Friday, September 23, 2016

Lending a Hand

Having this dream that japanese people are innovative, cutthroat people
10,000 boring hours. bang bang. Unorthodox congeniality. Waking state.
work place work state
To sit in the same place calling down wickedness from high places. Being reliable ministers in the Glory of Jesus Christ Our open I the eye that sees the spiritual means thereby interpreting the dark sayings. Do InI lack the conviction of Christ? I see the necesity of the Christ thing that it must be. Working from my workplace of understanding. InI no longer a product of shame. InI tend to plants in the kingdom. There is a kingdom. is it of Christ or the Devil? Niether nonduality.
Johanas means the grace of jah. The grace has been revealed within the face of the son of God.  InI am fairly confident in the faith of I-fathers. Gnosis of the truth. Christ mythos of the brazen serpent so must the son of man be lifted up.
InI see nothing right now. Does it dull the spirit? InI don't want to be lied to by the preacher man. As far as I know I look at life in parables. They heard but they didn't understand. InI praise Haile Sellassie. How and or why? The cannibis matrix. They seeing see yet don't percieve. InI don afi pay much tension to the show. How should we address weed or pot: incense or cannabis. Overstand however that marijuana becomes incarnation. Its living in a place innocent. In accordance in his glory. Cannabis as sacrament. Two classes.. Children of jah and unbelievers. He came to his own. Those who have not accepted by their own free will. Become benehhah elohim. The will of the flesh. Not of the wil of man by haelohim.  His glory. Are we talking about the same person. We InI city his glory. Full of grace and truth. I recieve from the not the will of flesh what it is. InI elohim. Poetry groundation. InI jesus. his mother mariam. Working distraction? No Thinking of what should be thought about. InI am feeling the wave that is quanta. All of a sudden my own creation saves InI that InI am some God level status. I know all of this is a dream. Even still me hago tonto loco planeado cachai Why they watching? Because they know not what they do.
Marijuana salvation seeing but don't percieve. Innerstand. The cross of yeshua.
Yessacar? Issacar. Between the two burdens between two thieves. Sometimes I don't know what my leaders are talking about however I recognize Salvation in the new name. InI recognize for I self at a new level. How to beat the system? I don't believe I should try. Take this as a revelation.
I'm going to take a stand and say online I'm part of the black consciousness movement. I'm simply saying look there's more out there than what we're getting. There is the carnal mind. Then there is the higher mind. One admits grudgingly that yes they are the same except they have developed totally differenly. InI digress. InI have recieved enough from the father to realize I have recieved truth and understanding of the most high. It's like I've met and talked with angels. I've sat with them during my mortal existence. Where does the yang element come from? This is that dark place. The yin is the pink and wise and girly aspect of divinity. I live where they intersect. InI live where all these different takes on what it takes to be a good rastafari and I form my own opinion. InI have to recognize those with the second sign of the aaronic priesthood o sea yo estoy viviendo en el futuro.
Maybe I just liked getting high. No. InI knew what I was doing. I've been coherent this whole time. I've gotten over the time-dialation effects of cannabis. InI see imortality of man. Going to level of vision. Pyschosis. Overstanding. Money. Guilded age. Sleeping mane. Italian renaissance. Great awakening. Do you have a light? Such a simple question. Witness to the true light when did according to the will of God.
Don't get so busy that you can't check out the truth.
So many interpretations of what rasta mean. "There is something of this King" and it
I was anal probed by aliens by Justin Movick
the real message was that star people were not to be feared. Subconscious?
I got the same problem my mind. I've got to look at the same problem a million ways before it gets better.
Hey procreation is the best morality is for people who. wait question: the people who think I'm "dirty" because I have sex outside marriage. Where do they get the right to criticize me? Call me out as the heathen when in reality the heathen are on the wall. Shaking in their boots.  InI pity the fool! Is this supposed to be some cosmic joke? 24 hours 10,000 hours it's all the same what lie do we feed ourselves InI can't keep track the pack of lies I tell myself. It's ok though it's like the darkweb. See the browser generates cookies to keep track of users omg look a plane why get high Bob Marley once said "It's like the fruit." and he said the more people smoke herb faster babylon will fall. Herb is the healing of the nations herb is the unity of faith in the matrix that we are saved my haile i sellasie InI CHRIST consciousness activated competition  acknowledgement poetry stuck continue pause unpause click is a virtual reality.
