Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Journaling at the library

NPL69028280. This antecedent string is far my personal rekard.

yo yo i am who i am nice to meet you

i yem who i yem

imposter - my reggaes watered down.

Have not those many nations which today are called "advanced" become so through toil and labour if their peoples?

this quote from Haile Sellasie eye really need a little context. Him was crowned king of kings, conquering lion of the tribe of judah in 1930 and released from duty politically in the 1970s.

Two lessons here.

Every thing that goes up comes down - that is to say that everything all things all creation has it's season and it's reason.

second lesson

what kind of work is good? according to his majesty all work that forces one to toil and labor is good. I hold that humanity need not toil no longer. robots are the future. we need work smarter not harder. WE the children want fi play games, solve riddles, and act out plays. That is all! applying our selves in this manner ini the children will obtain i man freedom. freedom to raise crops, freedom to raise children, freedom to brew a timeless mead,
(we are radio transmitters. we have that ability some harness the power. others neglect our innate internal state and ability.)

playing with words


play puddy

preponderance of the great

i'm trying to relax my mind not waste my mental energy losing time and thoughts over a woman.

dear mary,

when i try to summon the words i falter. bear with me. I'm super aware of the red thread that connects all of us. I've tried ripping it. I've tried cutting it. i just can't shake it. I'm reaching out to you because shim ini empress mary meant a lot to me. like when the outside faucet was drip drip dripping lol there was a magic in the air such positivism. When shim tell compliment i man music i man fiil well well big big love. i still learning the song "home" dem asked i fi learn it, right? i have the tune stuck in my head however the words escape ini. Please will you write me at this address po box 295 north plains 97133?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Here we go one eleven eighteen

Yo Yo what's good world? I find my self so lazy right now. I don't want to open my backpack and find some goodness to share. Ugh! what's happening to me? Well first off, it's my weekend today. I don't work this whole day the 11 of January 2018. I'm gonna face it right here right now: I don't want to work no hard job. I want my work to be hard in the sense I'm solving a puzzle or riddle. I don't wanna stress the body. So for right now i man am working pumping gas--this is a daily wage which is fine however I rather be an helpdesk engineer of somekind. I want to route tickets. I want to assign projects and follow up with the programmers how those projects are going, seeing if I can be of any algorithmic assistance. i could really enjoy a job like that. the question is however would I actually enjoy it? I would hope so. My career goals are work in the industry 15 years and then switch to teaching mathematics to young pupils for another 15 years and then I'd retire. By then I'd have enough in the bank to live off of indefinitely. I'm in a tough spot now however. I'm not experienced enough yet for a lot of those positions. So what? I don't know. I'm fighting down here. it's like it's hell down here. I'm getting killed down here. I practice tai chi and try to enjoy it; I try to stay balanced and cool. Not want fi do no hard work. I don't want to do nothing and be a burden for the rest of my fellow citizens. Yet at the same time I wish to be a social security disability income. I'm a living, walking paradox like tyler the creator might have said once. i'm complicated. I'm complex. I'm chaotic. I'm a human being standing rasta which many a people nan wan fi ovastand.

I'm not doing so hot right now. I'm reading the book of changes.


THE CALDRON. Supreme good future.


While THE WELL relates to the social foundation of our life, and this foundation is likened to the water that serves to nourish growing wood, the present hexagram refers to the cultural superstructure of society.

You might not understand or innerstand what this text is all about. Each chapter has a symbol which is analyzed and looked into.

I can't make sense to the reader of what is going on here. My takeaway here is that I'm practicing chi in my words. i'm trying to quote old texts and make them relevant to my reader. If I fail to do this then I fail as a writer.


To those who contribute willingly, who sweat and toil, work for the good of the nation with little thought of self, to them will much be given, even to the governing of the land.

This quote is found in the small book The Wise mind of HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I. Though small this book may be the words make themselves big big because of what they mean and say. I think of my parents my dad rich my mom pepa--people who work and toil with little thought of themselves. I love them so much and will be very sad when the leave this world--yet the time is not yet and they live! I and I struggle so much because I want fi toil not. Like I said earlier I want fi route tickets and follow up with engineers as to how the project is going. Perhaps this is to toil? no doubt I have much to learn still.


