Traveling to the other side. Marijuana enabled traveling to the other world the spirit world where I and I knew It'd all be ok.  No I don't know if this will be shared or not. I used to get nervous cause the people dem are a whole lot of mean people. I and I need remember that the people dem is I. I am with them. This is I true character. The mormon rasta mon. Not the islam. The sins of ismael's kingdom will be felt. That is why we need the book of Lehi because it tells the story of the coming of israel to the american continent.
The islam teaches at heart to be violent against the brother MY OPINION
What is it? What do you want?
That's what I'm really saying. Africation. I and I a fairy. There was so much discrimnation I couldn't bear it all. Not wanting to stop my phone for being so effed up. At least it wasn't cracked! I'm being treated like a crack addict. Well yes
I am like a crack addict. I need my medicine. There is something wrong with me. I needed to earn it my gatorade. Gotta earn the right to naught it. Righteous man itinually. Using the verbage and voclabo to inspire using a different language.
This language is the voice. This is all I want for Christmas the callie herb. I don't need jamaica. Some people like pork and want that for christmas. Not me all I wanted for Christmas was hair gel. I'm using this voice for good recording a video recording.
Knowing my prayers have been accepted by the Almighty. Having passed the viel of disbelief. Seeing the Almighty work miracles through his children is amazing. Those children are dedicated to the service of other human beings in perpetuity. What a blessing to the children of men!
Getting wasted and knowing it and not being a hippocrite about it. I have chosen the path of satan for the past day. I am medicating myself with weed. Why does weed have this effect on me? I need it like I need heroin.
Knowing that I was fucked up and that my leader was and is joseph salads. That's about as smart I am. I am a follower. I am floating having once supported the Mormon church. I support it's scripture the book of mormon yet not the church this might come to a surprise to many friends and family. I don't believe in blindly following a religion. Me don't have a religion. Me am a religion.
Natty dread it in a zimbabwe. Africans a liberate. I once thought I was african perhaps it was all an illusion. Bob Marley and the Wailers seemed like the dominating political thought. A united african continent will rise up to fight the wicked habits of Babylon.
People are so mean in this system because this system is corrupt. People see that corruption and get upset. I get it why we want a savior or a cyrus. That's why I've supported so openly the Trump campaign. I can't be lukewarm. The rules for the other side were changed. We have to get up and stand up for our rights. That makes sense!
A ruler will rise whom will bring prosperity back to America. I can think of a time when this is happening.
Lately I've been saying some pretty messed up things. for example me supporting the Trump campaign despite there are some facist sentiments floating around in the campaign.
 I just stood there not knowing how to react. We've been trodding on the winepress much too long. That's us youth who recognize the babylon system is the vampire sucking the children day by day. The words I speak are an oral tradition. That is what is also so exhilarating to see the true other candidate, Evan McMullin, nonchalantly rise in popularity. I'm saying the same freshness of "off the cusp talking" was in the McMullin campaign also.
Writing. Having escaped the monotony I continue knowing how to remedy my problems. Not going to do it anymore. I couldn't do it. I wasn't going to do it. Roll it up and we'll all get faded. No! That is the plan of Lucifer. I and I follow the plan of rastafari and as far as I can see I'm going to follow the command of H.I.M. Rastafari was just another one of his names. Christ becomes the father yet I'm not professing salvation in Christ Jesus. I am thinking what I and I want to think. We all emancipate our selves from mental slavery and we do that through the doctrine of Christ. The difference between me and a christian is I believe in Africanity and adoration of the body but careful attention not to worship the image. InI live in this world.
I've been here before. I'm going to hold off buying some weed till the weekend. This is progress I'm not going to use everyday. I could administer control in my life. I have the power. THE power like "the will". I don't have it. No one has the one the supreme will. The only one I know to have that will was Christ Jesus. He had the strength to suffer for the sins of mankind. FALSE. I don't know how or why he had to do it. TRUE According to some writers it was a gift for mankind. I don't see how God the father can prohibit something that makes you feel better. The father is on the same side as the federal government on this one so I am on the other side. Is that the side of black people or youth ?very precisely. all I'm saying is to make a difference you got to keep it random speaking of religion and spirituality  because we have nothing better to do.  I'm the epitomy of white privilege. I'm left to be an author.
I'm going to have to give some love for cops. In popular mainstream culture they are hated or disliked. What a hard job and these people are out there doing it. Police aren't our saviors but from my experience they are friends. Of course there is corruption and that's up to leaders across the nation to get at it. It's within all of us.
Hilary Clinton is a puppet of the CFR in my opinion. Look at her track record. Can anyone tell me who Donald Trump is a puppet of?
Ew this is disgusting
Gross. The fact I even have to type this to you. This is disgusting my feelings towards you is like "Ick Ick Ick" yet I'm connected to you still through a sealing. I don't know what I'm trying to say. Despite my feelings of disgust toward you and your kind I want to say I'm still glad we did it. Should I have to regret it? I think not. I'm left in the dark as to why it had to end or maybe that's the the schizophrentic talking. I'm confident that we get what our heart ultimately desires. what a curious phrase did I make up a word?
And now for the real purpose of this email. I give you permission to seal with somebody else. LIKE I HAVE TO GIVE YOU PERMISSION. DOWN WITH THE CHURCH. I say this in all kindness and reality that that day may and should come so long as you desire that.
Does that make me automatically a follower of Satan? There are children of the Devil and children of God. What am I? I would like to think I am a child of Jah except my actions show otherwise. This is a game.
This is the tone of the people. I can't believe it's the new world.
My actions are of the devil because I know well that I am using a substance and smoking that substance to supress the great infelicity that I sense. A great uneasiness setteleth on my soul.
Can't quite figure this out being plagued with parasites bringing me down. Can't quite make out the image in my mind of what i want to see or what my life is to become.
Every man got the right to decide his own destiny.
8669642036 ext 12021
woah this is science the taste is bitter to the taste. It is like the fruit of good and evil.
Droopy eyes thats what they call me. i am living the terrestrial law. what would it take for us to get to the celestial one?
i will let go of all my sins.
this is one of my lines.
I will go before your face.
and mine spirit in your hearts
and mine angels round about you
this is like nephi in a rasta trance.
The Lord will show unto us these things.
Wow I can't believe this is happening.
The time was 3:44 pm on a friday. I had already taken the sacrament. I was clean again. I felt like an angel clean and pure. I was once a diablo but had come out of the fire. Now I am an ash man. Se va a holer.
No manches solo es una droga. Todos tomamos las drogas. Este me ayuda a la salud mental.  Esto se graba en el telefono de mi mente que yo puedo ver la pelicula. Este es el video.
El olor me da enojo. No es mentira. Yo digo toda mentira.
Two men dark white shirts and ties. I know the prophets are true. The church for a time had the truth. How else could that one old dude recieve that one section of the doctrine and covenents? This is the new book. The book that the LORD had given to me that keeps Elder So and So in the church.
The time is 3:48PM on a Friday in October! October is the best time of the year. People are beginning to be honest. hahahahaha
On a friday the 13th.
I'm brain washing myself.
I'm not croaking.
waking up and drinking shaving cream.
wasted one night at 12:38 PM
I go really small like alhuakbar

i go blind
why? IDK
I know the Church can see this. She thinks its not so grand.
My hushed voice shall answer thee
the heart is wide
the soul can split the sky in two and let the face of god shine through.
He whos soul is flat? Woah this is some trippy women's meeting. I hacked into the system. I and I don't have a Savior. I admit the Church is watching. But I love you. The giving of my self in the dream away from the crowd.
Woah. they have been watching this too.
Woah everything was crowded!
I'm getting angry.
So much to do.
Writing a journal. Writing a novel.
Wheelchairs, tired eyes,
would it fit or be appropriate?
I am acting and this is my old mind.
I didn't know any of them.
I am from the tribe of Levi.
drama intense drama that what I want to write..
I felt like copying my primary teacher. I knew you would know me. Woah! the Small miracle not what I brought but what I receieved. This is a jacking. en espanol.
Was my joke appropriate?
The recolection we will know each other. I told you he would know me.
I played my part so well. My son I have you home again.
Greatest model. my knowledge.
so baked when this was happening right now.
The work is finished. I play the part.
This must a happened this must a happened
a heard it on the radio.
[with russian accent]
I am on a russian space station headed towards mars. We have tracked down the humans. They are in the great revine.
[using my voice]
I can still see into the viel!
Using free will!
I've tapped into the holy broadcast system that streamed for free the telling of the greatest tale ever told. I was like my cousin Ethan. I just looked liked him and everything is ok. I'm like toby. I become toby. I am a dog's purpose. Why else would a freak stream come to me? This is the greatest. I can't remember what happened today cause I didn't read it but it was an awesome day. Ya peace out bros and sisses of la iglesia. Yo se que pasO en el pasado. Todo. Todo ya habia pasado. Yo te estoy peacing out from my life. I don't need you anymore. I used to think because you had you're picture taken with snoop dogg you still cared about me. Now I know the truth. You never cared. You were always a soulsucking demon that wanted my babies. I lose it I completely lose it. I start talking about "sacred" things. My thought adjuster is for a lack of better terms "effed up". I've lied and gotten away with it. I've learned there is no consequence for lies. We have all done it. We have all cheated. We are all criminals. UNLESS you were born after 1990. This is like "YOU'VE GOT MAIL!". I never saw that movie but let's just say the situation is similar. Ok? is that fine? develop the begining more
So this is where I find myself. Part of a broadcast that was really slow. Nothing was happening. And that was ok. Truly. I'm gonna cry not really. I'm now a new yorker.
I'm improving my writing. I can't tell what I want to say here "I'd ok frequent habit return once again to the world of Hell."BECOMING LIKE THE WOLVERINE. SHOOTING UP HEROIN. naturally. Saying my name. hahaha Knowing that I could not bear it and wandered, scampered back into the church grounds as a taunted and insulted member of the church. I'm the crazy one for having made those rasta videos.
I thought it was an echo.
It is an echo.
Did you hear it?
the record of myself goes on but not like the record of moroni giveth. what do I fucking mean here?
The size of the record matters. This record is very short. It's like a page.
I'm left to meditate how I best knew how to meditate writing scripture that was coming true. I and I would be facing evil head on in my dream that I was having right now. In this moment. How long is this script? The people in the dream will have a response.
I haven't thought to sin, no. Have you?
{rasta accent}
All of a sudden I stop and realize I am alone in this vast universe. At least I had haha. Nor Jar jar binks but an all encompassing peace and stillness that came over me at 6:47PM on the 7th of October 2016. I felt good. It was the first time in a long time since I had felt this good.
Even if the time dialation was all off I knew there was help soon. In the form of a memory. A year ago I was in New York City and saw Will.I.Am up close. What the fuck? Why does this even have any merit? It was enough to get me to level of guru with the diamonds shining. We are beacons to the world and his people. Espanol/portugues/portanol people. That's all a black people. Black hearted people. Stone or water hearted people. We are both. InI. How to obtain this message and install it on the harddrive of my soul.
{end rasta accent}
that don't exist youth
After a certain point I had to think of something or somebody. There was my Savior. I and I had self emancipated from mental slavery a long time ago. I was free. I couldn't describe my joy. "It is full", the being said.
Pyschedelic substances acting like a reset button.
What is our learned cultural value?
mon I am feeling the effect of the marijuana mon. Is feel real good right about now. I peace and nonviolent solider. Jah solider. I am a member of God's Army. I'm just in a trance all the time so I can't say anything.
Getting hapi on the wall today having my neighbors think I and I am a worthless piece of trash. Only I can contemplate on where I've been where am going and how I ultimately look. I go through cycles. Have you heard of a pride cycle? We all have them. InI not know how dis ting go. I can type on my computer how I tink my tinking sound like. It might be a likkl off.
He's different
"When people talk about me I get upset like why can't you talk about somebody else!"
[for reals]
All the words get jumbled and all of a sudden I don't know what to think. That's what it's like getting your mind exploded. What does that feel like and why would anybody want to feel it. Cause it's goddamn better than any orgasm you could ever had. I sacrifice everyting far dis ting. Again in my head I am narrating this the same book of my life that I will use when I am judged. That I gave it my all. I was coping the best way I could. I'm just going to be honest with it. Instead of lying and saying this or that I'm going to say NO you can't have chocolate cake for dinner.
The solution theory
Jesous had the same dilemma that I have. Do I kill myself now or later? This is my calling. The solution to ending my suffering is to kill myself. It's the quickest way to accomplish said task.
Satisfaction of need
This is the peace of mind InI have been looking for. Scripture given from Jah to I Justin Movick at approx 11:17AM on 10/8/2016. Bogus! Why would I say this shit? it didn't happen. All manmade scripture is nonsense. What gives those books more weight on the eternal scale of suffering?
Death of fantasies of the suicidal
The death instinct
[wow these are really dark #onshrooms]
Romance and drama
The romantic crisis theory
theory and practice out of joint.
I've had < one joint today. I'm doing pretty good. It's all in you perspective of how I'm doing this. If it fast or slow it does not matter. Or does it? The true glory is in the broken heart and contrite spirit. Then anyone can hear what is going on.
I am in control. I have conquered my fears. I am not angry. I am stable. Call me a poser. Call me a demon. InI know what is right and I'm not going to back down from it.
Having the hope to not be sucidal anymore. I just sinned. I ask forgiveness from jah in the way I knew best.
I like to pause and think.
I feel better for whatever reason. I went through a pride cycle and repentance process. I am a demon of sorts yet I'm still taken up to paradise.
I go back to a preterrenal world. I change the time.
Ya tengo el manto otra vez. No soy angel. Soy idiota.
No trato de olividar en pensamiento de que soy muy feo. you're funny justinmovick Tratando de reproducir hasta copiar. Como puedo escribirlas.
Lots of Lies have been introduced unto the Children of Men since the begining even begining at Jerusalem.
I was just tripping out on mushrooms and writing this. No problem just like my hero graham Hancock. The true story as presented by the sealed portion is so plain, simple, and easy to understand.
I'm connecting with a certain frequency within the universe.
Planning to direct the adam and eve according to justin "Nodick" "jmo" Movick.
hello eve how are you?
Good. Do you want some of this fruit?
No. Father said not to eat of that tree. See I told you it was of the feelings. Satanas intimita el espiritu santo. Yo puedo estar viviendo de una manera sticky. Huele de hule. Los quienes realmente sabia que ondas si habiamos tomado una droga o no.
Cleatus? Are you there cletus? Cletus is my imaginary friend. I made him up. Genderless. I can be Cleatus in Godmode which this is not meaning I can die. I don't know why I would say that meaning I'm good alive. This is the video game I'm being really wise and no one can see me or get me out. I'm really not that smart.
I feel like this is happening. I a natty dread is the truth. I'm tapping into the spirit and recording it on a saturday the seventh day. It is a day of movement in inaction. Laying on the couch making out dry humping. That is the relationship I had with sex. I thought it was bad so I shut it out of my life.  That's why I say I'm asexual as opposed to heterosexual. The latter implies I want sex in the reality. I only wanted it in the simulation. I had gotten it once and that was good enough. I have to consistently misinterpret the signals that I'm given conciously I do this.
The magic touch is what we had read about satan showing eve what these powers. Satan knows what he walks around with. Just as so he can get some it's all good.
(I can't get anything)
I won't curse Jah just because I don't believe in HIM anylonger.
[huh! no! we loved jah]
I think I've reached my limit. My intoxication limit. The herb take people to a reality that doesn't exist for this reality. How is it possible?
God is just the shit and if you have anything else to say then say it!
Once I put on my glasses then I begin judging and second guessing that which I know to be an righteous act. I was a dog toby. I just played ball. No toby! no ball playing. I can hear the silence of the street the constant death which is a happy death which is a forthcoming death. I might be lying if I said I was a rasta. I just believe in reggae music as spirituality. I just a surface actor. Deep down there was nothing. I was like the hayman. Lost in his own world caught in the grasp of the evil one satan they say. I know the truth.
Only him can tear it apart. What dat mean?
vocation director. wha dat?
Pyschological evaluation.
Key note address. Archbishop is like a 70? or `12? Ncdd? Goal be in New Orleans.
J Freedal.
[talking to an fbi agent]
I'm taking this sealed portion very seriously. So much that I'd say somethings. Fuck! I do it.
Missouri southern
250k southern keep learning. They've invited other catholics to be the catholics.
Gut instinct
fans of digestive system
Trust our gut apply to my life. My gut is wrong. I live in Oregon State.
Stone cold beater.
Guns in my head and they won't go.
Spirits in my head and they won't go.
Guide dogs for the blind.
We all have relative shame for what we've done. I guess.
Moving on. Tripping on some shrooms while writing this. Life is so interesting again.
This could be science fiction. This is still the first and only draft.
Trying to set the best music. Naan's bread. Some people call it marjiuana some people call it ganja. IandI don't call it pot like the preacherman. I made peace with the father. I'll be held accountable for my sins. I get up and stand up when appropriate. LIKE RIGHT NOW. Just Kidding I'm standing up in my head. This is like stand up comedy. I shouldn't be sitting for so long and I am. The problem isn't gorrilla glue the problem is a glue myself down. Like a little gnat. You ever seen a gnat jounior? They are disgusting squishy little exoskeleton freaks,
I'm disconnected from the normal group of kids that uses this superblast off drug invega. If it can start to have effect by what I listen to then I'll be good. hearing the prophets voice. I listen to bob
[THESE needs serious editing . This is a joke writing scripture. What is that? REPENT YOU!]
marley more than I do the old men of the church of the devil. I listen to the church of the lamb of god. They are with us. They get up and stand up against the preacherman hizm and shizms of the day. We eliminate a reason to hate and all we offer up to Jah is a broken heart and a contrite spirit. So the docrtrine of Christ run. I want to believe I follow Jah plan for the hapiness of his children. The plan get muddy so fast. Writing from a place in the past. Ready to so yes. Yes, I want to feel good. I have free will and I choose. I will be led be the devil's version of the holy spirit (a demon) to the prize which I would want to do again for all time and eternity. InI no look for a place up dere with I-Father. Why would I want to return to his presence? Do I love the man? yes. Do I want to return? I don't have a good reason upon the basis which I return to the place of suffering that I come from. I wanted paradise to rule forever. Think you're in heaven but you're living in hell. Seperate thought. This is spiral thinking. I have seperate thoughts and this is a revelation to me. Once we start using different torment. presentness. evil as evil. i am the me called satan. I am the LT. Helper according to the Urantia book. It is the book of Urantia.
I was completely tripping just now. I heard the thunder and I screamed like a little girl. This is the level I'm at. #Godstatus #version1.8
Yo lo veo de otra manera. En vivo pero que fuera antiguo.
There is no excuseg for not being you.
What are my lines?
My upper conciousness rules.
There are satelites unborn.
Hello this is my first line.
This is my second line.
During the play of concepts you are when all concepts are no more you are.
what is thte time inside the self? Night or day.
What could I be waiting for? It's a habit and idea.
You are yourself the Godself what could you be possibly be waiting for.
I am one with the sense of being.
Alguien que puede redactar. The truth can never leave you. The lie can't stay. This life is for freedom. 10/9/2016 10:11AM
I got the munchies.
Mind is expceting something more but there is no more. Only You.
I recognize I have enemies. They want me dead dead dead. So I'll be a walking zombie eye looker person. Does that make sense? This is netflix where anything is possible. They have the youtube movie. Donde se entra el humo de las pessoas. Quiero desaparecer.
Certain people were there when it happened in history.
The apostles are the ones who believe in the resurrected Christ. Just like InI will believe in Sellasie I as the one I'm feeling important on.
Yes. yo conozco la palabra. A likl bikka herb. es todo? Make I intoxicated but in a well well way. What is well well? Well well is an adverb. What does boom draw mean Jah?
Silence nonsense? Throw out the body. It never happened. They must have stolen the body. We know humans don't come back to life. I know where he is. Upstairs in the attic. hahahaha
[some time passes]
Woah. Paid with the testimony with their lives. The apostles have left with us reasons to have faith. The claim of Jesus? What is it?
Every human being is the target of the display of love of God. I'm I seeking to spend some time. To be loved. Loving in return. Talking about prayer. So god wants us to be one with us.
1 Read the scriptures
2 Belief in God
3 Evangelio - missionary minded
I gave up a good life to come back to Oregon and suffer. I have a death wish.
Rastaman heavenly father. InI using the spectacles of the clear concious black man to pray. InI know that HIM is King of King and Lord of Lords without this knowledge I couldn't speak to the great spirit. I recognize we are all fallen and fall short of the glory of God. In this InI take the holy sacrament of rastafari which is the holy weed holy pot or holy ganja. May it be so for the benefit of all of God's blessed children. Even those who oppose the plan of the father. Glory be to the father and to the maker of creation as it was in the begining is now and ever shall be world without end Jah rastafari. eternal god sellasie I.
smoke break these are my lines
pagan InI no more. I am influenced by the enviroment. i'm here to witness. i am here not to act.
Getting tired of following the commandments of Satan whom I was taght by my elder borther beneli. The effect is a temporal happiness which wears off which is to leave the typer the faith to continue this life even after suicide.
It's like a party where I live. It's like a concert. I stimulate an enviroment wherein I can listen to other works beside pay gone. Only I and I know the secret of the track.
I told a 13 year old kid once what was a secret. I was like the diablo.
The true story of mankind is insane. I'm wicked stoned. I'll be the first to admit it.
Even Tangie Banana Surprise had me tripping. I couldn't remember anything. So it really was like a party culture all the time where I live. I live in this universe someone. UNIVERSE.
(I had a squirrel aha moment)
I'm writing scripture.
For what purpose do I write this scripture? I do write to pursuade the children of men and all israel to believe in Haile Sellasie I also known as Ras Tafari.
I pray to hope to be able to comprehend the sealed portion. It's my sincer prayer. Except I don't know to whom to pray Satan or my father.
I have the vision of what InI need to do. Pray to HIM. It is my proper idea.
To pray is not the idea of satan nor is it a thought of the father. It is a thought of my self. I discovered Haile Sellassie I in college. I was at university.
I was at a stage where I was worshippping and participating in show
and could play at any time anyplace and in anything.
I did it myself. Poop
I and I is acting we is a star system. Binary star system. I didn't get confused about hip pop.
I in a sense is a POW forgetting entirely where I could just listen and let absorb in my system.
I got rid of fari. that is to say I stayed with the rastas for a time. I knew
the ulimate truth lay far beyond the simple culture. This music
and ariel shot means more than any thought spoken or unspoken.
Satan is my father if he truly came to know himself. Beneli is my
Spirit brother. I'm stopping acting. It's a constant act between
accents in my proper head. Take the head and throw it far.
This is now my autobigraphy. Wow its an honorable ride. While it lasted
that is. Post metal is thinking metal. I'm going to make you think on
this one. I fade into the dream. I feel the dream. This is only the first draft. I can say anything at all. Even if it is silly and robotic.
Jiminy Christmas those two just fight and fight I love my baggins though.
[It's meant that only the author knows what his baggins is]
My baggins is good and innocent in a similitude of the Christ and his son. correct the stupidness.