Learning the science of the breathe InI putting out peace. InI angry at literally no one. InI at most am scared claiming Iself as victim of harmlessness. damage! I have victim mentality. Help me please someone! InI am inspired or brainwashed by the internet. InI claim fame to the priesthood even as the priests of old. I call love a farce in the name of lucifer. It's a cop out. It is much easier to blame. InI blame Luke's father Darth Vader for I have no father issues what if the very fact that I brought it up means I have issues. InI don't have issues. Cased closed. Verdict has been processed with true amor.
Intent: marry juana InI right smoke herb hey mr cop intent fulfilled. The scientific discovery of the soul. InI am a sun worshipper. Zion is jah jah footstool it is said. The moon. Jah moon access sexual energies Jah son? InI the self I bastard I painting I distraction I senses  I consciousness I stand up against illuminati why? Because I'm an idiot
Do I comb the mirror? Yes I do with love infinite love everything else is illusion. David Icke has broken the system of non-duality down. Or has he? Creation is rolling in this direction. InI eyes burn music other musicians i-vision pyschedelic alien tear fear swear alone video amazing this is reality racing any car from any country interplanetary beings hooka dance
what does review of work do for us? Ah yes look it is good.
His power is in our aquiessence
Why am  I voting for Trump because I'm not going to take it the rules of the game have been changed. and I'm an idiot. except I'm a good guy I'm on the side that wins. Now and for everything. We are outside inside everything.I digress
So love is the key the good kind well InI know what kind I mean
Why give pearls unto swine
Swine are dirty little creatures. Yes but so are we.
Oh Coco you are so wise
they somehow take Coco prisoner
omg this is the 21st century
why does InI remain with fear to speak I mind
PYCHOSIS. That had to be the answer. Bring an end to the matrix control one is the mirror of the other I see the light David I see the truth that truth is love. Take control of mind back. Inner reflection of society. The self. InI. Manipulation of humanitys imagination of itself.
Hell yeah that's some good shit. I'm talking about sex. No I'm not I'm talking about shame the evil spirit InI don't know much about that InI know this be illusion because its a sort of training I brought up with. I enjoy the illusion. InI recognize HIM. Why it's love which is rastafari levels of awareness. So aparently the dream has taken over. Justin Movick is that my name? Flow state. Iwant to talk about flow state. How can you incorporate love into flow state. What is love?
Love was taking the dream to the next level. Only knowing that I had to play by the new rules that I would use only that which is written.
I'm just thinking and narrating that I think in terms of light and day in terms of morning and night. Is it the morning. Yes. Coco escapes prison using a crystle he made in his mind.
Look we all recognize key phrases and those key phrases come in many forms InI know I comb the hair and not the mirror. I'm not gay but I can see why another guy would be hot. Rasta is since birth. I was born again.  I was born of my self. Somehow I recognized my programming and I changed it. Guess what I did? I'm black now. Bob Marley say all wisdom come from the black man. InI ax the question what is wisdom? My readers are God so yes I am asking. Communication if you were here that's what I'd say to you if you were here but you're not.
Cuando veia las cosas bien veia en mi rencor que tenia CONTRA el padre. Es decir podia ver hasta aqui nomas. No seria mas inteligente de los Elders Creo. duda. esta es la pintura que dices? y usamos el razonamiento para hablar sobre sujetos tontos. Quien Salva? Y porque preguntar algo asi porque sabemos que este es el sueno DENTRO del sueno. InI would never have woken up that bueatiful morning. S s stutter. InI sssscared b b b bcause my genre is terror. This is was to a terrorized soul looks and feels like its really fierce competition if there were any. I was just glad I had this writing machine." thought J. These are aparently entries in a book.