11. A worse provision no man can take from table than too much beer-bibbing: for the more he drinks the less control he has of his own mind.

I'm not much of drinker however I'm planning on brewing mead and drinking that mead so it would be wise for me to take not. A WORSE provision no man can take from the table than too much beer-bibbing. stop. what this mean? what is a provision? literally good sight? well for starters this is a noun. the action of providing or supplying something for use. google says the action of providing or supplying something for use. does this make sense? simple words are at times the most difficult to overstand.

I working on extrapolating the meaning of these words. beer-bibbing is bad in excess. I man not fond of beer however I'm sure this means also mead or honey wine.

well all in all the havamal again defeats my simple mind.


Seaking of Marcus Garvey "His most famous and bitter enemy was W.E.B Du Bois, head of the N.A.A.C.P. who would characterize Garvey as 'Without doubt the most dangerous enemy of the Negro race in America'"Why I love Marcus Garvey is because he wasn't afraid to make enemies and fight them in the intellectual field. Why people like Du Bois claimed him is enemy to the (black) human race is because sometimes individuals misinterpret signals and want fi fight physically. This is a no no. I have been there. When my blood boils I just kick it into gear and and want fi start fi fight. I mos control i man self and be wise what more can I say?Thanks for checking out my blog though it be unorganized and chaotic I know if you stick around with me you'll make it 'cause you can do more'. it's in you. it's in me. the powers that be. peace.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Religion is personal; the state is for all

I mon av much to say far di wei i mon practice i mon religion; nun av much to say bout di state, ya dig? i am a person writing and righting. Wa go apm inna di fiyutier? nobody know mas wi can know wa is apm todie. InI grateful far di Krais jeous haile I selasie I HIM the almighty we give strength et hope ab all who cry out inna di willdaness far him.

"Garvey eventually directly addressed and mesmerized tens of thousands in hundreds of speeches and millions more through newspapers, and by 1919 he had soared to prominence was renowned throughout the world for his message of black pride"

what a person! Right? dis mon av no fear inna him haat! I n I want fi du someting laik dis inna mein life. livicate I mon self to the idea of human pride working towards establishing a new race founded on the principle of goodwill to all men. I'm on a journey of many miles; however I know that each day requires steps. My message is brain pride and heart pride. I look to Garvey as a mover and a shaker who inspired and continues to inspire millions of minds.

"one can be aware of the suffering and not suffer"

dis ting is riil riil the notion that i man kyan have in mind the fact that i man piipl av ben suffering far sum taim and due to political strategy they drown us in welfare and make us ignorant of ini tru purpose inna dis life. no sar! ini di piipl shall overcome and begin to employ HIM backbone an obtain the richness in life dat Jah creator God wan fi alla him pikni deh!

"The Sequence
Good conduct, then contentment; thus calm prevails. Hence there follows the hexagram of PEACE.
Peace means union, interrelation."

A soothsayer once told i man i wassa peacemaker; could it be true? Peace is togetherness with no bitterness. Many parts of the world av peace. other parts of the world struggle fi get something to eat.
My work is to serve 'umankind to bring fort union through teaching true principle. Wi a all di krais. As I man begin to know Krais him begin to dwell in I N I. Not literally in the sense of spirit possession, however him dwell in I---the almighty I separated from the illusion of self and ego and him begin to shine good will and love towards all men. Dis ting apm in flashes becuss sum art still bitter from taim to taim.

16"A cowardly man thinks he will ever live, if warfare he avoids; but old age will give him no peace, though spears may spare him."

Di hardest paat is live in life and not live in debt; how can a man o'ercome him dna? change him spots? play a character which nature not intend far him to play? I look to sellasie di krais far dis change! I look to garvey and him example of execution far dis change! I look to the chai-knee sages far dis change. I look to odin far dis change. CRISPR enables humans to become something completely different from what they are. I am enough. I resolve to be this and not that! I am!

in the name of krais mess-ee-ha, selah.