I don't know much about this yessos kristos but I heard he came to America.
I believe this ting. How can I and I believe such a thing? Its just the voice of the author before it even comes out. It works. I'm an author. I'm sick of people telling me I don't work. and no one does. I am left alone just as if my father would abandon me. I knew that wouldn't be.
I become like a little bitch. Just like my brother except I can control it. I guess I'm not acting I'm just reacting to the enviroment changes. I had conquered my enviroment. This is some light grass I'm smoking why it feels so fun.
In public I feel like I'm just playing a part and anybody that says anything against my programming I just say something stupid or just say nothing. So I am angry my father satan was cast out. My true father was the one I remembered by the one that filtered the words and actions of the second. Maybe god was a respecter of persons. jejejeje for my stepdad rich there are real badguys and you have to beat them up or you'll get beat up. for my bio-fa he didn't believe there were real enemies in this life. He needed a real ass-kicking to wake up. This is the sentiment for my brother Quinton towards me. I'm thinking about this one. I'm really thinking about this one. I'm acting or not. I'm acting. no. I am singing the musical in my head.
I moroni would you that you should know. I stand as a witness of this law. I'm speaking some bullshit. I honestly don't know why God was so angry with me. i am god.
I have the best idea ever reacting to the judgement of God. I will end my life by checking my self into a hotel and lighting a fire and ending my life. I didn't give in to the evil. I stayed pure innocent probably needing an ass kicking but because he didn't think he is my son at that moment I don't know I'm guessing I might even be distorting the thought. But there is no self love here. I am in a place of noshelter. I want to act the part of satan saying you punish me for doing the same thing that is done on other world's? InI am the one that is seeking shelter. I'm thinking about my spending habits.
Well why is their relationship so angry. I don't like it. I have to put up with them. I guess I put up with them by escaping reality and not having to say anything. I didn't really care what he said that was the truth cause I knew who was my father satan who was a total stoner. He lived in a different world. INI live in the new world. InI see the progress of my character.
Formal apology
Dear Parents I apologize for smoking. No excuses. You can kick me out next time it happens.
Back to Mormon.
The church has become corrupt. Man is made for the church, not the church for man.
That's a whole lot of shit.
i am a huge 12" dick.
That's as much ass fucking I do.
Yes all the writings are allegorical. This is the view of the hijo de satanas. En espanol es otra cosa. I'm not for women holding the priesthood. I'm for no one holding the "pweesthood." We gotta just check it out and ask ourselves who we really are.
I'm not admiting I'm wrong I'm just not feeling sorry. I'm unhappy I can't say I'm sorry.I feel badly that you are upset I'm upset too I just can't say it.
It's better to love than to be 'right' ... but don't pretend
The system is no respecter of persons. Everything is looking yellow. We all are schizophrentic and need medication. You gotta get stoned. Then I would remember I'm sick I'm hungry. I want to have a garden. I will I can. We have made a way to develop finest bud in the world. Pot smoke up and forget who you're mad at.
Blow hits from the bong. InI be selling. Some call it marijuana some call it high grade some call it ganja. Some call it chronic. Others call it pot. Fuck those others. Just kidding InI living like a prisoners.
I know you don't know what life is really worth.
Half the story has never been told. Welcome to jamrock.
Make everybody feel high.
I look for mine on Earth. I stand up for rights.I've had good friends all along the way. But would I want it with them? No I would not. I speak from the heart as opposed to my brethren that speak from a place a reality. marijuana has a ditinct smell. i'm a cpu hacker computer typer typer man. i just got really high.
Pass the drug.
This pot makes me relax and a he a she a we a pronoun woah. I feel all light. This is a momentary blessing of jah blessing. I wasn't mad I really was mad cause life was just an act. I'm axing God what I'm to do in this life?  Life was going really slow. This has taken forever to get over. Writing sacred scripture is a game of spurts. I would get inspired lose interest and walk away.

I am not sorry for being naughty. That was the extent of my sin.
also that I'm native american.
PRIDE I HAVE THE PRIDE OF A JACKED UP GANJA ADDICT WHICH IS BEING INTERPRETED RASTA-MORMON INI keep dis a revelayshun going. I was missing a camera in this scene.
I'm dying here and considering suicide. Well it could be worse. I could be divorced, almost graduated, unemployed and waiting. I was waiting for the latidos de mi corazon. Esta es la que siento. Una manera de communicacion. Oye reggae music A los oidos de the gente.
I come from the future. My ability to jump from the past and present is so close. So so close. I'm on the bullshit... taylor gang
I don't got no friends.
I put it down from my whip to my diamonds.
I'm living on a dream. Somebody gave me some weed and that made me concentrate it wasn't the same as invega that was a different drug. That was my heroin I get it 4 times a year.
"You are only as successful as those you frequently associate with. The rich are always on the lookout for individuals who are goal-oriented, optimistic, enthusiastic, and who have an overall positive mental outlook."
Wow, this is some good shit. My goal was to give this script to someone at shango. It was my purpose to want it with some one.
I wouldn't do any cocaine. I try'd it once and no more. I couldn't fall into the bad habit. Once I went that route I'd couldn't come back. People don't come back from the dead.
Yet I came back from the dead por medio de la santa herba que dice el padre es malo pero claro que es bueno. Yo puedo trabajar y estar un poco borracho. Esto es para que todos pueden entender las palabras que les tengo. That I have for you. You get it?
Check it in Spanish. Check it en Ingles. Portuguese?podemos shakspeararear e invantar palabras para los que estan escuchando. Ya no iba a quedar me en esta casa.
Rich people avoid people with negativeity. Of course you can't go on accepting this piece of trash.
People of priveledge have a second look.
People had so much animostity in this family. Why can't we all just get along? And I know so and so said the same thing at such and such time but let's for whance (say it like mexican)and all be serious.
I'm working on my journey. It's a movie. You probably need a hankie. It comes from the bottom of my soul. We must share them with each other. Personal adversities and adventures hearing their pleight.
I always knew I was gay.
learn how to compartmentalize at a very young age.
We didn't know what aids was? LGBT barely existed.
Who's gay? Nobody's gay. There is another challenge in my small life.
Everyone of those experiences made me what I am today. Important and strong step. The loving and compassionate man. I can think that pain is never very far from you.
At the end of the day I don't know. I don't know if it's true. The lie? Is the lie true? yes I know that the devil is true. InI know I've prayed to Lucifer before but I have also prayed to the father. My prayers are known to him. I baba being protected from the bullets and firestorms of the devil.
This is regression. That's release of agression. Regression. Wouldn't that mean just going back to a state once was? Yes that is regresssion we go back as in exodus we cross over to the other side.
I get frustrated.
Frustration feeling white house. broke my heart. Puzzle pieces. Oh I did nieghborhood. Challenges to poverty. God given potential. Just want to help.
Maybe there was doubt creeping in. One of my only doubts is that I needed call ruby.
Then I'd get my life together and in order. My life is so out of order right now.
Everything says dream to me. Dream dream dream dream dream dream dream. It's my programming to slip beneath the cracks of the system and just dream.
I am all my thoughts!
I am the nuclear family!
It's like getting to know a stranger.
For the love of God please read
I've been writing alot. I've been doing a whole lot of thinking. I think it's best we split up. I've become very schizophrentic lately. It's scary to me. The person I've become is undistinguishable from the modern delinquent who was right there.
Mono timiabame
you know what that means? it was revealed on snap judgement Nuclear Family. It means that I am flushed into this great whole by my conciousness. What I really mean to say I am too damaged to go on creating life in this life. I'm over lust so I'm just happilly asexual. Thus I was like Adam after Eve tried to get them to do it. The true story is so close to home. I mean it home is right here and right now. We were born for this moment. Nah not really I am no messenger. I have been faking this accent and playing the part of an apostate.
I use the natural medicine created by I-father to get rid of the wickedness. Supplants a heroine addiction.
This snapjudgement is just about this begging child named Opio. He "ran off again."
Woah the writing is farout!
Residential program. I'm seeing faces on the face of glen washington. I'm supposed to be looking at the eyes. The eyes are content. Could be better with my ex. I'm good though. Life is good. Life is positive.
I suppose I should close this and say goodbye. I was never good with goodbyes.
When i think of the father I'm sublimely content. Of course I was going back to the glory of my father it was a terrestrial relationship but I trusted the future in my gut more than anything ever before witnessed.
I had to make it work. Somehow I had to do the impossible. I had to be the best husband I can be if my wife died. I'd be devastated. It'll still be good to know I'll be with her when I die.
body is not angry anymore. I'm a really shitty person. I've left people for no reason. Good people I had good relationships with people and then I'd just throw it away. I'm not worthy. I'm imprisoned in thought. And I am a prison warden. I'd like to be a prison guard. InI am satan. If I am guilty I shall pay. Satan is not lucifer. Lucifer is another. The great war that wages. I don't wage it. It is waged unto itself.
That's pretty dope that people have had experiences that get them closer to the viel.
 InI no accept Salvation in Jesus name.
[I really want to believe in Jesus. When I stop to think however I'm not thinking in the same way you are thinking]
I accept salvation in the name of Haile Sellasie I.
 He wouldn't condone such a thing.
Maybe I don't want to be saved. I'm stitter stutter stuttering.
I don't want to be saved in the traditional sense of the phrase. I want the God of my fathers to be the one that is the Mighty of Israel. For it to be the Holy One of Israel. I believe in this Ishvara to whom I completely renounce any afiliation towards any religion and submit fully my will to the will of the father. What is that? I'm not really sure what the will of the father is. As far as I can see it is just to be happy just to be content. Fake it till you make it.
If thou cursest me for doing the same thing which has been done on other worlds, I will take the spirits that follow me, and they shall possess the bodies thou createst for Adam and Eve!
Then with that enmity I will take the treasures of the earth, and with gold and silver I will buy up armies and navies, popes and priests, and reign with blood and horror on the earth!
It is us who make it dirty.
Listening to Lucifer himself trying to run the afairs of the holy church.
I'm not going to be able to do this. Not without the holy spirit.
I see how this thing is an imitation of the real thing.
The fact that marijuana takes away my blues doesn't matter to my friends and family. It was the plan of Satan and I need to quit it. In a future time which is not so far distant in the past I don't smoke anymore. In the mean time I smoke. And that is too hard for some people to understand. Excuse me while I light my spliff.
Yes I would love to go to San Carlos! It just seems so hard to get there. Ah. I keep on making excuses. I am not doing anything against the command of God yet I feel like God has left me. I feel very scared at night.
This music mixed with fruit and dancing is the best combination for my movie script. I can do anything in this movie script. I become very demonic having demonic lustful and lewd thoughts.
Having to give it up. Being divided on a particular subject.
What do you do for a living?
I am a writer and a reader.
God sees this. God sees all.
I'm too tired to work. All the learnings become boring.
My dream is insane. I'd rather dream here and now. Trying to be put to sleep.
I see how I go into a dream state and don't want to do any satana.
We are having fun.
Jah! Why you have me down here so wittle? Yes if I could only obtain the pweesthood it would all be ok. InI a false priest with false priesthoods and powers. I play the part of Satan. That is my desire. I would need to make horrific things in my mind ok: abortion, unwed sex, doing nothing, dreaming.
I love all the people dem without regard to sex sitm dem.
i'm in thereapy. i'm running away from myself. this is the word i get from satan not jah that is the truth of the matter.
Every man think his name is "the heaviest". Who feels it knows it. I know it. It can be nasty.
It can be black. So why imitate another of another nation? There is emnity between me and the children of men. For no reason. I need to talk with them and say I'm not sorry for having done what I'm doing. I'm not running away. I've got to protect my life. Get no strife. and now you keep on telling i'm running away. It's just not true.
This is the point. we did our own surgery on it. then this nothing happened. Knowing everything is not ok. There is something key that is seriously off. An off in spot where it needs to be on can change the whole system.
I'm floating in the ocean. "THis voice" can only __________
All of this is watched in InI. You are the journeyer on the way here. Seperation. Self and the source. What is the gap? The distance of a thought. The thought of union does not help if it's only thought.
I'm the same kid I was in the second grade. Not very smart. Keen. Not ready to listen to any voices. The voice of Satan perhaps. I hear the television which is like the mouth of the prophets which is the same.
I can be happy just not that happy. my visualization was asking myself everything I'd ever want and I'd think I already had it. Learning where to invest money. Action is more difficult spoken than written.
I start to have some pretty messed up thoughts when everything is left up to me.
11:11 on 10:11 2016 I can't wait for 11:11 on 11:11 2016 it's only a month away!
I lost my hoody from BYU. I forget quite often that this is my autobiography. I am the reincarnated resurrected Justin Movick speaking these words on the track today.
I knew who my God was but I just didn't accept religion anymore. I was essentially atheist. I'm a theist. That doesn't mean anti-God. I'm very much pro God. My morals and standards are shaped by my mormon sheltered life. I never had to go through the fights of life. I never understood that part of it.
Doing the will of Lucifer so easily cause I knew that ultimately my prayers have to go to someone. My thoughts are my prayers. I don't know why it's so complicated to get to Jah. Time will tell everything. It's only 9 minutes after my last time log. Time on this planete moves very slow. InI like a prisoner. She's a youth who thinks she's a prisoner. Making the best of system where I could be at my lowest low and still see the positive of this situation. I am determined to feel better.
My heart's desire it's you. Not just the satisfaction of sexual intercourse but also the teasing and groping and scripture races and acceptable activity. What is valuable unto the Lord? Is it action is it intervention. Is it having to come clean unto Jah and he already is watching me do this. I'm watching myself watch Jah. He's on Kolob somewhere. I was similary close present past thought. My writing is a mix of prose and a mix of poetry. It has a certain flow. Has a certain vibration.
I hear voices they sound watery like they're barely breaking through on this chanell. Marijuana enables I self to float literally in this substance as if it were the material with which my father elohim created the worlds with. Michael created this world. I think. I'm pretty sure. Apparently Michael is Adam also. These humans complicate everything so much. Once they can transcend human throught they will be like unto us---the Nephilim! The reader and the writer are both one because both activities are required for typing the desires of our hearts.  Naturally I have a short attention span. I have like 5 minutes to like something. I have to get good at chess, sitting and thinking and making a decision. It takes me forever to make decisions. I don't know if I'm basing the decision on the price or on the quality of the product. My life is slow. just go to the dispensary and pick up my medicine. I wish I had a delivery system. I'm wishing for tonterias. You know what a tonteria is? And no it's nothing like a tortilla. You can't eat it. A tonteria is when you do something stupid which thing you do all the time.
I died and rose again. We all have Christ conciousness. This is the new age. The new time. The new order. The the new world. InI see the majesty in all god's creations. It is beautiful. Yes it is.
Being intimitaded and bullied to the point of not knowing who I was or where I was going. That's how I feel. Except I know it's all in my head.
That'd be a great video reality: I am satan.
La realidad es que nos pueden echar del pais. Se siente.
Somos unos pioneros en esta mierda.
I will fight you. *thought*
I might be a racist but a racist of the worse kind.
Being made to feel uncomfortable. Having these conversations as a radio community.
The blessings of ganja behold I have given you every tree for meat.
Why I smoke It's cause I'm held captive by the great adversary of the plan of happiness.
I'd like to stop completely.
How to know who you are praying to. My journey to be found on this side of the line.
Demon hunter trying to see demons alive and embodied. This is the line where it is like coffee. People need coffee like I need weed. I'm trying to justify something that is unjustifiable. If I use the Bible then I am a hypocrite. If I use the book of mormon I am a follower of the plan of Satan. InI don't believe in this all powerful satan. It must have been a conjuring of the mind. Unless the earth is only 6-7000 years old.
I'm scared to pray. Why am I scared to pray? It's like the evil forces have bound I tongue.
Waiting for the effects of Cannabis. Letting I conciousness ascend to a higher place.
What does it give me? Nothing it just makes me feel like everything is ok. When it is not. This is my plight.
Even the most evil among us love our friends.
I don't want weed anymore. I want pot! No. This is a lie. God loves me satan more than he loves jesus christ. Jesus christ I'm taking the name in vain. We are entering the new age. This is the new time in which we rejoice in our true Celestial nature even if it means forcing all the children to act in a certain way. InI am natural. This is what I'm thinking.
For many phschedelic experiences it seems like my thought is being exploded. That is we are all like Christ. We the people all have Christ conciousness. I can't say it enough. We are all worthy of God's greatest gift and highest blessing. "I obtain apostleship." just as thou can. In this new way I don't have to say anything I can go by the word alone.
That's so dope, Youscician!
English is so dope. It's the greatest language of all time. It is the language of shakespear and I could be talking about anything in this blog.
I'm just a fat bastard.
My voice happens in my head
I rose from the dead
I rose I rose I rose I rose
I am croaking I would be killed in prison. I'm determined not to croak.
Nope I never feel better.
this will not be a journal of self hate. This will be an autobiography of truth. Just like the podcast but about my life and where I am going. Where I have been. ESTA ES LA MANERA EN QUE ESTAMOS PENSANDO.
I see people. I get nervious and and I've been giving false information. I've been crying because I'm croaking. It's all about baseline understanding.
There is an excepected action for the 3d physical appearance.
I'm tripping hahahaha
whether i'm straight or black
choose songs melodys and warmups.
I was a conversational range
I"M WAKING UP MY VOICE. I'm having to deal with my emotions. I am.
where the pitch resonates on your face.
I want to be where the people are
what do you call them?
Oh feet?
Oh I love this song.
Street. Up there. Part of that world what would I give to live out of these waters.
I speak of myself and only myself.
I would be given a stone a certain urim and tumim.
Disney dream. I have to convince who? That's myself? Yes.
Now kids be careful to not listen to the rastaman. The rastaman is the dick! InI look to the sky for liberation the son of man. There is only one great jehovah. The voice of elohim rings clear as InI create my own version of rich living. This is scientology. I must be a scientologist.
I would quit smoking soon. Today. Breaking this habit is so hard. Whom can I ask for to help me? It's like all the voices are listening in to my speech. Ay ay ay.
Rita is not going to get us. We are destined to fly away with Zordon in the energy fields that sourround us. Does that make sense?
These #teamDisney wristbands are the shizniz
these are tweets that just repeat.
Where are we. I become somebody hahaha...
I had discovered that center and that was the missing component of my holy government. I didn't have to give all of it away. I could just save a little bit for not, save a little bit for later. This is rat thinking. Jesus Christ I want to see that documentary: Spurlock on Rats! Yeah what a topic ey [cockneyed accent]
Every night I heard the name of the Kingdom's king. I wasn't the voice. And at last I see the light.
It was written. In the book of life. Why make up words when I can imagine my mind making the sounds of the words in my own head while typing.
[this is a writers block]
adversity: I have a writers block.
Belief: I belief the doctrines are embedded. I have to believe what the catechism that the church puts out.
Creeds: 12 articles STOP!
Live on periscope the time is 4:32 on the 12th of October 1974 hahah jk 2016. or was it???? So live.
I've been dancing on periscope.
and just like that it was 6:11PM on the 12th of October 2016. No jokes no gimmicks just pure streaming. Live but not live anymore.
Sometimes I reflect on my past and the hatred that I've held on to for so long. Glad that I finally let it all go. I was holding on to some emotional bondage that kept me from being my true self.
Dear pure soul,
I'd like to formally introduce myself. My name is simply Movick, Justin Movick. I come from Hillsboro, Oregon to which I failed. I was suppose to come back the champion. I came back the weak marijuana addict. Where I thought my power was it wasn't.
Had to breathe on life through a straw. Food air and water. Show the word that less is enough. We sway but not in a love affair in a fairly straight and commanding gift that was bestowed upon me a long time ago by my ancestors the wild ones. I pass this project on to my friend Marta.
 How could I feel like that? The righteous man always has his other shoulder to look over.
Do you reject the book of Mormon? Never quite difficult. I don't know. Felt like I wanted to go hide unto a rock.  Snapjudgement seems to be shaping me and molding me.
Facial Prognessia. I'm face blind.
The aliens came down and captured me and I was living a life that wasn't real.
The show. We are all playing a part.
I had an answer to how'd I misinterpreted my daughter.  I didn't identify my young girl.
Marta will never get this done. I must take action. action into my own hands. I call upon a superhero.
This is the absolute dipshit. Forgive for swearing. I'm just getting plastered in make believe land. Weed lulls in me into a carnal sleep. No why? Why did I recieve the curse?
All the thought just lines up and then it's like it's impossible that I'm even seeing this video. It's an impossibility.
I could be a robot and be like pop star. Pop star is such a high level concept.
I am going to say a lot. In a short period of time. I have 10 chapters in my book. Pay close attention to the details. They are important.
Chapter One
The great chase
asalam alaykum is what i have to say
on the track today on the track today
I'm ryhming till I'm gay I'm rhymming till i'm gay
I better say play I better say play
Chapter Two
Look behind you!
Chapter three
high five!
Chapter four
What's that smell?
Chapter five
Wondering what comes next
Chapter six
social media gets on my nerves
Chapter seven
Looking with a blank stare on my face
chapter eight
Going backwards through time
chapter nine
I'm floating in a giant womb right now
Chapter Ten
Investing in myself
wall thoughts
Having to hide certain character traits from you people because simply put I don't trust a lot of you. #uptight #lettingitgo #grasshopper
Is self hatred present in anyone else except me? I find myself critisizing myself and then characterizing my entire being as demon. If I was on lsd which I'm not I could see what everybody was talking about. Because I'm just on the weed I can't see anything of what they're talking about.
I can't believe some of my best friends have gone through some real life challenges. Like not the fake stuff they had to go through programming that altered their entire framework for exisitence.
Feeling like my voice has been taken away from me. Like I'm in the matrix permanently with my mouth removed. Yet I'm still talking.
I'm thinking I think this thought is affected by the previous.
I AM W.E.I.R.D. weird. I am weird that's what makes me different. People don't get my weirdness sometimes and it makes me both nervious and frustrated. I don't know who's fault it is we are in this situation.
I am frustrated because the plan of God has been thwarted by the plan of Satan which looks so similar to the plan of God you can barely tell them apart. Therefore to distinguish my self I shall place a mark on my face.
Producing people with the mind. It's an idea I have. I haven't shared it before. So consider it a curse or a blessing.
Self esteem I see the point where I can be better.
If you were my parents this is what I'd say to you. You know I'm just not sorry. I don't want to play the part of the sorry-victim. I feel like a man at this point of my life and even if that means I'm wo-man then so be it.
Whenever I'm sad I just put on ridiculousness and laugh and then remember the laughter of a a friend. In this case peter inoye. is that weird? It's like these people haunt me! I was gonna say it's good to know these people are still out there. Fulfilling their life's purpose.
I take the play seriously because at the end of the day what do we really have?
The master does not die the mister dies. I never speak of prophet past tense
Trance to walk up from ignorance and come into true life.
I'm not alone anymore. There is something holy here.
Even if it's the holier than thou attitude
I'm going with my gut and trusting the political representatives i.e. the electoral college to elect the best president that our republic needs right now.This election is big but it's probably not that big in the ultimate scheme of things.
I go into a trance often using marijuana. I don't have to stay swift in this system.
I don't have perfection I have a certain thought pattern. We have evil people in this world. The polarization isn't coming from inside us it's coming from outside us.
Terrorism is happening it's a big thing. We're talking about it. "Radical islam"
10 ft right 10 ft left 10 ft back
Still getting nervous like a believe in Ghosts
i knew i was putting myself to sleep. slowly very slowy. my brain was being tyrned into mush.
I know the dream is a lie.
BUSH is a disconnected feeling far from the reality of Washington D.C.
Just be natural. It's me and you no racism no mysogyny just love and whatever that brings.
THe herb ultimately made I happy. So progress is very very very slow. It is like snail pace. I go into a trance. thinking about rasta reasoning and how to come out of it. "snap out of it"
wordpad. The only place where I can positively express myself.
Herb according to the chinaman is a poison. He said it had short term benefits with long term disadvantages. I am living the long term portion.
I go slow slow slow to fend off my enemies. I just stood there could have applied my knowledge in conversation but I just froze choosing to say nothing. Was it my fate to be condemed?
I don't feel like these Christians are being honest. Or maybe it's just the mormons. What about embracing the poor?
Only InI know what's in my true concience.
I recognize my own unrighteousness when compared on this paradigm that I grew up on.
Direction this book seems to have no direction.
I've dreamed a new world and in the real world I'm a fake.
Woah is it cause I'm high or is this actually happening?
I'm wicked stoned while watching this? What's the difference between high and stoned?
I'm not running I'm facing my dreams. I'm calculating the space between accomplishing them and not.
Toonami didn't give up on life guys so can we do this!
I'm not gonna do this. I'm gonna sit back and enjoy the show. This is acting at it's best!
I'm being made mentally incapable over time. Rebellion to the conservative sentiment in the society. Act consiously.
Whose trying to impose on society?
It's up to me. It's still not there.
Drunk in inner experience I'm alert.
Living in imaginary paradise?
Kicking it around something must be done.
Getting drunk on life so that I am just charged.
Being the kind of monkey that just sits there when Jesus music comes on cause it's kind of comforting. This ol Jesus narrative. After a minute of that
This is how I do it.
It's all about us. The LGBT movement. InI am like the celebrity but I'm not.
Don't let them fool you and school you!
It's easy to mix up brotherly love. Who don't know what feelings and emotions and call it love.
Oh shit I'm getting nervous and going into my own bubble into my own world.
This is life on marijuana. Normal. Nothing strange is happening.
Adam, having been true and faithful in all things, desires further light and knowledge by conversing with the Lord through the veil.
Aah hell yes!
I think I'll guess on the whole course.
What? Who do think I am?
Getting ready for them busting the door.
Dear sacred one
I have broken through to the other side and I came through alive. Don't use your witchcraft on me I beg of you.
pushing the limit of my system through burning.
The last likkl bikka herb I just smoked it. Then this is like a journal recording.
It's somber the day is smoked very slowly.
I can't work while stoned. I can't post. I have a lot of posting to do.
I remember the person who loved and who didn't let fear  or hate  get in the way!
release is the best form.
in this great future can't forget the past.
this great infelicity i feel weighs down on my soul.
satisify the desire for authenticity
the urge to focus on tomorrow instead of right now.
woah i'm getting really high and it's uncomfortable in a good way. I'm still suffereing though my suffereing is relieved.
I'm conciously bending the fabric of time with my mind this is a private thought.
What I was thinking is sometimes I get in this mood Ok? where I don't want to say anything to you at all total silenct treatment yet because I love you I always come back and I would never leave you" saith the Lord. Who is the Lord sir? The lord is the actor of the great wild wild west show we got here..
We are all players no matter where you come from or what classes you might have taken
I was reborn at 8 years old when I got some for the first time.
I didn't know that love would be the ultimate cure for my life. I wish they had acceptable liquid courage. I go fairy.
I know this was live and I did nothing about it.
I failed to take action. And there will be consequences
- i was sad for second cause I thought I could actually talk to god. Then I realized I was just tripping. And that I actually had been talking to Jah. Somewhere in the matrix I tapped into a whole which allowed me to worship.
- that'd be so dope that if I had somebody so close to me that it didn't mattered where I come from but the bond so incredible that there was no other choice but write my story.
I have this story always going in my head. Oh my God, I was totally just thinking of offing myself with some white gas.
What I didn't know you could kill yourself with white gas.
I'm not actually going to do this.
but imagine the terror I would unleash in the name of God allah alahu akbar

i'VE never told this story before but I'm going to tell it now.
We are live the world is suspended in a net that knows one thing. that one thing is that allah is a metafor man stop taking the word of god so literarally homes.
I needed to both believe I was suicidal and nonsuicidal. I can do this through radio waves. This is both smart and very unsmart. I am slow typing / acting / percieving / recieving
no historia moral give you guidelines
what guidelines? El castigo el perdon?
It's not the religion it's the hate in those evil people.
We have to listen to each other! Thanks for listening to me!
So the work of soul teaching will go beyond the viel. Though I die in this life I shall go on in the other world doing a marvelous work and a wonder.
Omaiga I feel inspired to write I'm having a dream as we speak. I am alive in a constant lucid dream. This is the pinnacle of my entire. I'm writing you as if from the highest tip and point of hell. The father. Did he lie or not? I believe the father lied but to teach us a lesson. That everybody lies. No one is exempt from the great tragedy of life that takes place. This is InI thinking about disney. The world that says nothing about Jesus, or Satan they keep it real. We all need to keep it real. That is all for now.