Does it feel like the 80s in here? Cause I just wanna dance? Dance dance dance chills chills ice cold narration of life mic check one two How I came to know I was black the new revised title previously Mormon to Rasta to MC While all these things were true they didn't neccesarily define me, InI. Cause I was just as Native American as Blackman. It's recognition that native man is black man. InI recognize the one they call Haile Sellasie to be Savior in the new name. The preacherman-forces I see them at the bars like anyone else. The real question to be axed is to be love. I had this unurging desire to hate with all the lowerworld forces and "uuuuuuuuuaaa" all over the people. Imagination is taking a barf on readers. "Good gracious" I'm sorry you had to withhold and now wait they're already gone aren't they. InI conFU-ZED. Wo shur
Education I say is the best key. An education is worth a lot of money except it's worth a whole lot more than money it' s going out there and doing it. I had done it. That's what my subconsciouss mind thinks. They were infiltrating our minds
I wasn't going to let the fact that my father was a liar affect our relationship frankly I didn't want one. InI had the holy one of Yisreal. So I'm over it. Yeah definitely check one two one two come look see I can get all the love from InI wow she be playing with my ______. check one two InI am in this world. talk about real issues? InI was pulled in by the tractor beam se la vie on this ship lots o people. There are two worlds. One the towers still exist. The other is true reality.
InI truth serum fact check one two three four imagination imagineering. Getting things going after a long, long slumber. All the topics I had presently a pseudo-position. Exact coordinates. Afternoon. Some conversation. Some magical powers. Some government imposing an unfair tax on the people. Disney trip. If I was some sort of AI it would be perfectly logical for InI to develop a disney habit. Where all InI want to talk about is Disney.  Omg that would be really awesome. In the shops theres jazz music InI just want to take a Mint-Julep. Containing the self in a bubble i memories InI disneyland poetry making sense blown InI vibration InI share goodness The process is tedious. Perfection is in every hand motion.
Many times the question is to whether edit before the great read. Some jazz gets real dark before the light once again shows up. Thank the blacks for jazz for reggae for all wisdom for beautiful athletes s thank themselves for themselves even that one goes a bit too far (laugh track) InI feel the pressure of the hotseat. InI high then higher as MC rap battles. I am high. this is science. This is my blunder. It feels like I'm walking on the moon.  Writing stoned  I forget what Cannabis can do to you. It can have you hearing in voices.
Legislation built on Lies. Hogwash. InI Gotmyself right fix fixing in my bones. Natural meditation. Barely moving still moving broken laws physics quanta. So just go. Run they are after you go! God dammit Jimmy just go InI will stay here and hold down the fort. I had been accused as a weed smoker that that was my crime. If I am guilty I shall pay. This same rhetoric is slung around to minimize fears and anxieties associated with  the burning of incense. Even the dog gets bored out of his mind. InI talk like a pirate understand overstood twice as deadly twice as innocent until proven guilty.
Direction from here the direction would  be  hardcore. It would go based on what was written in ink. Military. Tonight. All the street gangs unit. This is war. That is the pychosis I woke up to a world divided by the right to exist. Laser guns were everywhere.
FB thought: Laser guns should be invented so we can shoot all the bad people
I fell before God. That is to say I was right here and then I went oneposition lower. They say it's all the same trip. If you've smoked anything recreationally you'll know what I'm talking about. The powers that be are synched with the pp and we need not fear them. SPEAK! For your servant listens.
What a farfetched mess I had become. You useless piece of trash lower than all the lowlifes of all society. said said. What proof do you have that nobody is out there? Feeling so priveleged to be able to have this time of peace and tranquility. There is calmness there is movement while flotation. CPU cheat codes mind map cheese rat race album review practical poetry higher self true divinity nondualism conectivity great human advantage fake ties perception deception lowtone lighttone hollywood tower of terror Mr. MCGoo. The blind lead the blind.