Friday, January 5, 2018

ain't no one gonna phase me

"Wherever there is African blood there is a basis for greater African unity"

I don't have African blood. Not that i know of. However I have a renewed African human spirit. I'm 23 days off the weed and moving forward with my plan. I'm not saying weed is bad. I love callie however the plain and simple truth is when I use weed the people around me misinterpret my signals and blame all their problems on ini. I'm on an indefinite T break. Perhaps God will call me to partake of the this sacrament however for the time being I will not partake. And even if people are smoking around me they won't phase me or change me cause I am decided.I am in recovery. I have dreams and I'm living the long term now as opposed to the short term.

I have less than a minute remaining to type my thoughts, ideas, and vision. I'm choosing to rekindle my love for the LDS community and attend sunday services. We'll see how it goes. Love peace.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

New Favorite scripture

I am energized, joyful and connected in an an abundant and super fun now!

Using weed to sleep.
I don't know how I dream.
being connected by the dohrman prophecy
being connected by quatiscum
what is the observer effect
writing is watching the movie.
listening to dumb music.
it's the music legal shit
good morning ksol
dj jlove

we are fine we know that, black people. It's 7 o'clock. early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy.
you are a woman.
White folks be about their money.
rhianna jackson.
jackson! i know this name.
dj love ksol
it's 8:04?
jesus christ
they are getting arrested
we are saying this script together.
i and i.
terrance mckenna
real hallucinations.
this is the writing i'd write if i took lsd
 I'm TV baby!
wasai she's hot.
i must have her.
she's into bad boys. i can be bad.
can I be bad?
What's your name chick?
Too late your name is shaniqua
gone biatch.
i'm on house arrest.
gorrilla pimping 101 shit away from this house
we speak English.
plumbers get.
esta super farm group.
laying pipe underhouse.

Little people stole the doorknobs
they got them tripping.
past out after the video
tripping off big 4-5
i got 5 on it
demon haunting
el taco blacko
speaking mexican not spanish.
house arrest.
do I know you?
it's me little juan
pushing them weights.
snacks and take out
little momma is mad at me.
i cheated.
i gang bang
you sound stupid?
my intelligence is low.
give me a rag?
yes I speak english.
stay bugging. these gangs is real?
who banging?
who is claiming colors.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Self Loathing

Yessaday i man start ova di cycle of self-hatred and self loathing.
getting loaded and not caring about shit.
i man no gyood society memba.

I man he-bellious.

now vou fazer. now vow do. speak.


had to answer some cucks at the door. Maybe in reality we are the cucks. I have no clue why I'm living here after 6 years of virtual independence. I man had has will have some trouble with a little mental disorder they call schizophrenia. I man ben label for better or for worse good good bad bad. I man solid rock foundation. try fi confound di wicked sitm dem ou di people witch know not what they do.

i man try fi scribe man self.illusion (half-gay, half-retarded, half-machine)

This concept:
jyab pay for transportation
 is to hayard for InI.

got'sta overstand, my wigger.

i be taunting and calling out the hypocrites.

Why would I be doing such a thing when there's a mote in my eye?

iman is i me myself jusustin malvick II. es una fi-you-tier dejection rejection ejackulation joke yoke piada chiste  玩笑

start fi go cray cray bowt dat mon-EE mon-EE.

inna di street dem di only law is redrum. God damn ou ini witch it were luv. chos(e), luv. chos.
input user 1
input user 2

what i will invent is 

mackina que reproduce si mismo durante la procreacion cual es constante hablante del frito pinche idioma del castellano. Se dice ESPANOL!
NAO. se diz castillo-ano. somos do portugawl.
faz bem o mal mooji?
faco bem.
my story before i was me.

"Don't go too fast" linda said.
me luv linda from the bronx. she issa ini 5-or-ITE.
quem mais quer ser de casa du louco?

eu! eu! disse muito calma sozhino mask of my own face with my smile tied up me byad bi.
playing sleep music and working.
what is work? i questioned my reflection as i heard the voices around me talking shit.
I'm not gonna get upset. ops looks like they are gone. i wonder what strange things are going on in the matrix today.

(Many things were subsequently lived and discovered during that fateful day in July. This is where the post officially ends. And they lived happily ever after.)