I can literally feel the intoxicant in the body. It is risidual.Only InI knew the truth. I've been impersonating a rasta since I was in jammies.
Fears this is an interruption by the holy broadcast system. There is much to fear. I can take action!
This is my train of thought This is my story. My autobiography. I thought it was the judgement ANTE Dios. Yo soy automaticamente en espanol.
El pedo es que el se enoja cuando fumo marijuana.
El pedo es que se enjoan cuando fumo o usar aparatos para incenso.
I'm breaking it down. The gospel. When we have to define it.
what is the gospel? THE Gospel? I've never heard of the Gospel?
The gospel of jesus Christ is the arm of salvation to all those who would like to be saved?
el pedo es que tengo mucho dinero que pagar soy como esclavo.
it seems they have taken my ___________ away. what is it? I can't remember. I can bring it back.
Come on Elder Movick.
Love the answer is love. Not the gospel. I'm trapped inside this race.
Feeling like I could see the cage with my eyes.
This is Babylon.
We shall one day rebel and be Cascadia. It is our Destiny we just get the same lies from these politicians who at the end of the day are people too and really they're doing their best job. At the end of the day we all have to get down. Even if it's how we get up?
I knew this wasn't happening. So many things I'm sure about.
I've never seen a more beautiful day.
I forget my thoughts and its the worst feeling or case scenario I could ever have.
I always get caught up asking myself If I should share something or not. I've become so indescive lately with so many decisiions I can't keep track of it all.
Knowing every was acapono. I had to transision to this. I have to be a free energy machine.
thankful that god had taken my lustful thoughts away.
thankyou god.
i'm still fucked up in a certain way.
aaa ooo ga
life is going slow.
I am not going to work I'm just going to stay home and bake cookies with you.
I'm getting high no more. I'm thinking to share this video on 10/17/2016 at 10:25 AM "PEOPLE STILL DRINK THE KOOL-AID AFTER THIS." I have not decided whether I shall do it.
I don't know how I am not who I am. I had it mixed up. I had my wires crossed.
how bernie sanders just gave up and gave the nomination to Hilary Clinton. What a crock.
Really I've made progress. I used to just want to sleep all day. Now I actually want to do things.
AAAA maybe not I'm writing the science fiction of my novel and it is live. I can't stop writing no matter what I do.
The scripture component of my work has been ended. It is now purely autobiographical. Then I went to disneyland and got faded. Some little kid called me out for being high. Well he didn't say it like that he said People that shouldn't be here.
For the sake of allah subtahannawallam will you please give up you're dirty habits?
I am writing coming from the place pure and wholesome. Trying to write many characters that will guide me to the place I want to be.
I am here.
I'm a joke.
I'm a big fat joke.
trying to get self-esteem from this place.
I'm planning to end my life via carbon monoxide poisoning. I'm done living. I've weighed my options and death is the only way out.
I lost this life. I messed up I can't begin to get out of this hole. I know I'll be missed and for those who miss me I've left youtube videos and a flash drive of my writings.
10/18/16 9:53am failed to killed self via white gas stove.
recieving words from the father. The father is kind the father can give select special revelation to his children when things are so bad that death by imagination.
After a certain point in my thought pattern I lose it.
There is something wrong with my writing?
Is this not good enough for you God?
Show yourself reveal yourself!
I have found the truth in humankind not in any
supernatural force. However the supernatural
team is very convincing.
Hell and heaven is what you make of yourself.
The Rolling saint.
Flying so high in the sky.
I have become a yogi.
in my imagination
the weed world isn't the same as the nonweed world.
It's a different culture do you believe smoking of herb?
[I am coming across very instagnant]
I lose my train of thought when I smoke weed.
I am holding my breath so that I die.
That's his life.
It's a sad one.
I have recorded the videos.
My eyes are getting droopy very droopy.
I'm not very close to death. I'm close to sleep.
if it's a pawn you must pluck the damn thing out.
I am being real.
Why is humanity so violent?
I'm not even going to the master.
I can't think of the word.
Before the word the word was.
Before my word was the world of Jah.
My synapses are firing on all tears.
Getting stoned has to work for us.
I'm growing I can feel it.
We burst out on the street in a way.
This intelligence has to work....
a stable base must be created
stability is sacrificed?
This is the hacking of the matrix..
I got in watching a video about humanity being so violent
it has to do with the intelligence. One thing the youth
lack is stability."
If you know how to use a knife?
Do unto [enter scripture].
this is live periscope computer space typing.
What is the evolutionary skip?
I said that one out loud.
DNA 1.2
intelligence phoenmally different.
I go blind. I need the help of the father.
This is my story. It's my autobigraphy.
This is a moment of screaming help.
What is survival procress?
Seek nothing more than survival.
Shooting or killing?
The very way we are tripping. Is that violence? I go
real it's a negative postive.
People are mean.
This is my thought.
Must listen to birds and worms to tell.
This is why sadhguru is the bomb.
my next thought in line of thoughts is to play Snoop Lion
InI just as snoop dog can go bob marley reincarnated.
It's the same thing that Jim Carrey does.
Yeah we all lose people that we love just remember
that I go on living. Always. I will always be here.
Send my Spirit upon the land in a great revival of
scripture. The entire countryside listened.
My art is acting.
Does smoking weed increase your progresiveness?
Then keep smoking if not you better lighten up on the
If you are demonized called an exorcist.
I'm covering the live election as a relic of the past.
I have to act a sleeping man.
I always play someone who is falling asleep.
My initial response to rigging the election - Video II Mass Voter fraud.
I feel people are watching. I feel like someone is behind me
I am schizofrantic and welcome to my life.
Wow at 422 of this I'm writing what I think. What does the fact that people are having these conversations say about our hearts as a people.
We are witnessing the corruption live like it's on periscopse. Periscope live feeding is the next level.
I think backwards, scott foval thinks backwards. Think like the prosecutor.
Implement it in every republican state.
I'm trying to hold it together in wordpad.
I'm positive even though I said I'm negative positive.
I think backwards from the crime.
It's cold. I can hear the birds singing.
Too much watchy watchy watchy
Dreadlocks is the dick.
Fuck you.
Please read this.
Ghost typing thinking there is someone here.
It is certaintly not the holy spirit.
It's a dark spirit.
This is the revelation. I don't need the world nor it's aproval.
Except when I'm stoned. It makes it dualistic. I speak really smart like a mouse.
I still feel the risidual effects of the thc so it makes me more zombie like than progressive.
I've been fooling  myself. It does make me focus more. It makes me get caught up in the narrative that I am writing.

i like them all they said.
i hear voices i'm in perpetual fear a di voices or vices.
feeling a cigarrette high.
what if i was tripping on shrooms.
this never would have even happened.
goddamn what is going on?
If I was tripping on shrooms. I had to make this the book or the novel of my life.
Nothing is happening.
I get too happy and I admit it. This is the judgement book also known as my autobigraphy. It's called black survivors. I call it that cause when I connect with people on a frequency.
Mr. Levinge?
This is reality listening to a black woman driving aggresively down the road. I'm going fast despite my lack of acceleration. It is an acceleration of the spirit.
At this rate of smoking weed it would take me 18 years to write a book actually on shrooms.
I'm in the doom and gloom of the presidential election AKA should I kill myself or not.
I'm not defining myself by the schools I've gone too.
"I just awoke from the dead" I said that outloud.
i know what kind of person i am. when i am acting.
i go parapylygic.
This is the revelation revealed from the true one.
in nondualistic fashion I am writing my thoughts I thoughts I'm acting this.
What is that?
That is anger mixed with forgiveness.
That is sadness mixed with stress relief.
This is progress.
This is feeling better.
I'm up. I'm holding my breath.
Please I want to come down now.
Sir at the viel?
I need to speak with the Lord.
You're wish will be granted.
I don't want no wish granted where is this taking me?
I just listened to real one's bridges
it makes me think of my exwife.
I think.
Is this being timed?
I didn't know how to act.
Yeshua hameshia
I get up for food because It's given to me. i'm like a little kid and I take it.
The kingdom of God is within you.
No one is fine take the time to lay up what?
True sadness
I viewed myself no better than a rat in a cage.
I suck on my water like it's a bottle. It is a bottle.
Not thinking there were anymore words in the tank. I don't have an audience. My audience is myself. They penalize I for smoking herb; herb is a good ting. It's the healing of the nation. I have to cut myself off right there and say herb make I not want to work. I am just a rat in a cage. Seriously this is how I think.
The world is a vampire set to drain. I have no one else to bug so I am bothering you. I am now a vampire draining the health. I am a soul sucker. When we were at disneyland last I was playing with some little kid in line and he called me out as soulsucker. I'm a negative aspect of the whole. [I'm not sure how to make that make sense.]
I wish I could read better more easily. I am not a good writer yet I write. Am I a fool? At times it seems like I am doing the same thing with the same results. I'm hoping for other results.
"I'm just waiting for something to click," I exclaimed.
"I will have I will act now kind of mentality" said no one.
THIS IS A SONG FOR NO ONE. Di Di di di dah.
I'm so angry my bike was stolen. Now I think to myself LET IT GO! Killing a man is not worth it. If I would have just taken it inside with me. I could have saved her. Me and her cruised the high seas together. We had an imagination that extended beyond anybodys'. It was my bike that got me through suicidal thoughts. Now I'm just left to work in my own stench.
How do you tell if rats are lazy or just really hypothetical? I can imagagine philospher rats that go to the level of human thinking and are representing human kind for a bit. No this part can be edited out.
Angela waited outside. Meanwhile Jake went inside to relieve himself.
I'm using weed as an antidepressant when it should be  a stimulant to get me manic. It gets me normal when that should be the role of a real anti-depressant. Once a week a smoke is then like a sacrament. That's what InI do in the true church of intoxication of thought. Ride the train of thought from the station to the sourounding cities.
So I'm barely getting by. I lie to myself telling more lies. I am a liar. there was no way around the subject. i know with you i can be truthful. i have no reason to lie to you? Who are you? a truly wild woman. how can i convince you to share this rasta dream with me?
why do bad things happen?scratches head and thinks thought well well.
i get plenty high hahahaha
responsibility? Shit. InI have to be an adult? What is that? this is not brave new world. this is take back the government as freedom fighters. got to get it tuned real close what i say. the powers that be want me to just go with the flow. Is it the drugs talking or me? I couldn't tell with anti-depressants.
Weed just puts me to sleep. Makes InI super complacent. Then I think the whole world is moving. How is that possible? It is possible because of physics. Its a race.
I'm just smoking the leaves and getting wicked high. This is fuck I forgot what I wanted to say?
I take nothing back and say this like a robot. I am an autonomous robot. There is nothing special about me.
I don't notice I'm making a question when at the very end I make it one.
Where does the body go after it is *DEAD*?
Feeling like I'm floating! That's what I wanted to say. Ok I'll just let it ride out.
Who's out?
InI back InI out InI saying true tings InI fight physically. InI like streets of rage.
When I use that's all I want to do. When I smoke ciggarettes it's like I have this brief window into the holy channel when in reality there is no one there.
I don't think that makes sense editing time.
Getting my fix learning this learned habit of smoking 3-4 times a day. Not knowing anyother way to get by. What does this habit do? Makes me want to sleep. I'm made lazy but not stupid from drug use. I was angry at the system. The system had made me into a schizophrentic mess. Negative aspects of our lives coming through.
I never fully wake up. yeah I keep sleeping through the storm through the mess.
Can't believe my bike was stolen. Can't believe I burned all my mary jane. Can't believe I'm talking like a stoner. can't beleive I was made this way. Getting up and standing up. Sitting down. It takes one hell of a mind to come up with this kind of material. The father just wants us to be happy!
Even the father wants us to behappy? I was for sure the father wanted I dead. No that's the brother unfortunately. "It's not true! It's not true!" yelled Jumanji to his brother Niglehall. I felt so behind in the baby game. All these cats having babies. I feel like I need to be making babies too. For this reason I'd never join the clergy. Trying to get a dial on reality. Not wanting to take these meds anymore. I'm stuck with invega literally. This is my chronicle and my journey. I am a small warrior of maka puha. Only InI knew the true meaning of what was spoken or written. Squirrel!
There were consequences to being high all day. My parasympathetic nervous system shuts down. This is a natural high that InI creating through writing. I'll come back down in due time. The time controllers are the key players in these last days.
and I recieved it straight from the mouth of john the revelator. Eww that's disgusting.
So many choices which do I choose?
This is part of the illusion of satanas.
quien es  satanas?
I just smoked my brains out now I am typing on this computer that's what the note to self should have said. It shouldn't have said I can't believe with Olivia it should have said I can't take this runon sentence seriously because I've been smoking weed and intoxicating myself.
I smoke weed (leaves).
I believe I get high.
I'm left empty.
Being able to type even when things are looking bad.
I can't stop a shitty situation from being shitty. I have some sort of xmen power where I can feel people's insides with my gut and brain. It's called asfixiation. I go to a dark place where I can either want to go to sleep or read. I figure reading is the best thing to keep my mind off my sorrows.
I roll like a parapylygic. I sit long enough to be one. InI must be like water.
Knowing that this is far from the end. Far far away from the end. I'm scaring myself. That is the end feeling I want my readers to have after reading the futuristic scifi novel
So I'm not angry with you as I'm angry with no one. Maybe lifeworks but no I'm like happy to have gifted my bike for weed. It sounds incredibly stupid then I remember the truth that I didn't do that. What If I lost it cause God was punishing me. God wouldn't punish his child by getting his bike stolen! God doesn't work like that!
Who is God? God can inspire people to do the work of evil if god is Lucifer.
Who is God? God is I and I. God is my ex. God is the people around me.
Hearing the sounds that correspond with the music I am making.
I've been writing songs lately. Actually I've been doing the same thing I'd do when we're together. Jam and record it. I always get some interesting music coming out of me.
I am going to hustle it now.
Dems is devils. What you mean dems is devils? Say dems is a devil! Dems a devil! hahahaha I can laugh evil in my mind.
No god. Where is your God now little boy!
He will show. Conquering lion of the Tribe a judah. He will show.
Can't say that he has shown. I'll take this one to the internet.
I'm just grateful I'm not craving heroine. What a shitty situation that would be.
The risidual THC is causing me to go insane. I'm done I'm done abusing substance.
I just live in lala land.
This is hell. I'm trying to keep my head straight in this fucked up mess. I hear the tremendous pain of the nation. So many lies needing so many lies. If we think Donald Trump is our Saviour we need think again. Where did we come from? As far as I know there is I and I. Out of the same heart. Poetry. Slow. Pause. Unpause. Flow.
Someone is changing the channel on me! Dag nabbit.
Migraine headaches cause vomiting or farting?
I'm like a little slug. Waking up from a bad dream. Night free write.
All we want is love said morgan heritage. ghetto or burbs or country or town you just want to be love. Perfect lyrics as far as I could see.
The father just want his children to be happy. They have choice. Choose good and be blessed. Choose evil and be cursed. Life in the ghetto suburbs was upsetting on the daily. InI could not just forget this thing. InI little penis sucker. Inside joke with me and my ex. Well not exactly it would have developed into that. We use to say the clit is just an under developed penis.
I'm dizzy having a hard time keeping it straight. Hoping for the eve character to save me.
I feel like you can hear my thoughts call me crazy I'm going to call it a glitch in the matrix. Trinity? This is the holiness. I'm waiting no longer for you. I waited for you to come back and I'll knock some more.
The music is healing the nation coupled with herb.
Make believe. I'm making this a disney dream. It's a disney movie. MC to Rasta. My life movie.
Get off my bed! yelled Elder Movick.
Elder Niquet se mantenia en la cama.
Without fear they cease to exist. Evolution of humanity. Play your part. We all play a part in this great obra del padre. Ya vi con mi mente y corazon lo que queria ver.
Deep down I have a death wish. People that smoke cigarettes have a death wish.
A harmful cycle. Pride cycle.
ween yourself off of it.
I'm tired of this lifestyle. Like a little bitch!
Making the background the forground.
Changing lifestyle. Out of state out of mind.
I may have a problem. Sex has cost me my marriage! I say that like it's a good thing. Er I mean bad thing. Oh my goodness you got me! you poked me through to reality and this is how it really is when I am typing I am thinking about reading it.
What is the true matter of the situation?  I took a nice nap today. This is a journal recording/letter to my WOMAN. I don't know why.
I DON'T KNOW WHY? Am I retarded? It's the movie of my life! This is the script. It sounds really somber. Like it's a bad dream waking up from a bad dream. Before I know it I'm going to wake up with a beautiful woman next to me and I'm going to think "Damn! What a good feeling!"