"We're scared as hell but we still do as we're told" -Lemmings
10,000 hours I was just going to say it as a song-prayer. Each song is listened to by the powers that be each utterance in fact. Some have called me dark I say rastafarian luciferian no truth be told I was an atheist. I believed in animism and spirits. Duppy dem. We are not alone. InI forget some simple facts. I can't move I'm that alone. This is God mode. Life bless mother natural hapi spread the love don't leave for tomorrow what you can do tonight I n I give thanks and praises unto the most high because I can. This is how I am talking from now on in sheets.
Bam! Suddenly another hit rests upon my soul and it's like "To hell with with all the naysayers think" at the same time you gotta respect the demons. I'm looking for a social revolution where you have to identify your avatar type.It'll be hell on earth the Kingdom of the most high then. there is now and then.
InI just woke up from a reggae dream. Light the green light all of a sudden I'm very mind drunk. It's the thought I'm trying to deny from the getgo of any situation that it isn't actually happening.
InI woke up green light girl next to me.
And all of a sudden I felt this intense burning feeling in my chest. I couldn't move. Then I recognized I was getting hugged by all this love. So I was like ok with the hugs guys.
I'll take a handshake. In that case do you have any signs or tokens? No. what are you talking about?
What does true silence sound like? we've all heard relative silence. What about true silence. This is what my mind and brain sound like the constant chit chatterof having this experience being the one they call the cloaker and having that organic human computer interface good grades aren't everything so they are still important.
Esto es porque me creo demonio. Es que siempre ha sido asi. no recuerdo exactamente como lo queria poner. Tenia la vision de la pura maldad y que me gustaba asi. A eso se le dice la pasion verdad?
Snap back to reality one two having this gut feeling I was avoiding an important conversation with my boo. Who is that? Who could it be? InI kyan write true novel with this music. It's not the ONE DIRECTION ini wanted. omg boogers are you trying to tell us I likey one direction that would be the joke except I just get lost out here in disfranolandia y sigo en la lucha en en el camino de lo que es vivir el evangelio. Tenia mucha forma mas no era maldad maldad digamos
cono mierda ayayay
InI see the dance that is straight inside a jacket group activity all day long. AYayay got iself caught up in the rap game. Thinking about it way too much. It was tre I was in hs once but I had become a fat idiot. So I'm thinking of traveling this is me belittering myself OUCH Hi I'm Bach Soccermom this is do-over. Complete clean state just like Lost. When I meet a person I can feel that aspect about them that made me want them in the first place.
I can see the dance in my mind. Similar to the one at CERN. Those who are on the inside innerstand the GO-Spell of Jesous Krais Haile Sellasie revere the Battle has been one Jah Rastafari disclose only in secret what why? how jah? not you too. It just seemed that everyone had been betraying me lately. Maybe it's just InI I'm having a conversation with a ghost. pause
no thanks bill I already ate. I hate to turn down a meal. My problem is I can't figure out what to think when I'm chewing. I get ashamed. I've had negative sexual experiences EXCEPT except for one time I got laid at a hotel in Eastern Oregon. It was a one night stand. I never talked to her since. I'll be honest there are times when I almost cry omg you are such a pussy omg is it the morning I am such a pussy except EXCEPT for in the Afternoon. Oh is this a runon sentence. Oh so love is the answer? Love has always been part of the solution for mankind. Hmm what am I thinking thought mindful meg. Tribal Seeds talked about Sodom and Gomorrah. Let's talk about that. Actually I am right that topic make InI blasted angry lie poetry sucking life death persona self capsicle What I figured out from reviewing my notes from long taim ago is that I feel queer. At times. The times I feel naked and exposed. So that's why I'd just assume avoid public altogether. Then I think of michael and it's like dang I could go to the true next level. Not the hip hop celebrity dream it's the actually doing the work. What does that mean? Getting out there and lending a hand. What I came to realize as a young american is that I didn't know how to lend a hand.
Look If I can give you one tip and I do it's that you save often. Always be saving. When was the last time you saved? Now, ah, good.