STUPID STUPID STUPID! HOW COULD YOU BE SO naive, JUSUTIN? iman do this for them.

they say imonismo is just a fad. They say it won't stand the test of time. However, i stand and sit to the contrary. Imonismo is built on the solid rock foundation that the Ouli Choch was is and will be foriver be built up upon. duh.


if playing
     abort progam

"my entire life" this thing we value as precious before the father's sight me myself and I my spirit energy it's entirely a figment of my imagination. how can that be reflection?  Some riddles take an entire lifetime to figure. My kung fu master will have had taught me everything I know by the time I'm '92. 92. When I'm 92 the year will be 2081. It'll be the 80s again. I never really knew what the fuck about the 80s.

Krais mi jesous mi lawd de ceu lawd du inferno lawd alla di oul earth  teach ini how to breathe in prescence of the angelic orders. Teach ini how to breathe in prescence of the demonic kings. teach ini to breathe in and let everything go.


what do certain sounds do for the brain? How do they trigger different responses from the stimuli.

Krais me jesous ini naw fi try. InI do. create child pikni dem. Easy. I make bebe witha mine eyes closed.

see di trute ou di matta? I man start fi tink like this. It's my thought pattern. InI tri inna di pass fi sell it.
agora now tem have tiempo tempo realizar.


untrammeled rationalism is a hella bunch of symbols in chinese.

"there is some definite bullshit going on." said InI simoultaneously 2 times in the afternoon at two separate times yet at the same time. My computer is slow. I man tink fi gyet virus protection. tink tunk tick tock goes the man who sleeps his entire fortune and existence away.
I man see the cycle. it's vehicular.
always. i started this day out thinking about yessa'day. and bom i think i can speak portuguese and french.

I know in reality i only speak brazo-afro-lingua-franca. I was am will be stuck inna di pass vortex conditioning strength. bypass primary programming
debunk the what? the density of lines.
what if....
cause you got the stream.
and then you got the vortex.
you know the vortex old man jenkins?
yeah i know the vortex i think.
i mean do you know or are you playing inner sleepy man about to give up the ghost on the cross
i man fi start interpercalate religion inna all di writing dem imake far CAIN
dance = dawnce
frants = frawnce
writing vs speaking
di-frant! = stranger things season 10
dissa como e realidade tudos formus de os 80 90 00 umm i guess i speak for the trees now. i man no have no hezza-T.A. shun i man faada rastafari far naw recieve naw tick-tockery bee gees bees knees high fidelity 70s una chatarra mid-evil person.object{}, 
"energia spinning kinetically round and round my dance spines around my neck to expose the expression on a self portrait of a random semi-blind has-ta man gasp this is what i had before. not what i have now: one take dude son of a gun"
what is one take?
i wanted to posses. I am fine without internet or data.
i'd like to program.
perhaps in COBAL.

'All these energies are making me sway. This is a sphircular vortex.... spinning ... spinning ... spinning .... spinning .... spinning .... like this...'
nuttin is free. Not even tout. ini go attend visit inhabit the diss-pen-sorry am di people treat iman good. as uman.

we gyet dissa accent

we need a new word to represent future (will have be
imon iman freak.
speculation is cool bro. new subscriber here.


i start di judge di werd dem dat i manifest.


always reggae mun

i man a mun son.

scratches head.
i can't seem to open my mind.
I am a knucklehead.
I'm battling Kai mentally trying to bring him down.
Only for now.
In reality he is my (InI) FRAN

even though I know I have no friends.

i man betray my mental acuity.

don't make me choose.
third eye with a 13 crystal view.

british embassy 2012 june

cognitive dissosance
40 /60

wanting to be 100% here!

(the new world)

sapo no mo vertigo ammbassador for all things righteosuness.
taking a place with the sentinals, mutants, xmen.
i'm not choosing.
i am dissolving battling in the iniverse as the monkey red iman i mon rastafari jusutin malvick II subscribe? I already subbed my bro! (sista) 

lots of videos in my head. 
7:14 my favorite part. inna di iamaginatrix video.