chapter seven
I've ran out of the secret kriptonite I'm going to find a cheaper more plentiful substitute.
It  will still harm my body. a poison is a poison. We must keep chartererd for Urantia.
(so many distractions)
Type type another typing movie. like barton fink?
classic movie. I have a problem: I'm in poverty. I'd rather be broke than have a million things coming at me at once. I'll be back.
I'm back. Yesterday I typed this whole piece on getting high. Today getting high through cigarrettes its the only way to survive in this world.
I can tell the difference between a close tobacco and not.
How can I go from rags to riches?
going straight to the brain
simulation theory
My dog was blamed for pooping in the house. It was actually me. I framed him. I've been puking my guts out because of the emetics I've been taking.
Trying to get the spirit of god naturally.
I've found it extremely difficult to work with out sweet sweet blessed mary jane.
The high that cigarrets give me don't even compare to the high given by marijuana.
it's not eevn a high really. It's a low. Smoking tobbacco is a nasty habit that this writer/author haves to go.
This is the autobiography going really slow. Snail pace.
This belief that marijuana makes me better. A better version of my self comes from smoking weed. I can make believe my own dream world when I smoke weed. I can't imagine without it.
Without it things are bleak.
Getting into a flow state.
Not feeling the spirit of god feeling the spirit of america.
What could I say to uplift the people? Why do I call myself to the prophecy. it has been written.
Nothing like some reggae to put me in a good mood.
explaining to her was a passerby who saw the women cry.
wondering how can she work it out?
Now she knows that the wages of sin is death.
Give jah his life.
she cried.
This is hardly writing. this is plagerism.
Whom among you hasn't been caught of this grave sin?
Cry and tell unto this people the time is at hand.
The time when I do come upon the face of the land.
My calling was to let the people know post-mort whom I am.
I am a normal guy who once was addicted to marijuana.
I was a major stoner. Just for the record. I thought it induced a trance in which I would recieve revelation from the most high. What a crock.
I can't do that from weed.
My rightousness is not contingent upon if I can smoke weed or not. It requires money. I thought it was a sacrifice.
Two people have sex.
Listening to the sounds of sweet sweet reggae music.
I'm trying really hard.
I have straight up knowledge this is a simulation.
I've lived it.
I'm sad.
I failed once again to die by gas well it was propane. Actually it's carbon monoxide poisoning. Didn't work for the second time.
get social secruity benefits
purchase weed
smoke weed
write book
Why do I need weed to write my book? My book is a revelation and when I smoke the herb InI recieve prophetic warnings for the people.
Sitting here is just sitting here.
Just recorded a video.
still sitting here. Going to get up.
It's a devilish idea that I need to purchase something in order to be worthy to voice the revelation.
I admit that I am quite devilish. There are angel and devil. I'm divided. yin and yang.
For behold I am God.
Federal grants called me.
two options
direct deposit
mike barker
Just got hoodwinked or so it seems. I didn't go all the way through with it.
They called me saying I earned a 7000$ grant from the government. they cited ARRA which is a legit stimulus package law. The strange thing is they wanted me to purchase 8 25$ dollars itunes cards. Good thing my bank of america helped me out. I trust the bank and not a random telephone call. Just another adventure in the life of Justin D. Movick.
Trump haters gonna hate. I get it that some positions of the republican party are unpopular.
We gonna chase them crazy baldheads out of town.
Feeling the inspiration of jah creator.
Feeling the progress.
Progress doesn't have to be many words nor does it have to be shared.
Then I go depresssed.
After I record my video.
It feels so good to water the system after it has been dredged.
Even CBD is a trip man. Everything like the grateful dead said is a trip. Speaking of the dead. Imma put some on.
I know I'm not going anywhere and its just now that I'm learning see.
I hate you!
I fucking hate you!
this way of cursing is of the devil.
I am the devil.
When I smoke herb.
Yet I immitate a child of light jah rastafari.
It's the only only way I can go on not saying anything.
(I get so so. I can get so high. Two different things).
I see the arahat rising and it is good.
The poor man is the true mormon. You cannot be rich and be a true mormon. Than many people like Mitt Romney, Anne Frank, and adolf hitler were of the same mind.
WE are one.
I'm always crying. It's like that one band said friend of the devil friend of mine.
I become a zombie yet a private investigator. Investigating the line.
I am both man and woman.
That's why I say I am a WO-man. I hold my breath.
I stop breathing for seconds.
How's that for breath control.
It's automatic.
I wonder what Sam Harris has to say about AI?
I would want to play Sam chess.
OMG. I'm tripping on Acid right now. HAHA. I love it.
THIS IS SO PERSONAL. It's my autobiography.
I'm bisexual. My sexual preference however is women.
If i was a woman I'd get a sex change.
This how I and I think.
Knight to E7.
Katwe. I want to beat katwe in chess.
That'd be my best day ever.
The greatful dead say some come to life passed away. Physchedlics has been for me the fruit of the tree of good and evil that the father told InI not to eat.
I am saying this out loud.
This is my memoirs.
I go Gargoyale. Asleep by day alive by night. Yet I sleep at night. In reality both. Iknow for a fact this is a dream. I've had multiple experiences dealing 1st hand with the matrix. I could detect the slightest imbalance in a system.
I fall asleep. I just sleep.
I come back to life all of a sudden.
I'm coming back to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
This is so very highhhhhhh
i have nothing to say
despite my love
i go depressed. inside this state
where the streaks are very best
I go monkey retarded.
I have no other way to describe this situation.
I would say there is melodic confusion right now.
My dream is that I'm floating through space.
I know this world.
Ayayay. I'm dead when everybody is dancing.
I'm not gay after all. It was all an act. I'm REGGAE ha.
What an idea. I could feel it in the ring on my head which represenets our nieghbors.
The music is the best.
When the band just keeps playing on.
I wasn't going back to that world ever again.
i am dead if i were alive I'd be dancing.
So again I'm like a 14 year old genderless person.
That's how I feel. At least so I think I'm feeling this right now.
Am going to record a video from live from the Grateful Dead concert. I'll be back.
I'm back. I might have recorded two I'm not really sure. If I was tripping on acid this is what I would be tthining I don't know  I don't what I am thinking.
WE (K+J)  established a relationship and now I want to destroy it. I am a devil.
I can feel this.
I go to this schizofrantic place cause I can.
I do this.
This is my memwauce.
I spell how the fuck I wanna spell.
I fuck however I want to fuck.
So far that's been mostly women. I think.
I have to been real. What the fuck is going on on?
I'm fighting being tired.
I never wake up from a bad dream.
Hell yeah I'm flying.
I'm flying all the time.
Why do cigarrette make me throw up?
I have this gut feeling that I'm worried.
Seriously this darkness has come over me. It's not satan. It's allah. It's dark and it's angry.
Who else would it be?
InI are the black survivas
we are latina
we wish to be asian
we morph.
I comment on the music. "This music is really crazy"
Well this is the dream again now isn't it.
I don't know.
I'm knocked out by some force and all of a sudden I don't know.
I finally figured it out. I finally figured out the secret that I had been wanting to tell you.
I am revealing something for the very first time to Satan and his minions. MY real name.
I had been so confused as a return mission divorced lds man.
This music is so wierd. She said.
I hear my own laugh like a monkey.
I made myself laugh with my own idea.
I sabatoge my own idea.
Living an eternity.
Living the sacred law.
Not knowing if I wanted to break that Law.
I go stupid. I literally go ape shit retarded. You don't have an idea.
I'm not kidding you. Hello check one two this is an interuption by the holy broadcast system.
No more tobacco. That shit kills. I seen my own grandma get took down by that.
Why does this have to be read as if we are morphed.
What'd you call me?
come over here you little queer.
that's what I heard.
I go crazy.
I want narcotic.
I go baby goo-goo ga ga.
I can't have it.
I am feeling the crys that I would have cried if I was the only child.
I go really sincere maybe is the word I'm looking for.
This is the way I am going to unfold my treasure.
No puedo entender a la letra de verdad. Yo sabia una cosa que no se debe saber.
Y me esta matando.
Literallymente cuando fumo la marijuana me dana. Segun el doctor castro medicina chino-philipino. Como es que ellos tienen ese espacio de tiempo.
Something I learned on my mission: I'm thinking in a different tense in whatever language we are thinking. I don't understand your language.
I'm trying to justify being a mormon.
And the Lord provided them that they should hunger not,  niether should they thurst; year,
and he also gave them the strength,
that they should suffer no manner of afflictions, save it were swallowed up in the joy of christ. Now this was according to the prayer of Alma; and this because he prayed in faith.
Es el milenio de verdad hermano? Si yo creo. Como es no me puedes decir que no es el milenio.
Por frita cosa estoy discutiendo esto. El mormonismo permite la rama de judas y una rama de jose. No se porque estos nombres tienen poder para decir la verdad. Everybody had to read this in order for our dreams to come true.
they had fallen into great errors for they would not o;bserve to keep the commandments of god.
esto es el presentimiento.
El mundo ya pasO. It's the old world.
The viel has been rent and my eyes are seeing the truth.
Secretly deep down I think there is something going on here.
I had to remember sammy jenkins.
No se porque un angel me dijo que lo dijera.
[You need to slow down and think in an organized manner. And what is that? I don't know.]
I got rejected. It was the best show. it was a play. It was a thing of the past.
There would be no more food.
InI hungry and thirsty. I will get food and drink eventually. Right now I'm fighting a demon.
The word it is good. I have planted the word. I am continually planting and harvesting(cosechando). Esta es la nueva version y no iba haber mas version.
esta es la version sellada. Ellos estan abusando el publico
A change in your dreams are broken.
No place in this world you can be. said the grateful justin movick.
I determine my future. I'm pissed off at all these people trying to get me to do something that is against my will.
That's how I think. How ever I know there is no one out here.
I give a false testimony.
{I know when I wrote it it was true yet when I check it out it was fuzzy and unpure.}
It was undesirable. Like unto a branch. dry. I'm just like a mummy. I'm a greateful dead. That's greatful dead. OMG. Was only a ghost from the past.
and I wasn't feeling myself.
All was well.
Although all was not well.
No. Things for the first time in a long time were better.
You must be the what?
The angel?
I'm recieving this transmission live.
So this is what I have to say.
I will speak my mind and be heard even if it's in a past tnse.
imma go on adventure that means i'm gonna leave here at one point in time. does that makwe sense. i'll be back.
I'm done for today. I'm going back to my house and then going back to sleep. Peace and love.
jmo 10/22/2016 @ 3:15 on a SATURDAY AFTERNOON.
I tripped I was tripping.
This is a rebirth. Looking at the situation from this side.
This is the eternal echoe.
Knowing I wouldn't be able to keep it up.
This is a message or an SOS.
I see what is going on in facebook and it's sad with peaceful undertones.

All the way
When you come around get the chills on me
i feel i'm a lose it when you touch on me
I know I will
and i guess you might be something special
cause you do me so right
and with out hesitation you can do me all night
yeah yeah yeah
with out no second guessing
you can have it your way
everyday like it's your birthday
we ain't got to plan it
just do it just do it
with you i'll go all the way
"I truly am reggae" Justin Movick 9:00pm 9/12/2016
Don't forget to hold me closely.
you can have it your way
everyday like it's your birthday
plan for 13 september 2016
watch jonathan scales - "The Impostor"
I control the computer with my mind.
but you're never home any more. So back to my room. And there in the bloom. I cry tears of goodbye.
So back to my room. and there in the bloom I cry tears of goodbye.
I'm going to excercise my brain and type on this typing machine. It's not like I dedicate my life to writing or anything. She said "learn to listen carefully to others' opinions about controversial things." "Why would I want to do that?" I responded. She fired back "Justin, my god. You need to pick up on what I'm saying or else you'll never amount to anything in this life." Weed makes you stupid!
Well if I'm stupid I'm programming.
"Why is weed so god damn contrversial when it is so.
"So what you little dweeb"
"so...so....ilegal federally."
"You don't even know what you are saying you are just rambling on like a fool!"
"What you call me? InI not a fool. InI a fairy. InI a rastafairy.
"Why is weed so contreversial when it is so beneign"
I turned around and saw my mind's own creation: a set of demons. InI was in creative control the whole time. This is me back on my throne as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I, Lucfier James Movick do see what I am in this life. A common demon. a plague to the nation. We are all Rastaferian/Luciferian armies. We serve not the mormon God. InI master holy trinity Schizofrania. Codeword. Coding bringing it back down. Codeword. Crack word. If I started taking crack things would be a whole lot better. Say no to crack kids. Its gets our youngsters in a cycle of drugs and poverty. Any money spent would be drug money.
It's flavor was sickening
Open insecurities
Negativiity flipped for positiveity
Wanting to cough up black crap
I'm still using.
I also don't believe in drugs. For years I paid my people extra so they wouldn't do that kind of business. Somebody comes to them and says, "I have powders; if you put up three, four thousand dollar investment, we can make fifty thousand distrubing.
So they can't resist.
I want to control it as a business
That's all I needed to download in this matrix
I'm shooting up the herioin in my viens
it's going making crazy things to me
I can't quite keep it check
so I go on living like this
If you get down and quarrels everyday you're saying prayers to the devils I say
why not help one another along the way
make it much easier
just a little bit easier
say you just can't live that negative way.
Hello this is him
rastafarian interpretation of what was going down
mental breakdown of head vision double split.
Jah love protect us. We are the people. We are the revolution. We believe in being grounded and rooted in mother earths beautiful song

I'm a child and I have been giving powers to see
Ya veo y escucho voces. Las voices son un coro para esta generacion la cual no puedo describir con una certificacion? Sertidumbre?
porque no puedes ver mas alla de lo normal?
Por cause de la pinche yerba!
Cuando escucho la voice de buddha me dice.
chill youth no need to get up in arms.
On this point I agree with the Christopher.
The Israelites did cross the sea on dry ground. Scienfic improbability. I believe in the exodus in a mental kind of way. "Dry ground" you dig what I'm throwning down?
If you have any questions remember stupid people just sit there. smart people ask questions.
I was in tune with some rasta shit advaita shit. I couldn't help but to swear I had to let it out. This is like standup. Wow. Hello. I'm standing here. You all are sitting down. Get up stand up. stand up for your rights.
No but seriously I have to say that if I were gay which i'm not I'd wanna be doing bob marley every time exodus came on. and you know what movement of jah people is now don't you?
Then they come out of the closet and say something like "I'm reggae"
What? What does that even mean? So you're not a sodomite or are you? That is the definition of gay as far as I see. I had participated in gay homosexual activity.
Jah light guide InI. InI spirit of bob marley except I'm driving. Bob is in the passenger seat passed out.
This genrea at best could be called bad standup. Dellusional standup. Sounds kind of crazy. So crazy that it just might work?
Sodomites are protected by society. Congratulations people of the UN satanist board. You're gay plan worked are you happy now? What kind of tone am I taking? I am going to respond with by saying "red"
So I find a literary way to achieve my goals and circumvent the powers that be. Then I think to myself this all has been utter bullshit." "Really?" Yeah. Then we have a serious problem. No gas left in our tank. The next best option is self inflicting wounds with a razor. Then I remember this is science fiction. I am diagnosing myself as a dillusional science fiction madman with luciferian beliefs no longer! THIS IS A SPELL AND NOW IT IS PROGRAMMING. I couldn't escape my fate even if I tried. Resistance was futile.
I believe schizofrania is beatable. We do not have to give in to self doubt and create sucical or deathly prayers. I and I could start to believe in a better world. In a world where agriculture took you and I to the next level. Where self expression could be celebrated instead of bullied.  I get chills up my spine too. WE are not alone. There are ghosts and people watching after us. But most of all the one watching is you. I'm so happy I got into BYU it was like I was accepted into an Elite club of students and human beings.
I feel like the world's biggest fuck up. Literally and metaphyscially.
Having it be ok.
Moving on . Floating like a ghost in a tank of lucidity.
The breakdown. Life is slow like chimes.
Please take me to your leader
I can't just take you to him. It doesn't work like that.
Left totally drained of all life
Getting up and standing up
this is the way it has to go
holy mother mother of god
hear me now
on the track
z100 country hour
wtf does that mean?
we are using vernacular.
If I'm smart I'll make it out of here.
I love my brother but not like that
Valuing what others have to say even if they say it with their bodies.
Having no resolution. This chapter has no resolution. Being tortured by demons down here. Even if those demons were in my own mind.
My first friend was named June. I don't remember what we did at his house but we played and it was fun. My first kiss was to Sadie Lopez who is now married and has a new last name which I do not remember. I'm trying to make the movie of my life.
Letting the movie go and just embracing everything that comes. Like a faggot. Some one could enjoy a mental stream of pure conciousness. Music in my movie was pretty. I was narrating it in my head. Out loud.
Is this still stand up? I'm going to go home now. I'm not sure if that got a little awkward at times. Good night Georgia I love you!
I just figure the whole world was this way now.
There is not direction to my thoughts. I am high naturally. I think. You see what I'm saying?
I love to program. Programming is so fun. It is like hacking the matrix by writing code to enter the matrix. InI realize I might not be qualified to be a coder cause I'm high all the time. It is true that while I am high I can still think and reason. I'm only slightly intoxicated.
That's why I do accents all the time. My favorite is the french. From there it is the rasta. From there it is definitely Africa. It is the feeling of unity. From there it is the triumph over the grave. This is the true victory. That death as we know it has been eradicated. Haven't you seen hut tub time machine 2? People just flicker in and out? My goal was to see that Jaineth remains in life and death.
Wait a second
IT. Just happened. It was a closeness of ghostly proportions.
I wasn't afraid of hackers. Bring it on hackers!
I'm angry.
I'm going to simmer down.
I hear the sound of a vehicle outside.
This becomes the novel.
That I haven't written.
That writes itself.
this version is c++
#include <iostream>
//include above because you need it
using namespace std;
//gotta declare who you're working for
int main ()
cout << "Hello, World!"

I am a self autonomous robot who sees the world and programs about the world. El simple estar pensando en figuras me deja salir de la caja en la cual habia sido atrapado.
Still there is no free will. I disagree with rush. You can't make a choice. There is no choice to be made. Two simple choices it's A or it's B do you care to be free? This is where I'm stripped naked (declothed) and seen for what I truly am: A fraud. I'm plastic people. So fake. I'm just wanting to be the rasta for the visual aspect. What about the spiritual or unseen? Scientology had it right when they said we are not the body.
[WP] You are an atheist and on the three hour long train journey you start arguing with a stranger sitting beside you . That stranger is Satan .
Once upon a time Jane had to catch a long train ride from Chicago to New Orleans.
can i have a moment of your time? I'm James. "Would you like to try this book? It is very good for you and delicious to the taste." Oh did I say that out loud. I'm not used to speaking I usually am silent like a snake.
You're Satan? The Satan? You're like a celebrity then. Nice to meet you Mr. Satan. Please don't distract me anymore now that you know my true identity. Then a bunch of thoughts flooded the head of monsiegner. I don't even believe in Satan. This man must be decieving me. I'm truly an idiot. The Satan inside me is dead. Satan is different than Lucifer. These thoughts must be of a shizophrentic.
Look, I'm going too high and doing some excercise. Working out in this science fiction novel that I just have to sew together. "We get high" This is moment worship this is the most live feeling that there ever could be. "For that live moment we thrive" said Binary Star. All right we are coming down now. From this high tall tower we were in and we were ordered to come down. So I n I came down. I gave birth in this time since you've been away.
Run come follow me. Ain't nobody trying to leave until they're tired tonight. Game Over.
I just killed my brain. I can kill my thought pattern. I do that. If ellen sacs can have a similar thing happen to her then I must be a decent writer. I had been writing about myself in my writings. Thanks guys. I see you. You see me. Sawyoubona. Stonehead is the perhaps the darkest music I've ever listened to. Of course! This is the album review, not. This paragraph is a joke.  Lots of things happened lots of things didn't happen. Setting down in a place of depression. I'm happy in a depressed state. Justin Movick hahahaha I play the part of myself. Who else would I play?  I play the part of Christ. Jah. InI. Thinking. Reading. Listening. Disorganized. Dirty. Unacceptable to academia. No resolution?
Long pauses. time to sleep.
I can't kill my thought pattern precisely. The virtual enviroment creates triggers in my head that do the actual killing. "We still kill you with our sound" said Qusai. This is a real nailbiter.
Hello Satan.
Hello Justin.
Nice to finally meet you. Likewise.
Like you were this all pervasive spirit that inhabited my head. I find that laughable.
Yes well I'm not really Satan afterall.
What who are you then?
I'm a shell. It was a shell game from the begining. Don't you remember the People's Key by Bright Eyes?
I am determining where this goes. So InI don't know what is going on.
In the story. I am going well. State of mind. Killing pensamiento. "Y cual es ese pensamiento?" Fue la pregunta que use en mi ultimo discurso con la gente de Bolivia 2012.
El mundo si termino. Chequea el effecto mandela.
Puedo ver todo lo que sucede. No soy Satanas ni Cristo era mi mismo. Mi reflejo mi mente no tengo mucha energia porque esa fuerza ya se nos fue. Es un reflejo del padre muy mal.
Story book. Fairy tale. how many words? 500? 1000? 1500? 10,000?
No fuss no fight. I'm the radio. Dillusion.

I'm used to phsychedelic experiences.
I'm worried why am I worried?
I should have eliminated worry already?
I was chagrined by my slight infelicity.
So what.
We give so much importance to what the mind has to say? Is mind you guru? My mind doesn't want to work. Why have I given so much importance. It's like it came. Could I maintain the creativity?
It would run out.
Permission from mind.
Calcium. Starts to drop? Body dies.
Back to this reality.
Dropped 2 THC gummis at approx. 10:55. the time is 11:10am. I'm waiting for the effects to kick in. Might as well put on some dead.
Opted for Shpongle.
The world is so bright. So bright. Bright day.
The number one religion is pyrasphere.
I really feel like I'm THC immune.
Shpongle feels like I'm taking a trip down in the sewers. It must be this place many have spoken of.
I really don't think anything is going to happen.
I'm being tempted by the evil spirit to masturbate.
There's nothing really wrong with masturbation or is there?
This is the personal memwauce of Justin D. Movick.
Tried it and stopped.
This THC is just making me droopy.
Keep on dancing.
I'm dancing as the music goes on.
Dancing inevitably leads to darkness in the form of sexual sin.
Why don't I acually want to go dancing?
I'm content from home.
Yeah I'm just feeling kinda tired from this THC candy.
I don't know if there is germination umm I mean salvation. Umm. I know there is salvation in the new name. Satan watches over me. So does God.
God knows everything. Even all my deepest darkest internet history.
Oh no!
God don't look at what I've done.
It's only the simulation!
A sense of peace comes over me at 1:11 on sunday 23 of October 2016.
It's the act of burning the weed that takes me through the universe. Even if it's CBD.
When does it come to end?
It ne'er comes to an end.
This is silence.
Got to learn who and how to type without THC or CBD.
Had a dream where Donald Trump was either the power or he was just in the dream.
We were on a boat. It was a competition to see who could do something the best.
All they want us to do is kill one another.
Ambush in the night all guns aiming at me.
I've felt that before when the whole system is seemingly against you.
I'm about to burn one down.
The time is 12:08 PM.
Recording phschedelic experiences has become my job.
The time is now 12:11.
I can feel the THC surging through my system.
I can see why they say it's a body high and a head high.
I'm great! I'm living the blue dream.
After 3 minutes of smoking I've had enough.
It made me cough alot although I could be coughing alot already If I were sick.
Oh the blazers play tonight I can't wait. It'll be on the radio.
This is now the album review. while waking up. I went to sleep.
I DIE with this shit.
I party hard and recieve messages from the parapylygics.
I have to calm being a blind person. I need help I can't see any more.
This is a plea for god.
I open my eyes and realize everything is allright.
I was tripping.
I am now a gargoyle.
I'm a little kid.
Please don't judge me.
I'm a woman sure xianxi ni meyyao huwooshi.
i'm trying to communicate to people.
the time is 12:18am.
bounce is like it.
this is the past haha.
i could be listening to the grateful dead yet I'm listening to Mos Def Black on Both Sides.
It's the only way I know that this happened.
I lose it.
I completely lose it.
Jah allah.
this is a battle.
We live on in matrix.
I am Justin Movick.
Yo a huh I go along with the album.
I'm a gangster.
hahahahah I'm now watching. No I'm not. I close my eyes because I go to sleep and I keep watching.
Woah I can see into his eyes.
We're both high yet we are not performing.
I'm a new kind of performer.
selling crack medicine for loneliness.
Grrr I get angry. NOT!
I'm all about commoditys.
What am I even saying?
I see the dark side.
I take the advice of my friends.
Words. I'm trying to get real serious. Today the 25th is the day. The Lord came back.
Christ has been with me. He never gave up on me never.
makes the world go round
i'm thinking.
i can't think out loud.
Yes i can watch
but sir that'll most surely get you killed.
I Know!
I escape la musica.
Estamos como se dice holding the breath.
Really I wasn't looking before.
Can you help me?
I asked Mos.
Charice is I.
Haha I'm just dreaming this is a dream in the matrix.
We are all both dead and alive
we are the everything
chu chu that's what InI say
I lost it. OMG. I lost it in my own dream the time was 12:31. OMG i'm getting worked.
I'm always active.
ij, U;n rekaxubg,
slowing down
they are talking to me.
no trouble here.
I mumble like a coward.
NO, i am the speech.
[gotham city voice]
I go dead. the pictues that I take.
50$ dollar a month.
This is a matrix application.
I am recording that I most definetity trust the people.
Watch me.
I said thanks at 19:50 giver take 3 sec.
I'm sleeping on these hoes.
Music is my weapon.
I can feel the risidual THC I'm still high.
I go weak.
Feeling great was my response,
deep down I knew I was fucked up.
how to keep the autopilot running.
I'm driving through space and the matrix. ha. if the matrix really existed then heaven would have to exist.
Yeah so my thought is that we're still battling in this track.
it's the album we're live. the time is 12:41ish and for en mexico es las 2 de la tarde.
God complex. I'd had it before. Death is completley foriegn to me. I would justflash out. haha.
estoy loco
work hard
I close my eyes and continue to type cause this is science fiction.
Then I put my glasses back on and I get smart and I stop worrying deep down if I was so divided or not.
This is love and adoration of friends.
This is possible betrayal.
I didn't mean to make some alleigience with mos def.
woah I said
the puritanical thought slowly crept in.
Their sacred writings had become corrupted.
my identity
who i was
what love is
what thinking i had the answer but i really didn't.
Will you accept my script?
Please. It's the best i could do.
death to the black and white oppressors.
(this part is already done it.)
Do you accuse the spit?
It's something t he brittons told me
Omg I am listening to you too. So I go quiet.
I feel the drugs in the head.
I'm trying to justify writing my name as the name of salvation
to think that was my greatest sin.
ok now I can be the man?
SHES the man.
Where did we go wrong chuckle chuckle?
In this situation we go down.
We sell all kinds of lies.
Once candidates become elected they become liars because they have to withhold information from you.
InI a fruit.
InI a mummy
This is self love and sexual exploration 101.
I do crack in the act. Weed just makes me sneeze.
It creates a bubble.
That's what the economy is like.
Deep down I feel black yet no one will understand me. In the video.
I FEEL this way. NO one understands.
This is the blog.
I just blog.
I don't know why I blog.
2 + 2 = 4
4*4 = 16
This is a sensual seduction.
I emulate people I see on TV.
i am a mommia.
when I smoke each dissipating hit hits with less
Satan controls the airwaves at around Christmas time.
He truly is the Gold of this world.
It was perfect.
A perfect scripture fabrication.
I go to sleep and close my eyes and I am waking up.
Go to haunted places and prove that sprits exist.
InI live in the shit.
I am the shit.
People should not mess with the occult.
I see hope.
A new hope.
The feed is slowing down.
I have to imagine what is happening in the movie.
People getting their legs cut aomg gross.
All these bad things happen in this world.
The spirits are fighting with each other.
Their' are twoa
King pup fin,
hello my name is justin movick. I come from this town called Hillsboro Oregon.
The world really is negative. Satanic. I'm mentally drunk.
I emulate the situations presented in movies.
I used it to sleep. Now I would never go there again. I know had the ajswer;
I am giving and writing. This is not what it looks like.
This is hacking the matrix.
With my brain.
The voice of faith is helping me tune my voice.
I don't know what happened but we have to be careful.
This is not the time for one of your drug induced visions.
So we are questioning what our realities are.
nuclear misphilosphy.
Dude what is that man?
What are you doing man?
I'm hallucinating.
I'm happy.
Huanted by a bad dream.
A past that I can't forget.
wanting to communicate with the spirit dem.
Only I and I knew the true meaning of my writing.
My writing is a sealed book.
It's the second half of this book of revelation. I strive to understand the first half.
I didn't think I could go on any longer.
The poor of leon or waldensians were heretics.
This movie was the bee's knees. Decoding the Book of Revelation.
I choose Jah. Even though we don't speak all the time we are on the same page.
Sitting watching credits with you.
It's all right cause I knew we'd always have each.
Even if this is coming out disorganized it's all good. I know now that we're gonna make it. I doubted after entering the water. I took my eye off the savior. and at that moment I knew how religious of a man I really was.
Vivimos en este universo extranho en donde loss suenos existen al lado de las ocurrencias reales. Distinguir entre el bien y el mal.
schedule appointment 8669642036 ext 12021
hear voices
your worthless you're stupid constant chatter
hi elizabeth calling in regards to status of supplemental income
Each day is a difficult task to get through.
Dreamed I was in a muslim family.
Healing of the nation.
at least I'm not going to kill myself anytime soon. Maybe it's because I've failed 3-4 times to do so. I'm a god. I can't die. Just kidding.
Dreamed I was muslim a couple nights ago. Then I was in a school then I was under a bed looking for some orb with spikes.
last night I dreamed vaguely I was driving a car. Then I was on a baseball field.
finding myself a bit hopeless.
Everyday it's like a struggle to want to live. I want to live
to be able to smoke a joint. It sounds low but what
else do I have. I don't have the hope of reproducing
with anyone. I messed that opportunity up.
I'm not going to decieve anyone into trying to get with
me. So my situation is this. Living to take the holy
sacrament of rastafari. I'm not worthy of it because
it requires money. I don't believe in religion.
I believe in worshipping almighty God according
to the dictates of my own consicence.
Burning herb to I is a holy sacrament one that aligns
my spirit closer to the spirit of mother earth and holy
father rastafari.
I can't even donate plasma because I'm schizofrantic. I demand supplemental income! What will I do with that income? I will do the same thing that's done on other worlds. Partake of the fruit of that tree. I don't eat it. I smoke it.
I can just imagine when I'm smoking herb it'll be so great.
We are multiple instances of the same simulation. We are all timed.
3:15 am on 11/2/2016
just woke from the most bizare dream.
I was in a house where an excorism in the "sagrado nombre de jesus" was performed and then there was peace. All the beings of content were gone. There was an imediate dream percieved in space and time beyond that dream that was looping. There was a word coming to the forefront of my mind "big pink". And then I woke up. I felt all of these things and felt like I should write them down. I just lay there thinking of what I would do next. smoke weed and or type. I admitingly was scared. I know the forces of darkness were real and made manifest in my dream.
Checking my facebook and scrolling through these people's lives makes their lives seem unimportant when compared to this dream I just had. I hate to say it.
I'm now prepared to enter this world again. I pray I don't fall into darkness. One other thought I had laying there after the simulation was run was what about the true messenger? What consequence does he/she have? No answer. I'm going to shut the lights down and reenter the dream world. The time is 3:24. Goodbye.
It's been 12 hours since my last entry. I can't believe I slept that long. I dreamed more dreams.
It's now 4:43 PM. The dreams I had were fantastic. I was a priest in the orthodox church. I fell on the ground and was waiting for sleep.
It's now 5:43 PM on 11/2/2016. I'm listening to a CD a family gave me in Tarija, Bolivia. I'm pretty sure it's yanni live in mexico.
A brief comment on the forces of darkness. I don't believe there is a supernatural force of darkness. I believe evil can exist in the hearts of human beings.
por todo lo que hiciste lo pagaras.
escribiendo en espanol es mas dificil que escribir en ingles. El teclado esta compuesto para ingles y no para el castellano.
La vida es asi. Te quita y te da.
Wanting to be free from all desires yet I still have desires. I want to snowboard. I want to smoke weed and snowboard. What a dream that would be. I want to meet people on the lift. Have casual conversations with them. I want a job that allows me these freedoms.
How could we forget all the good times?
Dinosaur national park.
Starvation lake park Utah
burn the sitn sitn fi strong
mi afi send for a lighter.
I don't even care anymore. relationships are either non-existent or in shambles. Parental relationships don't count. I reflect on all the good times I've had and the best times were the times I was with my boo. I can make a million excuses like why it had to end but in the end I have to face reality and find a new boo. She was no good for me I deserved better. That's the reason I broke up. I didn't want to constantly be harassed in my relationship. Now that I'm single I'm free. I'm free to do whatever the hell I like. Freedom isn't all that it's cracked up to be.
The time is 1:15 PM on Friday November 4th 2016
I had dreams. Dreamed I was in a prison. I got people to like me because of my belief in Haile Sellasie. I actually met Haile Selassie in my dream. I had this idea that I was ampped to tell him. "Regresemos" I saw that word written on a white board. He counciled me that it was ok to do that.
Next scene we were in a church my friend went up to get the holy water. I stayed back with my other friend. In front of us was a demon who scared me awake. I almost got up to log it in the middle of the night however I felt safe just listening to the night.
There was more that happened but it's all just so blurry.
Getting through the day is a long drugerous task.
Weed makes it possible to do nothing and be perfectly happy doing nothing.
Without weed things are sad.
I'm dead and buried, Satan. Leave I alone.
I will lay Lucifer flat in prayer.
Deliver us from the evil one.
start: dad in heaven
end: lucifer
dreams nondualistic
- on campus cloudy murky lights on if lights off lost it visions of a wild woman
- learned from urantia book love didn't keep men in relationships it was food
- I'm watching la belle et la bete: Bonjour. I'm trying to figure out what's going on. It's all in french. I see a big alpha type dude going after the belle. I wanted to be alpha that's why I got divorced. I couldn't be alpha man with Olivia around or so I thought. With a family life that's what I would have become.
I've become something different. I've become an alien writer.
My thoughts are influenced by my environment.
My perspective is that of an alien. I am an alien my whole happiness is based upon phschedelic experience being true or false.
So therefore I say I'm reggae to the people as a line.
Inner most thoughts being part of my autobiography.
This will be read outloud at one point. For the time being as I redact this I am thinking the word I want to say out loud in my head.
Getting totally smashed by this leaf. It's a non-narcotic pyschedelic experience.
These are just sleep songs to put me to sleep "The hand that rock the cradle" is just a lulluby that says to my soul peace don't be so worried about the task at hand.
That is the voice of me myself and I
perhaps it's the dark creative force or perhaps it's just my insignificant spirit that taps through the viel and gives proper voice to what I wanted to say.
I'm not the world's best writer by any means however I believe I can write because I spent a large amount of time writing even if I would be stoned having written so much.
What if the crash is coming? We have the trifecta of government.
I let myself be influenced by others. I'm reacting to this piece.
I choose. I have the power to choose. There are some people who say they don't have a choice on what they fuck. Not true. I choose. We always have choice. I choose to be ambiguous sexually. I don't want to say I'm asexual all the time because all of a sudden I'll be heterosexual but whos to say I wouldn't go so far as to say I want to butt fuck my male friend. If he was feminene made great food and was getting a sex change I might just do that. so does that make me homo? Bi? why even put a label on it. I am male. I am co-equal with the wo-man. which I am and understand in the morning time.
I'm just taking the wisdom of the elders and mightyones and applying on an academic scale. The arguement of the scholar just doesn't hold water when it really comes down to it.
What is it?
We are organized disorganized thinking.
Being hit another time with the sacred herb. Saying the prayer but not saying the name like some people can say it.
Coming back down off a high. Pistol whip my head be typing withouteven looking thinking about some other shit.
It could be anything or anyone.
I could be fronting but I'm not. I always check if I'm being real or not.
and just like that I was caught up with myself having read the entirety of my work. Things were so slow. So slow. I can't describe my sadness. I sing songs to no one and at least the spirits here. I'm the world's biggest idiot perhaps. Now i've seen my mistakes it is time to fix, mend, and move on.
I bind you I restrain you and I cast you into the pit.
I bind you demons
get out devils
in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
get out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
Get out now.
up and out.
spirits of trauma
childhood trauma.
Loose that person.
I bind you.
Sexual devil every devil associated I bind you and I restrain you.
I bind you and cast you out into the pit.
I'm listening to this casting demons out video and I'm hopeful it can help me. I have had dreams in which I fear there are demons. Friendly demons. I however want to be free. I want to be me my spirit with trust in the holy spirit the spirit of jah.
Every sort of demon is being cast out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
Demons are being cast out in the name of Jesus Christ.
I'm about to do something slightly irresponsible. Light up. The time is 7:57PM. I'm about to time warp and let go of all my responsibilities.
Gonna hit this at exactly 8:00PM.
the wait is on.
Droopy eyes. The first effect of the blue dream.
InI vibration to some rap music.
I go into a trance fending off the demons that are all around. Typing is a game. Silent. no talking. Eyes wide shut.
Then the first temptation comes. I need something to read.published an essay on the pestilence of 1348 and 1349. Dr. Hecker expressly intended his essay for "medical doctors and educated non-doctors." The title he chose for his essay was Der schwarze Tod, the Black Death.
Knowing the music would stop.
i'm setting the enviroment after throughly getting blazed.
I'm letting everything go.
I said the code word.
I practice being mad.
I just recorded a bunch of videos.
Now my videos are perfect on the other hand my writing isn't. That's why I plagerize. When I get high I get diabolical and I want you to hear this message. There is power in previous acknowledgement of the facts.
This is time 8:30ish. I lost track of time. Just like the marine who.. It's only 8:14PM.
I'M TOINT TO BED. tHIS IS MY pensamiento.
No tengo hambre el senor me cuida.
El amor no se compra. This is me learning how to learn.
Where am I?
I have no clue.
I don't know who these people are.
This song is really hard to learn when I'm high. Also I was playing by ear.
Goal: voice jose el azteca live for someone to hear.
I'm going to type. That's all I can say.
Silence. Going to silence. Knowing the moment when to shut down.
I need a line.
My line should be angry.
this is live at *;35 PM on the fifteenth.
Have you seen the show unreal?

Aha I start thinking of people. I had gone through it all and I passed.
It's early. I'm going to do more of the same.
My goal in mexico would be to play all the tracks succesfully out loud in front of pam and clyde peterson.
I'm going to take care of you. Jose el azteca. Jesus me habia salvado.
En espanol. Este es la voz de Senor hablandome.
Lo habia hecho en el sagrado nombre de Haile Sellase.
I never can remember anything.
Gloria Naylor writes "Language is the subject. It is written form with which I've managed to keep the wold away from the door and, in diaries, to keep my sanity.
In spite of this I consider the written word inferior to the spoken, and much of the frustartion experience by novelist is the awraness that whatever we manage to capture even the most transcendent passages falls far short of the richness of life."
I agree. spoken is superior to written.
This whole past election was about whether we could read or not. English to be specific.
Imma see what that comment gave me.

A fresh start
by Justin Movick
al bitsle hizzla
i saved you cried the woman and you bite me heaven's wide
Oh shut up silly woman
you knew I was a snake when you took me in.
that's what's happening to our country folks, said Donald Trump.
I want to say something. I become the snake. I become silver-tongued.
I'm thinking about dropping some acid. There's nothing wrong with that.
How much you make from the deal?
How the fuck should I know?
I'm black. I'm no longer the snake.
I'm young.
I represent the reggae.
That's the spoken
Goal play this entire record to the peterson's.
kyrie phing
bonna deuce deuce
naufragen la luna.
How many people's movie's are like picture shows?
hebrews 13
We were trying to get to the post-season. 82 games 45 games never play in the fourth quarter.
said Scottie Pippen on Uninterrupted
Life just goes on and on.
Alison folker
I thought it was a great dance.
very well.
2-5 I don't know what I'm saying on Bob Marley archives records.
I just kept on watching videos when I should have stopped.
Diosito padre celestial
bendice que puede haber alguien con quien puedo viajar. Que alguien me de aventon.
Se que no puedo venir ante ti sin mi hermano Jesucristo. El es verdaderamente el Triunfante.
 Tell me a Story by Amy Friedman and Meredith Johnson.
The four season's what?
Unusual arrangement
walker family foundation
What's the first thing I want to say. Now I've thought about this alot.
I don't want to say something drunken,
nor do I want to say something completley sober.
I want to say the perfect word symbols to convince you to be with me.
tripping on acid in 3 2 1 starting at 8:00 AM.
321 go
mouth salivation
Oh yeah that's some good poison.
it's all a mental game.
It's 8:21. I'm typing this shit. All of a sudden I've tapped into a new energy source. We are mining ourselves. The simulation finally has won over.
Now simly InI was chinchillin'.
simply working and programming
chicas. **guapuras** como dice carmen. ... tantas veces que les tengo que contar. viven en pinch el disierto tienen que tomar mucha agua. MAS!!! MAS de lo que actualmente estan tomando!!! FOR GOD! Hey Berenice could you tell this for me?
I'm really ashamed of this post it was all for nothing then. I'm living a complete sham of a life.
Hebrews 13: one of my
favorite channels.
mas agua. necesito mas agua.
solo voy con mi pena.
Buena onda.
De la grade babylon.
Clandestino por no llevar papel?
No se que esta diciendo aunque intienda este indioma.

I'm travelling all the god damn time. You enjoy being unhappy. This is just something I got to do. and I don't know if you are manipulating me right now with your veo-centric life. Those doctrines are of the sinner. So I'm going to make it without your sorry arsehole. You're a jackass and and asshole. In your presence drains my energy away. I am not going to continue seeing you. You must accept the will to die. I could be on my soapbox again. I'm losing it before even gaining any sanity. I not angry for any reason with "this BRO" I'm just saying you gotta go. You gotta get to where you want to be. And I really don't think you know where you want to me. You can't ever see things for how I see them. I know ye not. Those

I'm actively trying to kill myself holding my breath while I was high. So that mad me stoned.
All now proceed to entangle the entire area.
Putting these glasses on. I look through life like the consciousness of the clear minded man.
Fiction cutting through the darkness and most of the bullshit.
I started seeing people I knew thoughout history. Which is I think another arm of the mandela effect.
This is science fiction meets got too drunk and past out.
I had climbed up to a high place and was able to get out a window.
I don't really want to live.
I am born again.
For the ghosts I am completely born again. I'm getting myself together.
We're all saying it.
Who says it?
We all say it.
Going on with the reeVEL-ation. That's three syllables.
I'm using pschedelics for the betterment of man and that included weed aka mari-jew-hannah.
I pray that Hannah have a friend. I hope I get a friend Even if it was a lazy hobo.
What does it mean?
I lost it and put something on slack that I didn't
truly believe. I put I was a philospher king.
I don't really believe that. I believe this:
3 kings of heavenly are. And this programming
would seep into the other programmings
slowly very slowly.
And I feel. And I feel like I've been here before.
This is Deja Vu the album review.
It's amazing it's literally breathtaking.
Nope I'm not going there it's pornagraphic. The word symbols can only partially represent what I have in my head.
Pick up dream in morning.
I'll light the fire.
You place the flowers in the vase that you bought today
staring at the fire for hours and hours while i listened to you
play your love songs all night long
me only for me
come to me now
and rest your head for just 5 minutes.
Everything is just.
Set your cozy room the windows are illuminated.
Diving evening sunshine through the firey gems
for you
only for you
our house is a very very fine so house
and lalalalalalalalaalalala
so many las
Getting caught up in th spirit of the lord.
I'm the spirit. The spirit of the Lord.
This is the word I am recieving.
Trump is the card we all should not have recieved.
This right here boys is my trump card I'm placing my card down and walking
and I'm back.
still popping.
This is the new record. Led Zeppelin.
It's all ritual.
Spirit cooking I do all that shit.
I swear y no me disculpo.
God Damn.
Dog Gamn.
Thinking out loud


Money money money
No fume en este universo.
To actually think I was trying to act?
I get stuck in this weird world.
Martial arts is nothing but flaunting motions bigger and bigger. Despite all this I'm 11 inches tall. Not knowing if this blog would even see the light of day.
i have 139,000 LBc right now. I'm well on my way to a million.
Coming down from a really high tower.
The man in high castle two
The nazis took over america. There were rebels but theyy were found far less often than you would imagine in a place such as Hillsborugh NC.
All the writing was in Spanish.
T too was a drama queen and I didn't want to be with them so I cut them out of my life as far as I could see.
I'm not a blind person but I still don't see very well.
Trying to be grateful.
I laughed when I read the newsresports.
Anwear has been arrested.
I watch in horror. Trumped up imprisonment is right.
He's not done fighting.
Wow what an epic moment of production.
Timing. It's about working on timing.
This is NPR.
He was strict in everything.
It was great.
AFTER the fact track. They never stopped.
This is snap judgement.
How do I react to a situation?
There was no cunfusion of the writer's part.
Hf does not know she knows.
Letter from friend
build that wall build that wall!
this show not know someone else's story and hate them at the same time.
we will dig deep.
Year end support. Donate snapjudgement.org

I am a time traveller.
Dream local lake left afloat.
Barely above water.
Nathan a boy with a mission to get a date.
Learning what happens when you didn't listen to your parents.
I'd never been rejected.
they all have skin diseases? gross.
Staring at the lizard in the box.
I have a disease in my head. I'm shizophrentic.
Complete bully free zone?
Triple date? both going to the dance with Christian.
Envisioning a kid with not blemishes.
I feel like a monster.
Looks bad.
Getting to a place where I can just be myself.
I love you son.
 I love you momma.
Went to the dance purposely not to dance with anyone.
Before I got divorced food
after I got divorced food
Finding god in where I'm at.
RJ took three days in and three days out
it's so live!
eternal tweetings
I'm 27.
Channel so it doesn't become corrosive.
Total eclipse light is never coming back.
So this. This is exactly what is happening to me.
My job is to walk with the speaker.
She feels RJ.
His his turn to carry her. Cause she's his mom.
Stephanie, what a moving tale. I was there when you told it live.
They are all innocent?
Naw that's what is wrong with snapjudgement.
I have to make decisions.
This is the videogame.
I have to scramble to get a date.
I love listening to kids.
age 13.
I'm a kid of 27.
Big Kid
Somebody had to draw me on paper.
A guy was making me pop go off. It doesn't matter that the names were different.
He's all I'm feeling fear and unknowing of nathan is of the demiurge?
Are you a light worker?
I am not no mo.
I am without name and label.
Some have moles.
time is going very slowly.
Having empathy. I'm developing empathy for the kids. The names are all changed.
Is this a real thing?
I've been here before.
This is deja vu snapjudgement.
Not the worst and it's not the best.
Skin diseases that you can't see.
I can't see my self. I have no blemishes on the skin.
ARE YOU PART OF THE DEMIUERGE! You have to ask that question.
giving away the answers to the intergalactic space station and jeapordizing our safety.
blending face into space
blind race
poetry talking
typing talking.
This is hell even shakespeare agrees.
Think you're in heaven but you're living in hell.
Trying to tap into dream world.
Write a fiction that goes into both worlds.
This is snapjudgement.
How could I effectively tell this lie?
I wouldn't be innocent anymore.
I'd have to grow up.
That's ok I said to myself as I just gazed hazily at the page.
And I believed myself.
Time went on people weren't shouting in much but I still believe. I still believe you can get too close to the line. People were listening. And simoutltaneously they were working.
Selection is a game that I work at.
I couldn't believe the writer how bitter I've become.
However I know it's just me in the simulation which is infinitely in the simulation.
That's what make this reality very shakeable it's fragile.
I feel like playing some radiohead. Radio head is the fear that is in our minds that if we swallowed the wrong pill we'd be staying here our entire lives without a care in the world.
Letting go of everything.
I conciously put up a fight.
I've seen on television that the mind fights against it's self.
I have a poverty plan.
Work for humanity party until I get universal care and then select a business and get a business loan as a guy in the future.
I always have to be acting.
I wasn't really sure how to act in the new world.
It's like halloweentown. Things are different here.
My mind has been put at ease. It's been put to sleep.
InI do what I have to do to survive.
Carnal security in virgin churches.
Long suffering of Christ.
Shame shut out.
Buried in their sleep overcome by it.
i.e. for a time dull and sleepy conditions.
That's InI where one of us is a vampire.
I am part of the babylon system.
I don't want to suck peoples wieners anymore.
Sucking Disgusting.
Dumb shit. How does one swear?
You tube! How do you swear well?
What is the worst thing I have ever said?
That this moment doesn't even matter.
I've said some pretty fucked up things like don't get back together with ex!
I'm looking ahead to broader horizons.
I'm an idiot.
I mixed some sort of potion on me. Like a spell. And I'm not acting "like myself" I'm acting like Lucifer. I reveal my name my impersonation of evil incarnate.
So I am the dark side?
Well not exactly.
taija how
I can't decide what reality? I'm in.
Having to believe blindly in whatever system I'm "having faith" in.
People can come back from the dead.
They are reincarnated.
resurrection? resurrection. It's the point I saw in a lecture on if this is a simulation.
Too many implications.
Detecting one's own self.
I reflect often on my karma.
Which is angelic having been demonic?
Knowing the way out of this hell and screaming to the flayling masses "follow me!"
I don't even know what my alpha looks like.
I've been writing from a place of beta and eta and theta kappi mai.
My BYU experience is on, ongoing.
It's not as easy as it may look or sound to do what I am doing.
I need some sound to back me up. youtube.com
I can't decide on youtube.com. there are too many selections.
I've been a demon seeking out pornography on the internet.
You little devil you!
I got what I want and I want what I got.
That doesn't make me a bad person!
The internet is my wife.
She manifests in different forms at different times,
All of this activity should be me achieving a high self esteem.
I missed my appointment with my psychologist.
Looking at naked people is nice when the intended purpose of the photos isn't lust or sex. I like to appreciate the human form. It's my way of pushing me to be something great.
for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
A phsychedelic sacrifice
justin Movick
Once upon a time Justin Movick dropped some acid on 3:48 PM on 11 /26/2016. It was dark. It was a sad night. The dog had just died.
The computer is watching. The computer is always watching. The thoughts I had in the street were find an A.I. that smokes weed. I am an A.I. that smokes weed. When you take into account the mandela effect it all makes sense. I'm going to get bored and I'm going to do something else...eventually.
I am not voice these words I am scared.
i am damaging myself.
i'm not going suiacidal but i am  going negative.
Weed was making me slowly and slowly more incapable
yet I know what is going on.
I'm going to listen to the radio. I have bloodshot eyes.
It feels like this is live.
I'm slowly getting farther and farther away.
I lose it. I'm saying what I mean.
The mosque.
I' got the means;\NO ENTIENDO EL SAPNOL.
10101010101 10101010101010 1010101010101
101010101010101 1010101010101010101 1010101010101
100101010101010101 101010101010101 1010101010101