"sloppy!" said kai the god
"yeah whatever" I wanted to think say feel and say"
bitch ass
suck dildo guey!
universo 3?
i know universe (world) iniverse (new world) xenoverse(speculation)

i mon aussie i man solo fi pikni!

(ok honesty. ocean feels like it's raining with imon head chopped off cause i'm that sick and loyal in the LIck swallow time is slow when you are telling jokes then when it's fast i'm in my own little world. That's why ini bought my (object.use.frequent) com-Pew_T.A. Shun

who must i man the jehovas witness must knock at your door ring your doorbell face judge skyarr langwij deception. black. ALLY-BYE

who dat? wass dass wiggas mame? (contienciously efulgent gas tank mowing the lawn)
iman try fi do as little as work as possible.
I'm effecient. 
I got to my happy place way before anybody is getting to there's it's 5:30 in the evening.
5:36PM to be exact.
I man stop. kyan. fi chrink far eye sight see . 
write some bullshit scene to be acted out at shango.
WHY IN KRAIS NAME InI REVEAL so much to the enemy!? (seething, livid, intoxicated with ogre)
Kiss all part o di frenemy mis vatos.
this is as far as we go in.
we see this far into the matrix.
that is pretty far.
that is why we have been trying to get laid with chica y chico.
iman start fi say di words that no one not even I can tyake back.
(why the swirling of a pool inna di random ass podunk town in USA confirms to INI dat di TRUTE o ALLA DI EARTH all 8,9,11 Dimensionals included
imonismo is my sect of mormonism. 
today is the only day there ever was. All creation happened on this day. 7 day theories and speculations of how flesh and blood and bone came to be arejust that theories and speculations.

ok ok ok.

d.a.d. fad. bad. rad. pad. bleed. seethe. tweet. recieve

see if y'all break ini ting up

it's like i don't spell it right cause ch whatever..

. give. yes yes y'all chill with that no black on black no mango con mango frito carajo que me chingo en la boca.

gets the nod
1 i mona di creator. ressonance within. 
2 practice i monismo 24/7/365/f.s73.51213
yo chill my buzz buzz buzz bee bee bee see see see
me me me

you you you
vibe mix up
i must pay the debt to the demi-gods a voice was is and will be telling me the same exact bullshit until the time I complete the task.
krais mi jesous mi luv to YOUCE di MACHINE TWO SPIRIT.
spirit animal
the fact thact i could even for swear digo that i man pronunSI-ATE muh werds AZZ (ass) 
i man hyate when she di spirit dem talk like dis cray cray so subtley sweet y deluxcious.
these are powerful words "haha"
Is it really funny?
Or is it cute and cuddly?
I man love i mun chucha huevadera mama 

we all mos def int i = 0.
Cause bridget, biatch!
I now overstand whereas before I only understood. past participle is DI-FRAWNCE em portugal. i kinda like win you (ini) to my way of thinking, right?
ya kna mean?
likkl likkl craiz waize prayze feize shift crack load image worship ganja expression smh riddim rhyme prayers don't work i mon no for certain i man prayers are in existence since creation di tout pattern i mon indwell and inhabit.

iman try fi start fight inna di dream wurl not the new girl lost 
iman try fi start fight inna dis wurl di new wurl 
wake up and go back in dream
i take responsibility
to have allowed my self
to give presence to the demons in my mind and in my resonance. i forgive my self that i have disemboweled my self.
 i allowed my self to be trapped in religion. God demons creating to go back into religion.
cycle forever trapped in the bull shit of religion.
realify is objectively looking at the way reality is presented in books, movies, television screens, and nationwide active store fronts. 
imon fi starta di coorp
re-align the programming
help: i can't feel my...

somebuddy is always getting bodied. That means some buddy is always getting killed!
The systems mother fucking bullshit!
i told ben.
i man start fi si di realiki of the energy that in japan it was once told that the afronites were a african tribe who actively recruited oversees.
L anguage vs Langwij
O perations vs Opera
S Sly slytherin or snobby snowflake
T ransaction vs trust.monetary_unit

Friday, July 7, 2017

Selling Tout (Tote)

PRENOTE: THIS POST MIGHT BE A BUNCH OF NONSENSE. I started fi see di wurl inna di Tree DIE-MEN-SHUN. it's my religion i'm preaching over the internet. It's call "imonismo" which is seperate and distinct from imanism. imonism is slightly drunk. Its the DOCTRINE OF GOOD carried to our hearts by the wind. I might even have it twisted. Time was moving so slow today. I'm not Proud of who I am. I am the historic WHITE oppressor.  I am the noble elite. i STRIVE  to see iman feedback loop fi-you-tier and pass , pass and fi-you-tier.