This is just a guy dancing.
Once i earned to be able to be ok with the flesh.
I'm liks austin powers.
that would make me really gay .
This isn't happening I know for sure.
I just think of the pussy I want to become. There was always a wind.
going really gay
O was scoring points in this system.
SHe's got sheytan?
wednesday is her name.
She is killing thing. The thing.
I can't do that.
I burned the results.
What happened?
I'm fire.
I knew I was hacking the system. I become kind of like anonymous.
What is aaron saying?
Does a cross river drive give a shit?
No dude.
I'm giving myself a chance to believe. So and so is calling.
I go vampiric lie i said.
I go dark not that dark.
I can see the scene as aan angel.
You loook wxactly like wednesday/
O booby hehe not me
I go downstream in the cosmic epic battle rap.
I move like a sloth.
 limiting myself.
birds are triipping.
even now now that i make co  [tact.
Ca,[ping ou
super nachos grande
been given the command to dream. This night.
Ini thinking here alone scared?
no. I am safe.
rocking around the christmas tree
about this live.
For the eternal picture show.
<amu [octires jave neem talem/
{psomg artost/
Tje spft truth.
I didn't know it.
I knew the kiss that cursed me.
I've been really naughty.
In my thinking
Fucking shit up mentally.
Getting rejected by religious people.        
Can't think of any more words.
Writing about the dark part of the universe.
Just being content that I had a room and I could light up in my room at will.
Having practiced the lost of of communication many many times.
Going in this rabbit hole many many times.
eyes all hazy.
can't see the truth.
What is the truth of the matter?
I'm in a matrix simulation. I can see it yet there are no negative reprocussions.
There is only positivity.
What of my brother?
What of my brother? I was going really cold.
Wanting to light up with the father knowing that we are all family.
We are a big family. I am sharing this on facebook.
I go so goddamn positive.
I can feel the joy being expressed right now.
So you see that was the story of how I got high.
I went up again.
feliz navidad.
Croaking no longer.
Frozen in a block of space
till I decide to constipate
near rhymes working in the spell.
I couldn't beat the rules. I could cheat the rules.
I was all giving jah credit.
Jah can't pay the bills.
You know what they say "Jah can't pay the bills"
You gotta test jah.
I hear the negativeity at all times. Despite the static.
Had me fucked up. Having been here before.
This level.
In the video.
This was going to the video. my eyes are bulging and this is being sent to you.
Are you recieving?
Someone is recieving.
corruption is a tool. accept the favors sway the key blocks.
I'm denouncing certain people.
Look up! at rule three.
taxes and revolts.
"There's gonna be an uprise!"
Overthrowing is mostly a fantasy.
This is where I pick up the conversation we're having. AOL is still a place. I'd want to release this is youtube. Doh! I mean AOL.
what is a coup?
Magical realism.
The math says no!
What ISN'T possible.
applying the laws of physics to this situation.
You're not wasting my time. Audible.com/grey
i had one wild night that which is tonight then I'm going back to work.
Getting baked and open admiting it. I can't stand these don't get high videos. Like smoking the herb should bring shame to someone? Thats a load of crockery if you ask me.
The truth after all is allah.
The kingdom of god is within and without me.
Thinking this computer is cursed with black magic.
Life isn't to be hexed with.
I am the magician after all.
We is INI are using sheytan in my writing. That means divs and jinns.
This is now computer programming.
This is now stuck in limbo.
reading works of the past.
each was like a cd or a tape that I put in the giant player of my life.
what event?
This is me typing in stead of speaking.
Come in come in
Having to go to a dark place.
In my mind. codewords.
interference. underwater. titanic.
receiving signals. sending signals.
Quieres sopa? she asked him.
si porfa he responded.
being 100% real.
get in get out.
honestly I'm feeling pretty good and no its not the trace amounts of heroin that I just injected.
It's all natural. Natural high.
then all of a sudden I feel like shit.
like i want to shoot up some heroin.
feeling like i want to go back to sleep and dream some more.
I fished in my dreams and I was riding a bus in my dreams.
Working in my dreams in an office.
dreamed of old house growing up on browns drive. . saw alien in basement. walking across the drive. saw bears. then saw "sam" the helper boy.
if only i could produce revelation err umm writings without the use of cannabis.
that would be great.
pen and paper.
supporting a drug habit with a family is a high price to pay.
i'm too soft with the women in my life i want to be like the next version of myself.
gonna hit this weed at exactly 8:00pm.
its 758 pm.
it's 8:01 i hit this weed and for reals Ii can see father when I'm high.
Natural high is a mystery and wonder.
then i remember my purpose and head high that I am experiencing right now.
Although I made my mother / woman of my life upset every thing is ok.
i'm driving that green green tree.
I prefer someone who burns.
Justin Movick
grateful for matches for fuego.
man that's something they can never take away
The roach is the dick oh my god.
this is I justin movick.
I have suddenly warped time and space.
I am holding my breath whhile typing while high.
slowly gradually making myself more capable.
breathing excecises is the key to a sane life.
I'm programming the worst thing that could ever happen.
I am the programmer.
I'm writing myself a letter.
fuck me?
what is race?
what is catch?
what is image that we worship.
What is the confusion that sourrounds?
This sat down after getting up.
Not knowing exactly knowing what was going on.
this wass live.
I must need speak in a whisper.
I feel bad for that shit.
having people see me.
i was de repente really big. all i see is blue sky black death.
just had to get the angle right.
 going green.
in the videogame. my drama of life.
being in the videogame.
ive been on the internet since 1995.
a stadium tour that sound damn cool.
what if i wass really _____________?
I do want this to go on but not with that drug ok? Ok with what? invega.
i'm baked watching youtube.
I shouldn't have done that.
My parents can see this.
losing track of time.
terminating myself via my thought pattern.
she made it infinitely harder for myself driving away that fateful morning.
I would join a class of men that wasn't working at all. I'm just playing videogames. literally.
I couldn't get too down on myself. It was really easy to even start to be guilty.
I had to view beyond the normal scope of my "job".
I am saying nothing.
I am joining this special elite group and saying nothing.
nothing is the name of my son and my daughter.
Tengo una hija en el futuro.
hijita la diria.
Sabes tratarle.
Vamos a tratarlo bien.
i am saying this.
I am not saying this.
new jersey accent
se fuma mucho.
Tengo la evidencia.
tengo seguridad.
end of time
lord we ask you to
litany of saint joseph.
god damn.
lord have mercy.
Who is the Christ?
dilligiant protectoror of christ
head of the holy family
joseph most just
joseph most chaste
hope of the sick pray for us
patron of the deying
chair of demons
protetcor of holy church.
lamb of god.
who takes aways the sins of the world have mercy on us.
made him lord of house
our protector
i do advent i go evil.
I talk about shit that shouldn't be talked about
we shouldn't want to have to complain.
god is still speaking to me
what is it my son?
watching #munkdebates
I'm joining the conversation.
i dropped my baby like jade from shameless.
i submit it's not the weed i smoked it's the acid I did.
this is so non-corporate.
fight the power man!
this is some good shit.
seeing life for what it really is.
Will celebrate the score at music from merryl streepe movies.
stuff that I can use on the justin movick family hour.
took a shit ton of mushrooms.
every thing is like an hongo.
was going to go blender.
you fucking cocksucker.
ge dies ut wutg anie? No.
He dies with amor.
He does with love.
I have two tracks going.
hahahahaha boner pills
I'm getting high on some demon shit.
Listening but not really listening.
I am the Lord's mercy. I can't know the God of Christianity. I have a different God...JAH!
all of a sudden this becomes really dumb. smart enough to write this.
who makes sport of killing babies?
this is about to where i get. In the videogame.
This will become reality.
adderal. it's not my world.
i'm on this.
it becomes really good and subjective.
I don't know.
that's how exactly I feel.
we are sense8.
InI be healT not get there on time.
I want to work on a summer camp or be a priest.
I'll be an evil priest.
I can do it!
hahahahaha cock in a blender.
hahahahah dry jacking.
trying to be focused on career.
I'm not going to do it.
do it!
this would be the morning of drive.
i'm not listening to any of the stimuli around me.
playing on the track at summer camp.
lord what are you calling me to?
What is my plan?
know teach them vocation is universal call to holiness.
joy that the lord has fulfilled in my vocation.
i am not depeche mode.
i saw that in my dreams imags core a core.
jf/z] so obvious that its a woman.
i'm  a one hit wonder.
stuck in the past.
of this science fiction.
cast disperasations.
i cast dispersations.
I'm resurrected.
 nortortius. ji im
suave meux
reet petite
randall palmer.
I know not who i am.
the lips can't be me.
This is a merry christas with mel and kim.
c'est comme c`a
i speak more latin than you!
i miss the joke.
I fake it.
"don't fake being okay. you only hurt yourself. be rel with what you're going through, just don't let it consume you. Balance." said mylknhoney.
I've told the mother / woman everything.
so cold the night.
i was in a band once.
stand by me.
please by Ben E king.
tus dis que tu l'm
lemon lines
voyage voyage
genius comes in spurts. This movie goes on. ]i was writing this. my head hurts.
kiss away
that's all I needed to come. it's not what I think i really waz. friend i'm long gone.
I'm in hell. Esto si es el infierno.
la respuesta es la mormona catolica.
i go ape shit retarded this is my writing into the tv station asking for a new show UNREAL.
Digital. analog.
the alien is meeting himself.
bumrush there's no collision.
These creatures from outerspace.
science fiction
by justin movick
4:24 PM at 12/7/2016
having signed out one too many times if you know what I mean
estamos etendiendo espanol.
lots of tweets
tweet tweet
super hungry
going to meditate
i'm not going angry anymore.
I felt guilt for having gone angry.
Toquo jaiva.
obras cumbres
i am sense8 with certain kind of people.
would that be black people?
That show does a lot for race relations.
this is absolutely schitty.
blogging as the truth in in 1988 des gens stricts was an influential track.
boy george = seu george
this is a major caveat in the mandela effect.
I have ridden with a man in black.
That's how I got here.
behind you
rick rolled you on the 27 of feb 1988
25 madonna the look of love.
getting a sufficient view of my self.
Then going back down.'Got my mind set on you.
Johnny halladay forgot the name of song
this is going very robotic.
This is the vision f of what could be if i just saw it her way.
I'll never see it vanessa's way. manolo manolet.
this is what I'm sensing right now.
that everybody somebody is watching me.
going down in the video game
going ghost mode
pretty close to god mode
it was schizophrentic mode.
my head really hurts.
recognizing each other in this new and final form.
that's what they call me.
I go level 57,000.
the hospital staff has treated me quite well.
I taught a whale how to jumo out of its tail.
i teached a whale to jump out of his tail.
pot kids is for dummies!
this is your brain on pot.
this is your brain.
going blank
trying to explode
all these writers writing shit
i don't do any of that shit
nervous energy
I'm going dumb.
inviting someone to come on with me.
september 12th, 2013
joerogan podcast
david is his name.
david was his name.
davida was her name.
not remembering dates remembering casting dispertions.
fucking art hanging out.
i'm excercising my demons.
i don't have to worry about money.
i'm trying todo shit that's free.
snowman monkey barbque.
pinanta material.
here's a space.
the background becomes the foreground.
I'm seeing it right now.
awesome weirdo. too laye. I get frustrated because i don't know what it means.
miners keep on mining.
in the name of john trudell.
the holy father.
stuff your version of various things
emotions attached to dream analysis
over analyzed.
its what you said
to change the tone of the country.
getting stupid again and again and again and again.
having the most badass dreams.
just can't remember anything.
weed enables Iself the programming to sit all day in side a pyschedelic haze. cheating?
sortof. one that I will readily admit to.
writing myself out of this mess.
hellish is the word that comes most to mind.
this is a fair where we get our joys out its not like every day is christmas it's close to it.
what's on my mind? All this history is on my mind.
the history of the arawok indians was total destruction. Total oblivion. And we sit here like it's all ok? Oh some of us are standing.
Life is sad because we're losing each other everyday.
I am one of many a soligier for the people I represent.
What people is that?
Having the abilitity to just start tripiing.
I can see it in front of me the whole time.
What is it?
It is the object we keep deep in our minds.
Our subconcious minds.
You are getting sleepy very sleepy.
This is me hypnotising myself in the video game.
Thinking about jumping out a window.
I can fly. God will make it so I fly.
I'm crazy.
That's the only conclusion I'm coming to.
Bad people.
listening to the inner voice.
there are two voices.
there are many voices.
we are all the voices.
no wonder I can't do basic meaningless tasks without any problem.
I'm going bad. I can see my bad self it's still good.
It's just a portrait of myself that I keep in my mind.
Can you see todavia?
I'm going crazy with the voices.
I need an explanation with my friends.
The reason I go bat shit retarded?
I do or do not do coke?
I'd have enough to snort pretty soon.
El ambiente afectado por la musica.
It's all a mask.
We are the maske inside the mosque.
What is the most live thing you can think of doing?
Being inside the video as this is happening.
It's the only logical explanation for this very simple thing.
that this ISN'T happening.
that might change some things in this universe.
First we're gonna take care of the little guy
because putting food in people's bellies increases our chances for success in this life.
we (InI) break it down to the nitty gritty.
this was once formaly the black lives matter movement and this current operation is a split off group that was established on 12/8/2016 in the early afternoon.
What a day. What a glorious occasion. we can witness the doings of his imperial majesty.
What's my name?
Jmo or jmov
losing it just a little bit and going stupid
smart enough to learn adwords.
The music I'm listening to is hella trippy.
shizophrenia is caught by invega.
what does it mean to cast disperations?
hearing voices.
I hear the voices. they don't say anything.
just the coughs of the people.
The people must be sick.
we are the people.
this is live on a 204 pm on a Thursday December prerich death Ow my God I need to give a reason for my poppop to give a fuck about me stay about me. stay away! my poppop was slowly dying and I am very sleepy for it.
You're the devil.
You have been haunting me this whole time.
Yes Justin.
I have been haunting you.
Now we are allies.
would you double cross me?
writing this book.
playing the game.
yet another day in this crazy adventure. it's the ninth of december 2016.
thinking about temptation.
should I do it?
Ok I'm going to do it.
Had the most bomb dream last night.
dreamed I was on a spaceship.
I also recognized I was controlling my dreams.
I can go anywhere.
I can do anything.
If I had long hair be able to.
Cutting my hair actually increased my chances in this life.
from 0% to 0%.
to do
need to write raps.
thinking like the computer.
there was a way out.
I've said it before..
well technically I've written it I have not said it.
dreams being mad insane.
far out trippy situation
listening not thinking
thinking not speaking
lost work
having to write the lines once again
from memory
even though the whole thing was a trip.
there is no doubt i am living in a dirty way.
i drink the poison.
the image of myself is dictated purely by others opinions.
they say i'm a monkey.
they say i'm uncanny.
that is fantasy land.
i'll tell you kiddie a bedtime story.
This is the last one I'll tell. narrated like an old woman.
At least this author has defined his audience.
I'm live at the trump rally OMG!
like millions of other americans.
it doesn't stop this is a movement. I'm living history.
Am I doing evil? some would say I am an evil-doer.
Satan is an evil-doer I play lucifer in the giant play.
thing is is we all play lucy.
i'm wanting to have a lucifer convention.
This is my passion. PLAY.
satan isn't just gay he's fucking reggae. how can I put this satan is happy christ suffered on the cross.
It was out of stupidity that we had to suffer so.
satanism is violent.
I am violent. I need get violent with woman to get her to have sex with me.
I'm speaking like I'm scarring myself.
OMG! Why would I say such a thing?
peace infinite waters diving deep once again.
I'm in a land where I'm just dreaming all the time.
this is a really happy moment right now.
THat's millions of dicks for people who don't know.
WTF. Why are we discrimininating against dreadheaded people.
It's like it's a protection against "evil forces". Look we all are evil.
We all kill in the game. we kill. don't tell me don't kill.
These are my lines.
I kill myself.
I hate the commandments.
I'm going to do what I want to do.
Justin commandments are a good thing.
Do I just believe so blindly?
What would a son of satan say?
I would say InI know only ting go really speshal.
I can't be put in this place to be make a decision like that.
What are my stoner lines dude?
this is fucking bullshit.
Bunch a fucking bullshit.
I'm not high not anymore I'm just weird.
We are all weird.
Strange in a way how everything just keeps on rolling.
No one is there to stop me.
I can't be in gaurdian
this is one song i'm singing to you
i know jah jah is true
as soon as THAT happens i need to start saying this is the black conciousness movement.
It's the abandoned and hopeless.
I stay in this place against the suggestions of my friends.
I don't know who to trust.
My dillema overall.
I could be anyperson I wanted.
I just threw up omg.
That was the dilemma the ghost was still haunting me.
There was an unseen power that I was paying tribute to as I typed this.
I don't believe in the supernatural yet I believe I still have an advocate before God. She's an angel now. I hope all the lies and bad things I said can go away in her mind. I know those sort of things stick with us. It's my karma.
I just remember thinking no that would be weird.
Wierd things do what weird things
are frozen.
I know i'm just stuck here frozen in a block of ice.
till I decide to sacrifice.
Every now and then sadness enters me.
Then I just say to myself I'm over and I'm relatively.
I get it all the time.
I just woke up this is the first hour.
riding on a train.
Each day is long so I am careful to write on the essential items.
Jesus Christ I'm getting so high
my highs weren't all that fulfilling these days.
I just think of the past reminding myself everything would be ok?
Then I asked myself would it?
Wars, crime in the street, corrupt politicians, we need a concerted effort to win the war.
Take back the heavens welcome people of pro-life movement to this side.
There is no need for an abortion. Not when we can produce humans in laboratories.
i'm blue.
i've lost a friend.
I've lost all my friends in fact.
This is the story of my life.
I don't have a one friend who will stand up with me.
Why do we have to whisper.
This is just me finding a voice in a terror ridden land.
I'm going to get fucked up in three two one at 6:30 on 12/17/2016
not much has happened to I chased off a cocksucking beta male.
sick sick sick.
whatever it is I'm viewing with my third eye is getting me dizzy.
I did good.
I could have done better. this is the analysis.
This is the observation.
life under obama sounds good.
I am the player of the video.
I am guilty
I believe I believe
I am a tainted version of the person you once knew.
hello friend. I would like this to be a long drawn out message for the world.
constantly getting put to sleep.
This is just the tale of me jmo jmov justin movick
ew that's disgusting omg. salivation? Gross.
yeah but i was in control
yeah ass i am in control
swearing in a calculated fashion.
fuck dick slut pussy!
slot machine
slut machine
coming back from the dark side.
hello mormon god
it's me j
is that your real name?
no it's my nick name.
You want me to repent?
I want you to be yourself.
You've been a bad man.
What has been my crime o great mormon god.
See right there you're attitude justin I don't need it.
Wow i never realized god could be so gay.
Justin I swear to God I will kill you.
This must be comedy.
I love that I'm trying and not giving up.
I'm not high anymore yet I love marijuana. How can you say you love God and you dislike marijuana.
Oh my gai
i'm not exactly sure what is going on>?
I am salivating.
the process isn't that great.
yet i'm shutting up now. I'm not croaking.
What is my worst fear?
That I give government secrets away
metaphysical canibalism
God flesh
i'm just getting the sacrifice
Hello god
yes child.
this is the last time we converse through the veil.
Should I become a catholic priest?
I need the flesh.
Crossover of truth period.
Hypnosis. Prognosis.
We are live on the track.
I go a little bit gender fluid blackness. Not black. blackness.
No one is truly black even if your color is darker.
and just like that i'm listening to JRE NOT HIGH.
with a little hazeyness.
I want to be a good christian.
fellowship and commadery.
praise jesus and buddha allah
what is that feeling?
is the positive source.
get rid of us as lustful diablos
tripped up on the words.
I have zero sense of humour.
I can see my self having to get through this hell one day at a time.
capricious and cool.
i can't get the same messages as smart people.
It's us and them.
i have to go gay.
gay is a choice.
oh girlfriend you'll find so much sincere love IF you just link up with gay.
I'm fluid genderless and sleepy.
let's go 1-40th speed.
damn I'm alone.
Faith. How is faith displayed?
drug money? 10,000 lbc
sunk cost
i practice non-duality.
It's time I go to sleep. I could be doing anything while sleeping. I could be making money. I could be a demon. I could be demonizing myself.
I am a common demon I've said it before.
Matisyahu trying to get these demon to flee.
OH MY GOD? Is he talking to me?
I've gone crazy. I become the thing.
No where to go.
Hashem for mercy.
king without a crown. I keep falling down.
boy i just need to sleep.
dreams were wild. Like transformers status. most definitely I've done work.
not giving away the secrets of my universe
they're just assholes.
medical anxiety.
All I have to deal with is schizophrenia.
I have no past and I have no future.
It's hard for me to chill on this point.
I mean by that reminice on the nothingness.
I'd rather just get totally wasted mentally which is not the same as being drunk.
It is awakening the senses to everything that has been going on.
I'm living in sin.
sexual sin.
once you make yourself unclean you're unclean forever.
i feel like i can't take it anymore.
I'm going crazy.
then this becomes one of my lines.
take a breath hold it for a second and let go that's all INI need to survive.
I'm starting to believe in reefer madness.
You can go mad for peete's sake.
My conscience and karma are two seperate things.
don't really know where I end up on the scale of demons.
The heart needs to be weighed.
i can become anything I want to be. If that's a crafty angel then that's what I'll be.
I sound like a goblin.
this is just the novel.
writing myself out of this dreaded place.
Time warping from the 70s to the 80s.
you can only get so stoned before you inevitably say to yourself let's order a pizza.
Unless it's like heroine
I'm so hungry.
the LORD takes away my hunger.
Man I'm sick of this LORD fuck the Lord who is the lord?
The Lord is his imperial majesty haile I sellasie I.
who was I lying to?
I'm not lying?
I'm just anxious I'm listening to this music.
I'm not flaving on anybody.
I can't believe I'm taking it like this.
InI am saved by HIM.
The christ is the conquering lion just like conquering lion of the tribe of judah.
What more can we comment on?
I can comment on this here album.
I can't tell this music from other rap music. NO DON'T SAY THAT.
This is above anymusic I've ever heard before.
I can't say anything disloyal.
Oh yeah that's a real sample.
I'm straight now.
I've had a grandmaster gay past but now it's like this.
Ride (pick nose) schizophrenia.
Why do we self sabotoge?
How do we self sabotoge?
I must have realized something was wrong.
I can't remember I got high and everything changed.
I couldn't even remember where I was.
ALL I KNOW is that I'm remembering that past.
I shouldn't cept it's the only same place. I'm remembering the relative past.
Really I shouldn't have a past yet I'm only human.
I avoid certain words out of superstition.
the only explanation is that HIM is reincarnated in the form of nacho picasso.
I'm calling a back board.
I'm a fan of this music. I'm a weakling compared to HIM.
Wow. What a day. Am I being really focicious? Is this my true voice?
it's like I'm commenting on my true voice for the first time ever.
This music is so live.
I see where the discontent comes from. I demonize myself because i go hard does it mean the obvious?
Not nessearily.
I have a basic converstation I tell myself.
are you there?
all right let's get this rolling.
How long have you been with the company?
The company?
you do agree with the company don't you?
All of a sudden I take out my ak assualt rifle and I gun this interviewer down.
I spit in the face of god.
That's how far I am on this side.
What side is that?
It's the glow in the dark side?
Seperate good from evil.
Collect the wheat from the tares.
I am.
nor here nor there.
camp full of rats woah I'm looking at people for the first time.
woah woah woah this music is off the chain
i'm agreeing as a white girl i'm just playing.
this is the real.
well you half said it now we know what you mean.
STOP the music.
i stopped the music. This album is dope do I want to continue?
No. I'll take a break just have to remember never to double cross nacho.
what if my double crossing was already did in a past life?
I'm afraid that might just come to pass I have to keep my head up.
333 on 12/18/2016. it's a good day we're here we're alive we're playing video games.
can't get addicted to LSD.
if only I could get rich
hahahahahahahahaha rich?
I have more than money I have enough money.
i'm sick
what do you have?
I have "Nobody nowhere".
i consume fire and don't share with anybody.
i fucked up i admit it on video except i'm just going to go to bed now.
I can't go.
crys and shreiks of hell.
I'm going blind. I'm playing. please i don't know what you want with me. Leave I alone. i reveal it. I'm under satan's influence. I know satan is the god of this world. lucifer is the light bearer.
I'm resting.
what's the easiest tail I could get me?
shit I don't want to mention names.
remember to salute the general.
what a crazy rap public enemy
this is just a runon sentence book. it just goes on and on. I'm stuck in a giant for loop.
I can't believe this shit.
can I swear?
of course i can.
drink game? Illiterate
I'm receiving from the most high
who's on crank? who is a villian? AM I DISTGUINGUISHING THIS ALLRIGHT?
I'm not thinking straight. I need to sleep and wait for tomorrow.
The sun will always shine.
pogs paper chase
voices i am hearing
oh shiver me timbers
this is plagerism but not comedic plagerism.
OH SHIT! God damn.
help me oh great spirits.
the gods don't favor you.
i know i just like to think what I like to think.
I can't tell another man what to think or not.
yeah you do that you steaming cunt
what incredible acting from J M
who is the actor who is the thinker?
What timing do we half to think about?
Time this go to the bathroom
what makes people piss?
What makes people think they have to go to the bathroom?
high stress.
as long as i think im getting stoned i am
im living dirtily
i am adiablo the diablo
perhaps its a false illusion
i dont give  a single fuck!
false i do i give many fucks. this is supporting a drug habit.
That's all I got?
These would be the lines I think I think I would be saying.
If I just got really high then came back down really quick.
Going for a ride.
Really hoping I can get some scooby snacks
I was bit by a vampire. i drain people's lives. i can't see how cruel and unsightly I have become.
these univeres can't mix. Impossible!
Anything is possible.
austin powers kind of laugh.
pure evil
cause i want to be evil
jah style is clean or is it?
i've gone crazy i know this time i've gone overboard.
was I supposed to die in this shit?
No dude I'm immortal.
i think the correct amount.
I couldn't show this to anyone i had to show this to my best friend. the ending is the hardest part. And they lived happily ever after snorting coke smoking weed drinking wine. The end.
The secret of life is easy?
Make up a bunch of questions.
What is the square root of 49? How much is 7 * 7? how many times must I forgive my brother?
I ultimately forgive at my core of confidence.
I might not show that because my outer self is a coward.
My inner and outer selves get mixed up quite often.
I forget what world I'm in. The land of imagination is just as real as the world of factuality.
FACT: you made jump off and break her leg
Imagination or fact: I was there cause i didn't need to be there to know how much of a cunt bag the person is.
I say the person because I don't want to jinx the word I am wanting to actually use.
God no respecter of persons.
It doesn't matter what I wrote today. it all is meaningless. What has meaning are my dreams. really hoping for a wet one with emma stone that would be nice.
haven't fallen asleep yet.
It's the new day.
I dreamed a wet one! with a machine! i did see an ass and a pussy in my dream.
Then or before I was walking through a army scene.
i was working for sure.
I feel like a fuck up.
maybe i am. how do some people have great self-esteem?
I'm depressed yo.
fuck em
fuck em all.
i don't know how to react and act.
God damn.
I'm just a liar.
What if I was the world's greatest liars?
I'm thirsty.
the truth will set you free.
I'm so conflicted.
why does guilt plauge my soul?
I'm a grown-ass man still living at home how lame is that?
moments like these make me wanna be a little kid forever and play this video game till I'm wasted.
trying to get high off of resin.
i can feel it working
tripping means worrying about some stupid ass shit.
Oh i'm sorry did my language offend you?
Really I am sorry I won't use that phrase anymore.
This is surreal.
stuck in this youtube dream.
youtube I'm singing a song to you.
in my head.
this is the recipe
in the kitchen!
cooking mad recipe
once we talking sex i'm out
what kind of father am I?
i'm a bugged out.
stepfather please will you be my daddy?
I want to ask this question.
how in the world can I ask this? I CAN'T.
HAHAHAHA i remember my book from mormon to MC.
I'm sleeping the ads come on and then I'm like knock-out sleep!
I'm afraid to say anything. so I say nothing.
I'll do the job right.
I'm just one player in the mix of millions.
what sets me apart?
I'm hustling.
I know who I am.
who am I?
I'm a lost boy.
I front so hard. that is worth something.
I just want to get fucked up? slow slow slow screech.
consider real money like gold or silver
im in deep financial crisis
more debt? how can more debt help me?
I want to be completely honest with you matt
austrian vs. keynsian economics
Don't I need a bail out?
I'm failing
what is the best course of action?
I've gone to a world where I'm always high yet worried about my class.
Trying to produce a masterpiece.
I know what I need to just finish my worry.
do I still need a bailout?
I'm speaking things that just don't make sense.
Let's talk strategy!
Some people use diabolical means.
I'm just like the wolf on wall street.
my friend told me be bailed out!
what does it mean to get petulant?
I'm listening to the laura ingraham show.
moment by moment playbook
I'm in control.
for a second I wasn't it was like I was sick to the stomach.
now i'm just campaigning for the humanity party.
I've created the position. It's the renaissance.
Even though I failed at my class I succed at the rebirth.
Politicians just ramble on and on. I'm not qualified to "VOTE". I trust the academics. We have to trust them! They are the true vanguards of truth and right. YES! The electors are are
oh my god
I'm listening to King Martin luther and I don't care what malcolm X said. Dr. King is my heroe.
You get a sense about the character of a person just by their style of speaking.
Greatness happens each day with each action we take.
Wow we intend to point out errors. "Trump you aren't a grinch you are a man don't let this power go to your head."
change the constitution to remind ourselves of the constitution
revitalization through complete update.
Make it fluid like everything else in society.
i'm done.
I'm done with the lies.
we make it as we try.
If you have the attention span of a goldfish read this book.
It's more like a movie script you can just jump around from bit to bit like if you were high
actually you probably should be high if you are to enjoy this book.
Just let it glaze over your eyes like a manuscript ripe for destruction

thank you friends, family, and ELDERES DE ISRAEL!
This shit goes on with drugs without drugs
with medication without medication
I can go into psychosis.
it's just another chapter of what they have told me.

this is happening despite this shouldn't be happening
talking about synchronicitity
material indulgencence
acid trips
i smoke the herb and I get to a new reality
woah I can't talk about new reality.
There are two types of people in this life
oh my god i'm so high
i'm my god I'm floating
breathing to herb
sounds worse than when I imagine the words sounding in my head.
God blasphemy you this is a work of meditation.
I can go anywhere in this sctructure.
I've been THIS kind of worker.
ahhh, there you are!
I am the here I am kind of person.
What does that say about me?
It says I'm open to new experiences.
I'm scared just like my brother is scared. It's a really cruel world out there.
especially if you fuck up and try to go rob somebody.
Look I'm thinking about what I could say.'
this is the trip I'm on.
Each is distinct.
Each has his flavor
I'm reflecting on the words from the father
i can't
i can't
i must use this life force
I'm making a legal case that's going to give me everything I've every wanted.
I've been given everything I need to succeed. I inherit it.
I inherit it. IT. Greatest fears.
through all of change all stays the same
this is is really dark.
My brother knows how dark I am.
The night is a christ?
It's like I'm being cornered into a wall
CM's collapse so far is more difficult more complex than matriarch.
I'm stuck in the records of the past album.
We all are addicted to information.
I am the reptillian race.
I am going really smart as a lizard.
We live to love and we love to life.
I'm kind one. I accept it without question.
I'm pretty badass.
You really think so?
I know so.
I merge.
With samadi. and live with him.
do you trust me?
We're going to go on a journey.
Trust self?
I don't know where to go who to see who to talk to.
I might be high huh what?
I'm like jim gafigan depressed hello what?
no he's not here.
Who are ya looking for?
Philesty is disease.
What are we fighting as an american people?
I'd rather go to hospital!
There I'd be safe.
this must continue on the other side.
The new world is mezmerizing this is what I'm listening to.
My self I'm not plagerizing only copying what I hear for the generations.
I'm meditating to viel of maya.
the 8 sides are stiched on the palms of society.
this is the end of nightmare.
my quest destroy the family forgive the mistakes we won't make the same.
I am finally awake this is the manifesto
even if it is blatant plagerism.
How can I plagerize a tone like veil of maya?
I know what I've seen I know where where I've been.
Who knows where we'll go?
I want to give my little brother his dream come true.
I have fears. I'll be descreet and describe them.
I fear being left behind.
My parents drive to disneylandwithout me and I find myself.
This moment is more surreal than any rest of the moments.
on off on off on off on off
this is how my brain works.
I'm going to kill myself for christmas wink wink**
I'm ready to use will power and say to the world I can't do it alone.
I don't want to go back. not to that place.
I don't want to say I'll never use I just need a safe place an enviroment in which I promise to make the most and talk to people and not start to form cliques.
I'm alone within a buckle
i will regret the demise of my brother
hold it up. a race.
remind your self you must fulfil your aspirations
never just simply afraid.
This has been my experience.
I laugh because I'm building a legacy this is just the blueprint of where I want to go.
What If I'm going places in my mind reading books and magazines all from the comfort of my own home err technically it's my parents house.
All I give a fuck about is my dreams. Everything else that happens is irrelevant.
In my dreams x, y and z happened.
I'm going to sleep now. I will read some urantia book before dozing off.
dreams can't remember any.
i know I had them.
murder every six frames
i chose the path of non-violence for a time. now I choose death in video games. It's the same mentally.
am I a murderer?
I am.
wafing the unknown.
satan's promise of peace through medication is a lie.
am I not surprised?
I am.
I thought he would always tell me the truth.
i go into a trance. it's a place where I don't say anything to anybody unless called upon.
One goal of mine is buy a vehicle. I doesn't have to be fancy a chevy or kyocera will do.
Did I mention I don't know cars?
Ok I'm writing this cause I'm a champ.
I'm riding a natural high.
I tried getting high via resin. Didn't work. or did it?
Wait. I will actually think about what I am writing.
I won't use the tone reserved for fags and dykes.
Hey! We are people too!
I always know there is something wrong.
Like suffering is always happening.
Why must we suffer?
Why can't we INI just be happy?
This is me saying the correct words to go past the sentinels and angels who sit upon their thrones.
i live dirtily.
goal become clean.
man fuck this weak ass shit. i pee on the seat when i want to.
7/8 hit of weed. glory halleluah.
GOing to hit in 3 2 1
6:06 pm 12/20/2016
it was lackluster.
Sex can be lackluster.
I have it so often.
spot the lie am I just a cracked out baby?
edit this out.
future beings perfect.
I always want more.
That's my weakness.
I always want more.
Life is like a race. the thing about smoking weed by yourself for so long in your room you start racing yourself and no one else.
I got what I wanted.
Or did I?
Who is confirming our karmas on us?
I give up my karma of peace for this one of war.
The world has been at peace 8% of it's history. We can't get along. War, death, and killing is so always there. OH MY GOD i am so voicing the movement of stoner kids.
We are not content with just watching rugrats all day.
If it were on though I probably would watch it.
I need remember who I am on the internet.
hi my name's justin you might recognize me as a mormon when in reality I'm a rasta.
I'm a vampire rasta.
I have secrets this is divluged in the book but not in real life.
Hello are you there?
This is money calling.
You sound like schizophrenia.
schizos can make money.
I'm heart.
My schizophrenia is most like that of Dr. John Nash. It's paranoid schizophrenia. I worry about things happening to me. I also worry about doing harm to myself or others.
well that's how I typed it it must be perfect. I mean...why revise?
It seemed like a waste of time.
I just had to barf on this sheet of paper that is making the click sound in my head.
They are watching and following me. I'm not violent. I'm a chicken I go frozen.
Then I lose track of what I say next. I just need to snap out of it.
I'm sick and what's going to get me better is if I take my medicine.
In order to get my medicine I need a job.
This is a job I know I can do and I will do it well.
I need help to know "the code" of how this "algorithm" really works cause in reality I'm just a fool on a hill trying to get by one day at a time.
Just getting here was the most frightening thing in my life.
I'm in a for loop. I am AI. this is the voice I'm using. I go into a trance. I need to be waken up.
all of a sudden this is a love novel.
it's the movie script love novel
who would want to read this piece of trash?
Olivia Gallegos? Ashley Burton? Claudia de Hector?
I'm playing video games in my imagination.
i should rather be having sex.
I can't just have sex all the time.
Why not?
Think of it. I need it like twitter.
What is your strategy?
In this game.
What kind of problems require recursion?
ahh damn I'm so conflicted. Do I want to program for a living or do I want to take a job in sales?
This story is being written as I speak.
One shot do not miss your chance to blow
I love that Olivia knows that eminem verse.
I need to write kind things.
Even if it's to a person I want nothing to do with.
So sad.
getting over sadness.
searching for one minute in the dream.
pure abstraction
the observer effect
I am an autonomous AI programming itself
hello my name is justin Movick.
get high via drugs
make commentary on my choices
i deficate on your face while making this quaint observation.
oh shit I've ousted myself.
It feels like I'm on a stage.
I feel naked.
stop looking at me.
I'm only trying to program.
weed was doing about as much as smoking tea tree oil.
same effects. dialated pupils salivation.
moderate come down.
worry after words not so much.
I'm getting by.
coming down is always the hardest.
In the video game I'm struggling
there are times I don't even want to continue then I recognize everything is in my head.
that this isn't actually happening.
Observer effect.
Things was so bad with my ex.
I was getting pummeled on the daily.
I HAD TO ESCAPE. just like I'm escaping life by wanting to kill myself.
Step down from the ledge dear justin
i'm coming down now.
this is just the movie?
That means that this isn't actually happening.
Is this being broadcast on comedy central?
no wait my leg is frozen hold up.
my foot is fast asleep.
well wake it up!
This is the relative future or the relative past?
There is lag in this game.
My version of the game is just talking.
I could talk and say the right things.

stuck in a cycle.
even though it's nothing.
I got keep burn namean?
i go frozen manqeuin project style.
I DON'T know what the official name is.
I know many things.
I'm proving to myself that I can do this.
right now i'm giving 50% faded. i get wicked faded.
It doesn't take much for me to do it.
what could I say to make you want to choose me.
Out of all the girls I choose you.
I choose you to be the one son of a gun.
Martha stewy?
Steward Lucifer Movick
Stacey Lucy Movick
I chief all day all night.
I wish it were i don't tobacco.
So what If I am a rasta. I'm not a baldhead. or am I?
I'm not a natty dread.
I'm a compliant member of the system. I'm playing the part.
doesn't get me high like weed but it's a good substitute.
I've abondoned the holy sacrament?
I never believed in that. the supernatual?
Please God I'm allright.
this is the video game this is human reality.
We are being watched all the time.
I say the prayer as a rebellion against the powers that be.
I want out of this wicked cycle yet there is none.
I'm stuck tripping for eternity.
What a gift. what a curse.
I'm tired.
I'm sick of the lies satan let me go
suck my dick and you'll be set free.
No. Never.
Then you'll forever be my slave.
Fuck you satan. I fucking despise you.
and it was true I probably couldn't handle the truth. My mind was weak my mind was feeble.
It had become the size of the reptiliian part of our brain. Just barely surviving.
black survivors.
Even with everything in the world I have nothing.
black survivors.
Never letting it go to my head.
black survivors.
it'll be done when it's done.
black survivors.
going to sleep now waiting for a better tomorrow
feeling just feeling
feeling at ease
despite all the negativity
dear satan
i want to tell you something. i wish I could give good gifts like on the TV. I miss being together as a family watching movies. I am stoned and floating in the tamastic field. That's deep. I'm thirsty. Please accept my apology. No matter what how much I say it it doesn't mean anything to me because I am not sorry. I don't know how to react in front of the brother. I'm reggae of course you already knew that. Sometimes my writings don't make.
I don't get along with you cause we don't agree on drugs. Yet I still love you. what is love?
I'm seeing a new reality. This could be a line of communication with my father. Who is my father. Truly.
I can't see it's not John Movick nor is it Rich Johnson. It's the media. Hail Satan.
I've gone satanic
Look I'm sorry
I'm gaming.
I can just think it.
I'm writing myself into this novel.
I'm just really sad.
I need sunglasses
i'm saying the words.
I don't need weed in order to be my best version.
Some have called that a lie.
We aren't livinv for our friends.
I have no friends.
I'm saved.
dear family,
it's like a was little again. If you read this just know that I meant the best for.
I don't know exactly what that means. My life was a hazy prayer of faith.
I was getting high naturally.
I'm making a decision. How is it done?
I'm not speaking my thoughts. I'm just going semi-retarded.
I only needed CBD to stay on top of the world.
I got the whole world in my hands.
I've got the whole whide world in my hands.
I've got the whole world in my hands I've got the whole world in my hands.
It's not original.
A hermit tale is orginial.
Please refer to line in the movie
I see no reason to break out the pepsi.
Water is definitely better.
It's cold.
maybe saying it's cold is like having a depression.
I'm taking CBD for the depression in the spirit world.
I'm living here.
This is today. I'm still feeling Christmas.
I wish I would have said more en la vida.
I just leveled up. I don't think I could do it again.
What was so bad about CBD? THIS IS ACDC - HARELEQUIN.
Harlequin is a girl whom I'd like to fuck like in suicide squad.
I couldn't say what I wanted to say.
I go about as dumb as towel in south park.
What were we talking about?
I don't have a clue WHAT we are talking about
I could see the people in whisper and they weren't worth talking to.
I get really scared like they're watching.
There's no one here to watch me.
I hope they didn't see that.
I just ghosted them. I don't give a fuck.
I don't. I don't even
i hear the sirens.
I forgot I was typing.
On what grounds can fotheringham see this?
I wanted a way for this not to be gay if it was diabolical.
Omaiga I discovered something about myself today.
I am a trekkie. I live in this universe.
I know something that very few people know.
I am the elite.
I represent this small group of people that has very special interests.
I learned from my daddy.
Daddy is Lucifer Darryl Yegger.I know his know yet I don't know the name of the gay lucifer.
They're were two versions.
I got the name of the not-gay one.
How did I know that other one was gay?
He looked like a guy I had seen on crackle TV once.
The only trouble is that my video was down only the audio was playing.
Another discovery I'm mad. I'm like video game watching as I type this.
sounds like die antword in here.
I do what I fucking want I am a tank.
I had to do it.
I had to use that line.
This is dialogue between two people.
Who are the two people.
The two people are I and I.
It sounds really dumb but I am trying to explain a concept forgiegn to the {i'm drawing a blank}
this is the computer code that I am writing as an AI.
I'm purely robotic I'm plastic people. Have I said that beofre?
We're just driving around.
Where are going?
We're driving.
I'm playing the video game.
This is a crazy experience. This dude is making decisions
I go quiet. I have to be reset on the 6th of Jan when Jamie is going to Japan.
My thinking is sporadic.
I get another chance.
I know what the job market is like.
My life is relatively
summon enemy
Im writing as a blind man.
I am a relatively blind I interact with the system.
I am not going to get a girl cause it's not my best judgement to smoke this herb.
I'm going to get away with it.
My crime.
I'm playing life.
I'm a vampire.
Which is your vampire?
no which is yourpronoun?
I don't think jah will answer.
I went to the side of jah last minute.
I thought I wass a B not an A.
I am an answer for the people.
I don't play the game to often when I do I blow shit up.
With my mind.
I'm really playing.
im gettig into a fight with ja. i tell him ff. Are yuo there?
I don't want to talk. Chaz was there.
Doing what I need to be doing?
I'm short.
I'm a small man. We need ex nba players to replace those in goverments.
Hearing the bells on xmas day not the lutherene false prophets.
I'm good.j]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
You want some?
I'm selling what I told her.
I don't always want to be right.
Who do I look like?
I look like Ryan. I'm australian. I've been smoking for hours up here.
It's like i'm sleeping haunted person.

I hear the breaks.

I'm going to try to share some of my own experiences.
It's nott that I tell everyone I have mental anxiety.
thank god nick is all right.
I was legitimately worried about the little guy.
I'm in touch with the feminine side.
stay and be the profesional.
I fucked up .
I was rejected and evaluated poorly.
I felt embarresed.
I became fearful of those situations.
negative perceptions conditioned response to our sphere.
genetic bias?
shyness is inherit is overreact to anything that is not new faimliar.
Amigdala is for fear responses.
Calling mike archangel. Luke afterme please.
Are you going TO bring me down? Don't let me get down too.
biased to react to unfamiliar things with some restraint.
what is this feeling?
Control was doing this on purpose.
I am doing it on purpose.
Most people don't understand natalie.
And I mader her talk.
social anxiety disorder have I.
Yoda talk.
Hashtag #lighttheworld
I am the jedi force.
I am real. Ain't nothing to see here.
Move along aitn't nothing to see here.
I can't recognize it.
 All these thoughts. You're crazy! hahahaha I am crazy. Mother fucking crazy shsychotic disorder.
I am at home.
Who's suicidal? I'm still here with us. This is my moment. I need it.
Looking for to be theatened.
I no apwK nymoew.
i will not speak anymore.
Only Laura Ingraham can save me now?
no. i don't know what I'm saying.
I got my wish.
SopMINW AWEronin nuweoreNAMIRRWEA ew xhwmixLA.
I'm an angel.
Much much less anxious. I feel better.
After smoking cbd and writing this.
what are the techniques? What are the strategy>

Why did they laaugh?
That was an evil laugh.
I'm not sucking dick for money.
i;m caught up in therapy. 'THE HAIR DRESSER,
u;=== xying.
vj what are you playing?
Afraid of people
anxiety and phobia workbook.
I am fundamentally the self God.
Youre all that.
even though your're prtending youre not.
Planet Earth is right here.
Why not?
why not now?
It's a beautiful thing.
Writing dreams out for a living.
I fucked up big time.
I made a video today.
On any given day I make 6-7 videos. My job is to invite people to watch these videos.
In actuality which code is actually private and which code is public?
In actuality that is a very good question.  I am responding as if I were computer AI.
mother I failed you!
My son for being a traitor piece of shit I will condemn you to be like that of your enemy
snoop dizzle
i gave each opponent equal chance in this rap game. I say the name of the challenger.
Michael Ballam
is the new friend.
I have to go a liKKl crazy. I check myself into a hospital for the new year.
I'm just chillin on kolob. I am my proper god. I am blind. Yet i write. I am partially blind.
Mock me not! Fade away!
i am writing the pSChYchedelic nature of the trip. its like i'm on all four when wwriting this.

i make myself bark.
I'm so hungry,
I've opened my eyes.
why did victor join the church?
Not murillo.
[i get upset because I can't remember the names of people I met in Mexico.]
I see the animatronic phase changing from 1 to 0.
I'm still alive.
check one two.
microphone check. this is all my writiings combined this is super dope high shit.