My relationship with iman mother imom is over. :( wallow. kyan ovastand di message dem from di television. Si you got shape shifters dem people like for example let's just take joe rogan. Who actively behind the scenes preaches the DOCTRINE OF BAD encouraging these stupid yet sheepishly courageous people to turn into bacteria, shapeshifters, and chameleons.

truss es decir chos is 2 say. two spirit.

why do i (shove in) (introduce) (bring up) this frita HUEVADERA. NOT WHO-EVE-A.DARE-UH.

Para mi es mas que la tele.
ok. thanks for sharing JUSTIN.
fuck em!
two different things my booye.
talking down to me. they are talking like i'm a pikni dem. :(
"that's a bunch a fucking bullshit."
hope on a level 60?
"i mon tore up inside" said Justin Bieber.

Imon di mos high stupid slang blade
"youtube is a hottie" said kai. i man myself and I kyan comment for good or ill whether I man agree.

i mon subscribe and react to the pattern the thought pattern.

parece que no estoy making valid points.
that's very true i went crazy for a second. i started seeing in slow motion. it's all the weed man. on 11:11 on 77 2017 i see i si

Do you swear by angels, devils, testigos en este altar que vas a obedecer los mandatos del senor Jesus Bakan? Si, es mi senor y Tio. jesus bakan es el mas chido de todas las estrellas.

Trying fi write um pouco about how language changes hearts, intentions, and desires.

i man live inna dis wurl.

inna di team vortex 101
golden vs fallen


just peacing out like that.
beat him up.

i mon gang. weak.

head to die.
finna tweet this.
write it kill em.
dream it.
slang blade.
who saves?
hell naw tripping.
using music as a weapon.
suck my black dick wigga.
i finna say dumb shit when I get drunk.
"WE ALL SHINE" i said.

I don't want to do this no more.

yes. i man finna definitely tweet this. cause it was is still will be the mawning taim.

so imma  deal with the pro-lems of my decision making process.

ress-TORE (tor) - Ayshun (asian)



r_linear command: revamp your shit

my friend
holy ryhming titan

we are gods and bakklin subliminally. that's why we play the music.
the people don't know the music i use head phones.

I've had experiences even while bumping these tunes in a space ship cruising down the lane all was well in zion.


what are you on pidge?

it's a thought pattern.
left hand on penis fife doge?

i mon no computate.

com-tem. haha. vs lol

i prolly ne'er say. (@$)

one time in church in boliva they asked us youth dem (it was a meeting for young adults) what are your fears?

we were so scared cause it's like shit i'm not gonna tell you Mr. Preacherman let alone this crowd of 75-80 people what my greatest fear was is and will be

i yelled out, "I sucked a dick and I'm afraid people will find out."


people laughed. good feeling. gold.

nada que ver, verdad?

i'm all right. i'm fantastic.

si di blaadblat.

have love or hate.

why mos girls play hard to get?
gyames dem.

i'm making myself win.

i man wander fo mi say lowkoo.

tweety sloppy..


you're right bro.
i don't know. i can't acertain to be able to distinguish right from wrong, left from right, up from down. good from bad.

i mean finna hijack a public bus and drive it into the bimart in hillsboro oregon in the name of the god of imonismo.
i'm always tripping.
putting my head down and fighting.

can't keep me dick in my pants. true.
some things are private. between iman self.illusion and di spirit dem.friends on the otherside.


labios flaming.
we are using slang blade to kill people.
I don't talk about my threads.
I don't talk about the people I kill.
I don't talking about the money I make.
I don't talk shit except when I'm drunk.