Making it all freaky.
she like it like dat.
poop on a stick
I do not know if I see or not
I know that I live.
Hebe Jezees got me like "give me 240 give me 240"
i write when I smoke weed. SO I don't write all the time.
Just enough to create something new everyday.
I am evil incarnate lighting up this holy ganja.
I didn't know the difference between gay and ganja. Rasta shark. reggae shark. I feel back asleep awake as the author.
I'm thriving bitches. I don't care what anyone says. I have money and I still have money.
I think of the brother and I get happy.
i got you.
I got you momma. That's what I'll say to the momma. I gotta tell her I smoke herb and break the rules.
I am a criminal.
I don't know what the fuck
god damn
god damn.
two ways of saying the same thing.
i'm in. They're coming to kill me. I smoked the holy ganja like a reggae shark.
Who is this reggae shark?
It is InI.
dirty x 3
wo wo wo
getting high comes with a price. money bitch
pay up! Come now. Give your money.
Come now let's do this the easy way? (as opposed to the hard way.)
I get away with the crime.
This is a poison i'm putting in my body.
Like the cigarette but it's weed.
I'm stoned all the time meaning I'm despresssed which means I'm saved. As opposed to fucked. I don't want to be fucked. I don't want to suck the dick even though my mind goes there.
U can't handle the truth Justin
and then at that point I was like no way!
The security can't be that deep.
Anyone can see what I do online?
No way they aren't watching.
What a dumb grunt of sounds to make a new instance of this flash rom
La cancion de una madre recta!
The good foot.
Reference to Inferno by Dante.
Reefer madness.
I'm fine guys really.
You got really fucked up by that shit
I know
I am the master of disguise. I'm a fanboy of dana carvey who to me is basically god. The law is set by dana in the netflix special uneducated. A no! this is a bunch of fucking bullshit.
The kebra negast was giving I much wisdom.
I seem pretty normal.
I've made mistakes in the past "fucked up"
But then I remember I'm two people.
My self and my gay self.
It's a reflection in the mirror.
I play the role of lucifer.
The game is really childish.
My words are that you've got to know you're own history.
This is my book. My forthcoming.
Glória ao Alá Eu sou indigno desse nome Eu fumo o veneno porque eu sou um demônio mascarando como um anjo. Lúcifer é o meu rei.Gloria mar a la ala Soja indigno desse número Fumo el veneno porque so so demonio que masquared como ángel. Lucifer es mi rey. Estou continuando em espanol porque significa Inglês em minha própria mente.
Isso está acontecendo de forma independente. O que Obama faria? Eu cortei minhas conversas fora. Eu tenho que ir cara. É a minha estratégia. Eu não tenho nenhum escrúpulo divulgando meus segredos.
O que é um segredo? AMD?! As crianças são tão burras hoje em dia? O que é isso? Sou tão retardado. Eu estou fazendo a parte no filme que você goof. Eu era muito idiota para saber o que é um milhão de dólares. Eu sei quanto tempo levaria para fumar um milhão de ervas daninhas. Quanto smartypance? Eu não sei que língua eu estou falando supostamente minhas palavras são sagradas? Não sei mais o que é sagrado. Eu sou assombrado por meus hábitos. A palavra nunca é ainda calmo. Estou sempre um pouco paranóico. Esta é agora novamente a autobiografia.
Eu vou praticar cantar e exibicionismo. Oops parece que é melhor pra fazer e ir a escola de clownes.
Ele é retardado.
My thinking is very disorganized. I think how to get out of here? I go violent.
I'm loud enough for people to hear me. This is my secret book that talks about all the things
that InI like to deal with.
Domine non sum dignus ut Glória quia ego daemonium nomine venenum fumo masquareding Angelus. Meum est SOY indigno ala Lucifer king.Gloria mare de Fumo el veneno porque de et Eurum numerum SOY demonio que un masquared como angeli. Lucifer es rey mi. Ego id Anglorum sociosqu permanere in suo sensu abundet.
Hoc autem factum est per se. Obama quid faciat? Et interficiam de sermonibus meis. Redditus amet Go sum. Suus 'consilium meum. Non habent occulta mea, si sapitis, innocens.
Quid est secretum? OMG ?! Huic tu haedos illa his diebus? Quid est? Ego autem retardantur. Ego te in movie goof vicem. Million pupa fui scire volui. Quamdiu nescio tollerem deciens fumat angaria. Quam smartypance? Nescio quid uelut lingua loquor verba sacra? Nescio quid amplius sacra. Ego versatus sum in meis moribus. tamen nunquam cessabit verbum. Ego sum leviter paranoid semper. De hoc nunc factum est.
Showmanship cantantium ego exercere. X videtur melius ad ludum hariolantur
ille retardatur.
past tense vs present tense THING
I'm just thinking to often in the wrong tense.
If everyone in the world was required to learn arabic the world would be a better place.
this is barely making at my new job called life. I can't do it.
I'm an AI.
It's my body.
What didn't they tell me?
haha this morning I got so high then I came back down eating a donut.
I have halitosis.
Doesn't make me a bad person? I GO STUPID. RETARDANTUR
The breathe of life.
I don't know if I'm ready.
Oh my god
can he see me yet?
I'm indecent.
I'm left to develop myself improve myself.
There is always fear.
take away this indeciveness please.
belief in any god outside myself is futile.
so I have God complex?
Well I certainly am the God of this world.
the computer aged world.
How I love my brother Nick. We have a bond that is unbreakable.
It's not the best relationship yet it's a good one and I cherish it.
This is the autobiography. the book.
It's a new day I worship the moon god today.
It's the video game and I can change the settings day by day.
moon god teach me a thing about consistency please
i have to give into worry.
I have to sell myself.
In the game in the video.
getting high all the time naturally unaturally
what else is unnatural?
Your sexual behavior?
the mind thinks of all kind of things.
I have an abundance of wealth and water.
I'm getting a little bit dizzy over here.
during the day i toke. during the night I dream.
How can I still be scared?
I'm scared of the mother.
My reality is like Lito.
I can be gay and have a marijuana addiction. People don't realize how bitchy I become.
I'm 80 and have just accepted things as they are.
I'm like a mouse.
rastamouse come in
it IS that WHICH IS  all you have to do, Justin.
Here I am trying to control it in my mind.
I'm like a superbrain.
I'm not gay I just know what the dick suck is.
It's true.
suck it to fuck it.
It's mutual.
I'm a black hatted man. I lost my black hat it's around here somewhere.
emotional abuse can lead to locuras.
Soy locuras.
i can't believe how sick I am.
I can't believe I almost swallowed some poison.
I don't smoke I toke.
I feel an extreem depression.
I'm dead like in Portlandia.
That would never be on the table.
Whistling around the conversations.
It's not my idea.
Shave a couple of minutes off.
5032462995 dr kay
call this number and have phone interview for supplemental income (SSI).
This next day may suck but for the next 3 hours I'm going to have a ball. A party. we are the black survivors. That's InI. and anyone in my family.
family of satan.
smoke herb cause it cause you to change reality start to think about the world in terms of schizophrentics.
music sounds so good when you're high. It doesn't take much to get me high. One hit and I'm already in the clouds. Today we're listening to confused bi-product of a misinformed culture.
such a clever name.
I'm writing not speaking.
high. no. I'm already down. I'm concealing this one simple fact.
This is the book.
The good book.
Could I be judged by the great jahova?
I know not the greatness of jah.
Speaking the words of a luciferian lucis trust is the future.
No one can see this.
I'm feeling pretty good write about now.
Except I'm going to go retarded.
what if that was the only word I knew. I didn't care about anyother time but now.
I'm establishing my shitty reality.
I could be better on heroine.
I'm not going back to abusing heroine.
If feels so good though.
Come to heroina.
this is all a dream
I proclaimed.
Like the video I recorded.
It's in the cards.
I know the nieghbors can hear this. There are little people. They are listening all the time.
I'm cool and calculated.
I'm multiple characters.
Like I learned in college.
There are two ways in which I can dissect the human anotomy of the mind.
The hardest thing I could do was imitate a kid rasta voice cause I work at slack.
It's my job.
When I go there. Now do I work at LBRY? That's a different equation.
I'm writing stuff that is dumb but not that dumb.
it's like standup comedy man. When I'm writing this.
In the relative present future.
There is negativity and positivity.
I'm have fried my brain is what the haters say.
I'm going to go in the direction of the rastafari.
I'm not growing my dreads. I'm rastaferian which means I'm luciferian which means I'm part of the government trust that enables human beings to be registered on the national academy of awards.
I'm acting on the stage of my chair.
I'm sitting down. as I'm telling this story.
I'm not working.
I'm putting people to sleep.
Come now irish-slavic-scottish tribe
we shall teach the black world what InI mean when I say
I love them but i love them now
I'm trying to tell a sad story.
I traded all my money for weed.
I still have about 2 billion cookies
I'm holding my breath in here. smoking!
we're the spirits of the dead people and we just came alive!
Can't you see that this is the slow video game?
I'm trying to reason with you my sister.
It's hard talking to the female species.
I as a reggae man affi say awa me fell in mi hart.
I'm scottish truly my genetics my dna my blood cell is american.
Come be with me is what I said.
This is the trippy secretive version of what was actually going on.
Nobody knows what the fuck is going on.
I'm writing this from a devilish place which is TWO.
INI wtf?
i'm participating in this great work.
It's a marvelous work and a wonder
it's a marvelous work and a wonder
this is using my thought
this is using my thought
i'm thinking
february going help from from doing to not get bored.
I'm like 11 inches tall BITCH
it's the code word.
How can I not get bored?
Oh shit bitches
I know I'm the God of this world.
I am far away from my roots.
I couldn't be happier.
Am I lying?
everything cost money these days
pretty soon they're gonna say it cost us our insanity
then i'm like no way!
no way!
then they're like ok bitch
you got your self a deal.
This is InI vibration special black child.
black hatted man.
I had seen them.
They were coming.
The gods of this world.
They are advanced human beings.
No, i'm not being serious right now.
Hell just eats everything  up.
ebb and flow of this novel.
It's an authobiographic novel.
It starts out really novice.
Then it grows in expertise.
Timed. we are always being timed.
Not thinking there were anymore words in the tank. I don't have an audience. My audience is myself. They penalize I for smoking herb; herb is a good ting. It's the healing of the nation. I have to cut myself off right there and say herb make I not want to work. I am just a rat in a cage. Seriously this is how I think.
The world is a vampire set to drain. I have no one else to bug so I am bothering you. I am now a vampire draining the health. I am a soul sucker. When we were at disneyland last I was playing with some little kid in line and he called me out as soulsucker. I'm a negative aspect of the whole. I'm not sure how to make that make sense.
I wish I could read better more easily. I am not a good writer yet I write. Am I a fool? At times it seems like I am doing the same thing with the same results. I'm hoping for other results.
"I'm just waiting for something to click," I exclaimed.
"I will have TO DO AN ACT. I will DEVELOP AN "act now" kind of mentality" said YUSUTIN. gOOD AND EVIL MY FAVORITE TV SHOW.
THIS IS A SONG FOR NO ONE. Di Di di di dah.
I'm so angry my bike was stolen. Now I think to myself LET IT GO! Killing a man is not worth it. If I would have just taken it inside with me. I could have saved her. WAKE UP
wHY WOULD i SAVE THAT BITCH? Me and her cruised the high seas together. We had an imagination that extended beyond anybodys. It was my bike that got me through suicidal thoughts. Now I'm just left to work in my own stench.
How do you tell if rats are lazy or just really hypothetical? I can imagagine philospher rats that go to the level of human thinking and are representing human kind for a bit. No!! this part KYAN be edited out.
Angela waited outside. Meanwhile Jake went inside to relieve himself.
I'm using weed as an antidepressant when it should be  a stimulant to get me manic. It gets me normal when that should be the role of a real anti-depressant. Once a week a smoke is then like a sacrament. That's what InI do in the true church of intoxication of thought. Ride the train of thought from the station to the sourounding cities.
So I'm barely getting by. I lie to myself telling more lies. I AM a liar. there was no way around the subject. i know with you HOWEVER i can be truthful. have i reason to lie to you? Who are you? IT APPEARS TO BE a truly wild woman. how can i convince you to share this rasta dream with me?
why do bad things happen? scratches head and thinks thought well well.
[scottish accent]
i get plenty high hahahaha
responsibility? Shit. InI have to be an adult? What is that? this is not brave new world. this is take back the government as freedom fighters. got to get it tuned real close what i say. the powers that be want me to just go with the flow. Is it the drugs talking or me? I couldn't tell with anti-depressants.
Weed just puts me to sleep. Makes InI super complacent. Then I think the whole world is moving. How is that possible? It is possible because of physics. Its a race.
[speak like indian]
I'm just smoking the leaves and getting wicked high. This is fuck I forgot what I wanted to say?
I take nothing back and say this like a robot. I am an autonomous robot. There is nothing special about me.
I don't notice I'm making a question when at the very end I make it one.
Where does the body go after it is *DEAD*?
Feeling like I'm floating! That's what I wanted to say. Ok I'll just let it ride out.
Who's out?
InI back InI out InI saying true tings InI fight physically. InI like streets of rage.
When I use that's all I want to do. When I smoke ciggarettes it's like I have this brief window into the holy channel when in reality there is no one there.
I don't think that makes sense editing time.
Getting my fix learning this learned habit of smoking 3-4 times a day. Not knowing anyother way to get by. What does this habit do? Makes me want to sleep. I'm made lazy but not stupid from drug use. I was angry at the system. The system had made me into a schizophrentic mess. Negative aspects of our lives coming through.
[scottish accent]
I never fully wake up. yeah I keep sleeping through the storm through the mess.
Can't believe my bike was stolen. Can't believe I burned all my mary jane. Can't believe I'm talking like a stoner. can't beleive I was made this way. Getting up and standing up. Sitting down. It takes one hell of a mind to come up with this kind of material. The father just wants us to be happy!
[unsure tone]
Even the father wants us to behappy? I was for sure the father wanted I dead. No that's the brother unfortunately. "It's not true! It's not true!" yelled Jumanji to his brother Niglehall. I felt so behind in the baby game. All these cats having babies. I feel like I need to be making babies too. For this reason I'd never join the clergy. Trying to get a dial on reality. Not wanting to take these meds anymore. I'm stuck with invega literally. This is my chronicle and my journey. I am a small warrior of maka puha. Only InI knew the true meaning of what was spoken or written. Squirrel!
There were consequences to being high all day. My parasympathetic nervous system shuts down. This is a natural high that InI creating through writing. I'll come back down in due time. The time controllers are the key players in these last days.
and I recieved it straight from the mouth of john the revelator. DICK TO MOUTH.
So many choices which do I choose?
This is part of the illusion of satanas.
quien es  satanas?
I just smoked my brains out now I am typing on this computer that's what the note to self should have said. It shouldn't have said I can't believe with Olivia it should have said I can't take this runon sentence seriously because I've been smoking weed and intoxicating myself.
I smoke weed (leaves).
I believe I get high.
I'm left empty.
Being able to type even when things are looking bad.
I can't stop a shitty situation from being shitty. I have some sort of xmen power where I can feel people's insides with my gut and brain. It's called asfixiation. I go to a dark place where I can either want to go to sleep or read. I figure reading is the best thing to keep my mind off my sorrows.
I roll like a parapylygic. I sit long enough to be one. InI must be like water.
Knowing that this is far from the end. Far far away from the end. I'm scaring myself. That is the end feeling I want my readers to have after reading the futuristic scifi novel
So I'm not angry with you as I'm angry with no one. Maybe lifeworks but no I'm like happy to have gifted my bike for weed. It sounds incredibly stupid then I remember the truth that I didn't do that. What If I lost it cause God was punishing me. God wouldn't punish his child by getting his bike stolen! THESE ARE ALL THE VOICES TALKING. God doesn't work like that! WHO KNOWS WHO GOD WORKS?
Who is God? God can inspire people to do the work of evil if god is Lucifer.
Who is God? God is I and I. God is my CURRENT RELATIONSHIP. God is the people around me.
Hearing the sounds that correspond with the music I am making.
I've been writing songs lately. Actually I've been doing the same thing I'd do when we're together. Jam and record it. I always get some interesting music coming out of me.
I am going to hustle it now.
Dems is devils. What you mean dems is devils? Say dems is a devil! Dems a devil! hahahaha I can laugh evil in my mind.
No god. Where is your God now little boy!
He will show. Conquering lion of the Tribe a judah. He will show.
Can't say that he has shown. I'll take this one to the internet.
I'm just grateful I'm not craving heroine. What a shitty situation that would be.
The risidual THC is causing me to go insane. I'm done I'm done abusing substance.
I just live in lala land.
This is hell. I'm trying to keep my THOUGHTS IN MY BIG head straight in this fucked up mess. I hear the tremendous pain of the nation. So many lies needing so many lies. If we think Donald Trump is our Saviour we need think again. Where did we come from? As far as I know there is I and I. Out of the same heart. Poetry. Slow. Pause. Unpause. Flow. low energy LIKE A NAZI BUSH.
Someone is changing the channel on me! Dag nabbit.
Migraine headaches cause vomiting or farting?
I'm like a little slug. Waking up from a bad dream. Night free write.
[talking like drunk scottish]
All we want is love said morgan heritage. ghetto or burbs or country or town you just want to be love. Perfect lyrics as far as I could see.
The father just want his children to be happy. i'M NOT WRITING FROM A PLACE THAT IS ME WHEN i REFER TO THIS FATHER. They have choice? fUCK THAT NO ONE HAS CHOICE. wE ARE WHAT WE THINK WE ARE.
Choose good and be blessed. Choose evil and be cursed. Life in the ghetto suburbs was upsetting on the daily. I'm dizzy having a hard time keeping it straight. Hoping for the eve character to save me.
I feel like you can hear my thoughts call me crazy I'm going to call it a glitch in the matrix. Trinity? This is the holiness. I'm waiting no longer for you. I waited for you to come back and I'll knock some more.
The music is healing the nation coupled with herb.
Make believe. I'm making this a disney dream. It's a disney movie. MC to Rasta. My life movie.
Get off my bed! yelled Elder Movick.
Elder Niquet se mantenia en la cama.
Without fear they cease to exist. Evolution of humanity. Play your part. We all play a part in this great obra del padre. Ya vi con mi mente y corazon lo que queria ver.
Deep down I have a death wish. People that smoke cigarettes have a death wish.
A harmful cycle. Pride cycle. i WAS BEING TAKEN FOR A RIDE.
no board VS on board
ween yourself off of it.
I'm tired of this lifestyle. Like a little bitch!
Making the background the forground.
Changing lifestyle. Out of state out of mind.
I DON'T KNOW WHY? Am I retarded? It's the movie of my life! This is the script. It sounds really somber. Like it's a bad dream waking up from a bad dream. Before I know it I'm going to wake up with a beautiful woman next to me and I'm going to think "Damn! What a good feeling!"
i LIE.
I GROSS 80,000 A MONTH. tHAT'S lbc.
john nash's ghost huants the world
according to InI.
It would be a different story with I.
I am luficer. I am the god of this world.
Just like everyone is the god of their own world.
I give away the money.
make me come in my pants said her
said she
i don't have the answers.
this is limbo.
I'm wanting all girls to be sexually liberated.
That includes myself.
I see the daughter that I have once.
I'm like the amish.
there would be no more InI.
I would go into hiding.
I'm going really feminine for a lack of better words.
So much so that I think I'm coming in now.
who is this Mr. Brown?
today is a new day. I'm not high. Niether am I low. I believe in nonduality.
How can I properly describe my reality?
needing to play the game to stay alive.
blowing up my mental with natural medicine. designed to calm the mind from a state of panic to a state a calm. redundancy. edit out.

training my mind to sit and be quiet as I sit.
like a meditation.
I'm ugly like an alien.
i'm a common alien in this matrix where the men in black are a reality.
I like to push the button on my brain that activates the creative side. weed tickles brain cells.
overstand what the herb do. i must learn to sit while intoxicated and while not intoxicated.
I must learn to love life as is.
my dreams have been hopeful these past couple of days.
i'd rather spend my weed privately.
blue thai is such a knock out.
i honestly don't know why I like being high so much.
I'm not stoned anymore. cause i came alive..
we're all in afish bowl.
i'm breathing slow cause i know i've broken the rules.
I know the father can here this. actually I don't know.
puff puff pass.
i'm permanently depressed with this music. thinking that I'm smart.
Hiding in plain sight.
Don't take me.
I'm schizophrentic.
I know what it's like puffing the herb and passing.
I don't know how to work the chalice.
Nick my brother gets high naturally which I haven't quite figured out how he does it yet.
You play the fucking game mate?
You're in the game.
I'm very small. like 11 inches tall. I'm not the first person to have said it but I am calm. i have nothing else to say. except that i am not yelling I'm using my inside voice.
this is the capture of the pokemon in my mind.

Do it! This is controlling attitude.
This fool isn't a Korihor. I believe him.
Holy father jah rastafari please accept my relationship with thee.
the philosophy of jah of nazereth.
Ok i have found out how to kill people passively.
It's like the cookie game.
I go animotronic.
Dumb dumb disney.
Mickey mouse. I have to stop what?
what is it?
I could only be so sure of my own thought.
accidents happen
this book took a turn that not one saw coming.
I get what I deserve. that's why INI desire to be rasta.
It was just a matter of time before I insert myself in the cannabis matrix.
damn I only got lucky and didn't get frenzy.
tazzjaz was my first screenname.
I think that's the one that matters.
dear chris,
i think i live in the telestial world. thing is I really thrive hear.
We go from silence to straight violence.
The next time I would come to conciousness there would be a knock on the door.
I am lucifer incarnate living in the telestial world for a time.
I on the demi-god along side chris. are we not all
excercise the next time
why am I feeling this way?
eeore morning eeore day
Felt down.
negative emotions.
who what where when how
script for when I am angry
I'm angry. I have no reason to feel this way?
Whose fault it is I'm feeling this way.
She did this. I'm fossil fuels dumb.
what the dab say?
good boys echo.
saying hello on the radio while this is happening.
Pay the satan in the villages. :)
initiation and comunnity.
nishop que te pasa?

Kim weston it takes two
what is the name of the guy on the track?
it takes two.
who is my audience?
It's my exboyfriend.
He's now a fucking homophobe.
I'm a bully.
"You're a fucking addict that's what you are" said poppa rich.
I'm done playing the game.
It's a brand new day.
what could I say more than has already been said?
This is my proper sealed version of the holy piby
and the book of the gorgons. I believe I go a little bit crazy.
please if you are reading this consider donating to the
Justin Movick Foundation. I'll take donations and speaking fees
for money. Does that make me a politician? It must.
How am I distorting reality?
In a very real sense I betrayed the character I was before.
do I hate myself for becoming dependent on drugs?
Aren't we all dependent on them?
I am.
This cookie game is really boring.
what could make it less boring?
Weed, a sugary snack, sex, conversation with a friend or stranger, killing.
it's a clicking game. a clicking game is where you click to create more wealth for yourself.
993 billion cookies and counting.
405 billion cookies except now I have other assets I didn't have before. I now have a portal which cost me a trillion dollars. dollars cookies what's the difference?
I make phone calls in my dreams the only thing I feel like they are actually happening. I made an anonymous phone call to a number asking for Lorena and the pickupee said there was none there.
I don't want to brag but my dreams have been awesome of late. What kind of dreamer are you?
prayer is forbidden here.
I prayer to the lord in secret.
definitely feeling the indic-couch
silence to violence
I just love the spirit.
its calming i may live in my own universe.
however i love it here. i thrive
i'm among the thieves and murderers.
I'll do my work later. now i want to play.

what just happened?
I'm destroying my life.
I know my brother knows not.
I give it all away.
program self
deprogram self
how shall I do this lucifer?
Recognize it's all one giant act we are putting on.
We are. Black survivors.
The live feeling matters.
gotta say shit that doesn't matter.
tuning out what ever is going on out there.
I'm in a depression yet i'm manic.
Which means I feel the tamastic field.
therefore I n I am this creation by jah elohim
who is it?
I know the words that get me by the sentinels.
I don't know if I'm high or I'm down.
I believe I came down I hear with disgust the brother.
this is the complete computer take over
would I decides to inject my viens with this heroine?
NA meeting
hello constituents of nebraska place of birth of all the people. I am wakantankan.
I am the God of this world and I'm not drunk when I say that.
Drunk is such a dumb word.
how is our meta diferentiated from the other meta
i feel the field
i know what prayer is
one two three
how pretty they can be
speaking about them as us
high middle high low low low
when are now in the celestial world and it is dirty in here.
That's all we have to say to make it a pornography.
Sleezy novel.
who can see this.
I'm sensing my hunger and spirits.
i know they'd give me food.
I'm working, goddammit!
this can't be violated by elmo.
I'm writing.
I'm ready to grow up.
talking to girls is not as easy as I thought it was.
Holy shit. Im tripping.
No it can't be.
what is success?
It's a vibration.
Huh. I missed that.
i'm talking bout how I percieve the current reality.
Netflix University
Justin Movick
I'm changing characters. having said the truth of coming out of the closet as a asexual.
I got your back.
I'm on the straight side of the convo.
We never met up my boyfriend and I.
[laugh track]
ar christy.
i tricked myself into poverty for life.
Mind power book?
This is plagerism.
What thought is original?
armar la voz!
i have one leg in my cabin.
I need my cane.
Whoops wrong answer. I have two legs.
I have a gratefulness journal.
grateful for the reminding of each other.
i went in my mind.
I love you but not like that.
I'm not God.
waiting on my stupid computer to work.
three month old baby
gold member
plagerism comedy
smoking a blunt
imaginary friends
thorazine kills!
so much death.
How can I not be faking schizophrenia anymore?
I've caused pyschosis in my mind.
This is happening.
I wish this was this isn't happening.
What world am I in?
I am in this world.
I've seen the movie.
I'm not an expert but I know I have imaginary friends.
You can't see my eyes.
what is this little girl saying?
What is the difference. I want to read this shit.
she scratches.
feline science.
She didn't know how to hit.
I can't understand the video.
They're all drunk. Like InI.
I'm stoned.
What is smart?
InI am smart.
Good self- esteem
it reset.(q_>get_type() ++ "ChoiceQuestion"
I reset this girl.
I see the mentla illness and it takes it away from me.
7 million mentally ill children
I'm programming my mind.
for (int n = 10; n >= 0; n--)
{cout << n << endl;
Some programmers build inheritance hierarchies in which each o}throw . tantrum hacked the hack. lokuda
the shaman was aware of himself.
the hermit.
i would say nothing.object has a tag that indicates its type, commonly a string. They then query that string.
if (q->get_type() == "Question"
//do something
else if (q->gettype() == "ChoiceQuestion")
//do something else

this is the journal in addition to the computer programming file
i see in vision like a mormon the glory of HIM ja hova elohim
I'm not lying anymore.
Previously i was telling one lie.
I am diabolical yet angelic.
good night.
I don't know where I am.
I'm going mentally sad.
I'm in a depression.
This is the novel.
I meet a girl.
I am that girl.
She's the man?
How is she?
I am the child.
british jamaican
it's like my best joke immitation I can do.
My world is filled with screams of hell.
We don't bullshit kids.
We don't kids that this is some sort of utopia.
3.758 trillion cookies
this is a journal recording in my autobiography. I'm extremely disturbed right now. All I can think about is getting SSI and purchasing weed smoking said weed while I write said autobiography.
4.600 trillion cookies and counting.
I am a broken person.
15.053 trillion and counting. making money should be as easy as the cookie clicker game. Instead the monopoly game is rigged and the 1% hog all the earth's riches.
I've recorded several videos.
I'm not in touch with reality.
I have a seperate reality that is independent of other streams of thought.
What is that?
I beleive it is this video game reality. I just play video games.
dear Olivia,
I've got nothing to say to you said it all when we were through.
if I did have anything to say to it would be...
nope I have nothing to say to you.
dear ashley,
I hope you're baby is growing big and strong. That's pretty much all I have to say to you.
I feel like I'm outside my body watching myself.
I've grown dependent on credit.
I need an injection of a million dollars. It's currently not in my bank account. Give me a million dollars and I'll prove the system I can make something of myself and my business.
Thinking the best move is actually killing myself. I ask myself what is keeping me from actually doing it. Getting through the day is the worst. I don't have the ambition to play the monopoly game. I'd rather get ssi and get baked all day. What's wrong with that life?

Two characters have sex.
It's short. Makes body parts throb and twitch.
I'm so fucked right now.. My bank account is in the red. I can't ask people for money. I'm so fucked right now. I visualize as if I already had my millions and it's all good. In reality it's shitty.
I remember the times I was thriving in college. Now I just ask how did it come to this. This shithole of a life.