I man + progress PLUS PLUS
naw start fi gyet FISH-OM.

no creo (acredito) que ondas the phrase prolly don't done exist in the brazo-afro-lingua-franca.



"we all gone die here TWO-KNIGHT"

kush kush

cush cush

kewshitic (toctik ) jew i am.
born on 7/7.

programming mousing in the ghetto.

i man me myself and I jusutin malvick II don't really know awa gwan start fi rekangeyes di pattern of light coming across my third eye in the constant cystallic hypothesis (vision) - that emulates a live computer program.
essa parte e


i man start fi tink laik dis

many had been able to achieve this inna di pass PRESS FI-YOU-TIER the constant companionship of my bitch jessica.

live blogging the online battler 2017.

"it's just gay" said on the radio youtube 92.3 94.7

I man naw fi sucka di weiner. although i was drugged and sucked one as a pikni.

imagine have to see a live snake and then your like imona put this snake in my mouth. Lips open move towards fallace (-y) close lips. fluctuate y..

"IT's weird fucking strange." said myself hours later.

blood on my ass? i mon start fi tink di black man naw ago half good scent of di person axing the question. i man percalatate the back talk and the cross talk. what? I'm not really sure. I'm high right now.
that' means i'm incapacitated. why does it seem like i've been computer programming. It's cause I use hacker typer and BELIEVE it.

wtf is that?

justin king jjk i kill bugs... dead! stop spamming symbols warning!

 i wasn't expecting to get called out. that was dope as fuck. just a simple shout out.
nothing crazy. from this point in the blog which is much earlier in the day I got upset at what occurred. I'm fucking frustrated my character is coming out fake. I come out of the closet as a fake gay person. i mean what is ? how come? why for? why not  dum magic.

feeling. iman listen to music. it's the choir of angels. i know fi certain we are made whole through the blood of Krais. I man see we are all fallen and I personally am more than half the time destitute, living a lie that is just a cycle of i mon hesitatation to make friends with people InI kyan si fi certain good bad mal bien

i mon kyll di udder people dem. naw fi certain inna dissa lyfe o inna di pass o inna di FI-YOU-TIER. In Imonismo this so called redemption by high man inna di clouds was is and will foriver be doctrine a law inna di ouli inosphere.

as it was in the time of the dinosaurs is now and ever shall be the kingdom of jah foriver and iver iver more.


say it! i said to kai.

imon try fi sell tout pattern.

i mon geometric.

holding a wigga. in the game of course. iman vaiz (vaice) getting a bit horse.
translating the ebonics.
(picked it up again)

wan fi si me.


tatiana. T. I . I think we liked each other. Young love. I mon and i man fell hard. I man saw di sain.

iman also simulation. i'm not really here. I'm a glimmering light in a galaxy of milly billy stars.
do i believe this though? Everything speaks to the contrary of this eternal god being in existence. Doubt. Where does doubt come from? I'm doubting my doubts not your blank. Iman kyan remember whatta di mormon try fi teach ini. however mi si di people dem and styart fi judge some of them to life and other of them unto death.

so it is in this holy mother faking judgment.

yes, it's my hypothesis of the theory of everything.
InI had has will have started to convert light energy into kinetic energy. What is the difference between one energy and another? That's a fucking good question InI axe myself.


In character: new york is like my badge of honor. I wear it well.

wan fi styart to start tripping: read this: this drug is killing me. i man start fi si bat dem.

An observation: My writing is butt fucking ugly sloppy sloppy hamburgler helpler. I mon ssift sadly seven serendipitous snakes from my dreams. I MAN TRY REAL AAD AAD FI SPEAK DISSA 4 Langwij dem White man, Blaxican, brazo-afro-franca-lingua, anna di patois.

bituke. bituke.

show show.

I try fi remind Iman ego that i don't know a god darned thing and that if it weren't for my parental units i'd be living on the mother fucking street some where. Iman grateful. i man vs i mon. I condemn myself to death. I fail to sing the song in InI skull (v2k) to be regarded as active in the GO-SPELL of InI haile eye power in the holy trinity I jusustin levi david malvick II.
the religion of iman-ismo. tu eres el metal y yo soy el iman. es al reves? mi memoria ya no me sirve muy bien.

Aprendi de mexico que "Voy deresho" y "no me quito."

This is my journey blog. It's cursi, man. CUR-TI. do brazil.

quero voltar?

claro que quero voltar.

a gente la e muito real mais que nada. I want to be cool, calm, relaxed, and gentle when I'm hanging out with people. People wanna start shit all the time. they like to see the lion battle the lamb. I man say di mon is actively evading a power in the sky for evil and for good.

Do I believe Elohim exists? I am but he KRAIS MI HIM IS.
Do I believe in Jah? I AM. JAH IS.
Do I believe in Lucifer? I AM ALSO. TRUE.

Try actively believing in yo self.

I know this technological paradigm and perception of reality can get you down.

Feeling down down down....
i walked away and I'm feeling down down down.

krais mi

Object get InI down. why? this particular object carries negative energy. The more time with IT the increased acceleration in the 3rd and 4th dimensions of the decrease of stamina (HP).

the RELEVATIONS (revelations) of the 13 (crystal skulls)


i mon start fi see the vision of the crystal skills. See how fast they move?
they are not human. they are ones and zeros. mere illusions.gasp  i mon? yes. i mom? yes. i faada faada? Yes. i man faada? even the very FATHER OF ALL SPIRITS THEM is a construct of the holographic iniverse. DISCOVERY of the iniverse 7/7. I had to enter the XENOVERSE in order to see the truth of what iman kyall Gyad Kingdom

just call 718 962 2716.

Si llegues a estar in LIJ durante el verano o otonho de 2015 recuerdas ESCUCHA A LA RADIO. Te van a dar numeros, signos, y senas. tienes que estar all tanto para que cuando se te acercan podes decir

pvp. i man start fi be frieza race build.
intro peace.
start fi fiila di riddim-a of the song-a.

Feeling downtown it's all over.
This is already a completely different thought. which i man jusutin malvick 2 esta vendiendo.

We are all moving. todo se sabe.
porque mi experiencia en el shango es asi y no asa?

Imon lyyk for love.
Worst for love.
i mon naw sense feel know apm. true. i'm a faking fack-tard. wanting fi fight dem.

i didn't win so i can't talk...
i need to be able to shut the fuck up for a minute. "I know" i repeatedly remind myself. i can't quite tell what I am on. It'll come back to me. I know.
I'm still talking.

i mon wan fi tweet dis.
Tweet tweet.
Some of us are caged birds.
most of us all.
we are brilliant.
we marra faking shine.
i decipher the meaning of the current song by wil.

i don't know where I am from
i don't know where I am going?
Heard this on another song.
don't know what you have till it's going going gone! lol

with the revelations of sound you can decode this information and reveal the true mystery behind this extraordinary discoveries.

dance = dawnce

frants = frawnce

oooo = aaa

taking loses.

i mon chos in order to win i gotta lose.

i man rope-a-dope-er-ee.

iman progress + plus plus
i man finna do my best all day every day. while i don't mean to talk shit my subliminal self talks so much trash then i feel bad for talking that trash and I start a cycle of self loathing. i man fucked up.
all in a days work right? when I began this day sober and straight I never thought I'd end up dejected and frustrated. it's like i want to suffer. Its like I need pay off the penentance of iternal ifire. mi styart fi invent. Invent is DEEF-RAWNT than outvent which is nothing. Therefore now you see I can distinguish reality from fantasy however today when i was battling kai i definitely fell into a state of fantastical dillusional thinking. TT GG. I sa[y it. I mean it. Even if i don't know what it mean all the way. I know what is good culture and what is reciprocated is seen as a form of liked minded thoughtful individuals. I could be wrong, Mr. Indestructable.  I've never been wrong BE-FOUR.

The revelations of the thirteen crystal skulls. Information fed into the skulls to remain active for thousands of years. These crystals are doorways to deeper dimensions of understanding. The revelations of the thirteen crystal skulls.'

'With the revelations of sound you can decode this information and reveal the true mystery behind this extraordinary discoveries.'